Justified RECAP 4/1/14: Season 5 Episode 12 “Starvation”

Justified RECAP 4/1/14: Season 5 Episode 12 “Starvation”

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns to the FX with a whole new episode called, “Starvation.”  On tonight’s penultimate episode Raylan targets Darryl Crowe Jr. Meanwhile, Boyd and Duffy make an unlikely ally.

On last week’s episode  a shooting close to home forced Raylan and Boyd to decide which lines they were willing to cross. Written by Benjamin Cavell; directed by John Avnet.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, don’t worry we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here.

On tonight’s episode Raylan puts pressure on every criminal in town as a ploy to arrest Darryl Crowe Jr., while Boyd and Duffy enlist an unlikely ally to fight off cartel killers.   Written by Chris Provenzano; directed by Michael Pressman.

Justified stars Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, Nick Searcy, Jacob Pitts, Erica Tazel, Joelle Carter, Natalie Zea.

Tonight’s Season 5 episode 12  looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified?

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Wynn tells Alberto of the Mexican Cartel that he killed Boyd with one to the head after Boyd killed Picker with a bomb. Alberto doesn’t believe it and Wynn says he’s sorry he didn’t save him a trophy. Alberto says that Yun likes to see the skin of an enemy. Wynn says that he wasn’t the one that broke promises to Yun – that was Crowder and he’s now dead. He says that after Boyd set off an IED in Picker that he killed him and he’s glad he did because the guy was trouble.

Wynn tells them that he can help the cartel now. Alberto asks about Daryl and Wynn offers to find him for him. Alberto tells him to find him by sundown tomorrow and Wynn says he can deliver by then or sooner. Giving Crowe to them will literally save Wynn’s skin. Daryl comes knocking on a hotel room door and tells Mike he’s looking for Picker. He busts down the door and gives Mike a beat down. He sees all the blood and asks what’s going on in the hotel room. Mike says he doesn’t know and then Daryl asks where Boyd’s dope is and he says he doesn’t know again. Daryl keeps beating him.

Boyd meets with Wynn and they head into the RV to talk about Alberto. He tells Boyd that he wants his skin and Boyd says he thought they were out of Yun’s jurisdiction. Wynn tells him that the cartel thinks he’s dead and that he told them he’d give them Daryl. He wants Boyd to help him turn up Daryl for them. Wynn’s phone rings and it’s Mikey but then Raylan, Rachel and Tim walk in the door and Boyd asks why they’re there instead of their hotel room. They ask where Daryl is and then tell Wynn his tags are expired and they start towing the RV with all of them inside.

Tim tells him the RV will be in impound and the IRS is looking for answers from Wynn. Raylan says he’s going to squeeze them until someone decides to help. Boyd tells them that neither of them are going to help the Marshals. Raylan threatens Boyd with charges they haven’t arrested him on yet and Boyd says he doesn’t think this is worthy of him. Raylan tells them to think about it and take shelter in the meantime. Wynn curses the law as they drive away with his RV.

Raylan comes to see Ava in the middle of the night at the prison and she asks what he wants. He says she cut her hair and she says she’s done a lot of things. He tells her he wants to know about Daryl Crowe. She says she has no idea who it is and Raylan says the guy is at the top of his list. She asks what that has to do with her and he says he wants her help. She asks why she would help him and he offers her some prison perks. Ava asks if he wants her to pressure Boyd and she tells him unless he can get her out, she has nothing to say to him.

Raylan says maybe she’s open to the idea of helping. Ava tells him she’s tired and says she can’t help him. She tells him she and Boyd broke up and he tells her to patch it up with him. She tells him she can’t help him and even if she could, she wouldn’t. He tells her prison made her hard and she tells him that started building up when Bowman started beating her. Raylan threatens her with getting the guards to look the other way when she gets hurt and she tells him to go to hell.

Wynn and Boyd tend to Mikey and they demand to know what he told Daryl. Mike told Daryl that it was Boyd’s boys that hid the dope. Boyd says they should send the Mexicans and Marshals to the dope because that’s where Daryl will be and then they can decide who wants him most. Boyd says he’ll call Carl and tell him not to make it too easy for them. Then he goes to the Marshals office and tell them that “their savior is there”.

Boyd waits to talk to Tim, Rachel and Raylan and they discuss what he wants. Rachel mentions that Ava is in prison and Raylan says that Ava says they broke up but he thinks Boyd would do it for her. The US Attorney thinks they could cut Ava loose. Raylan says he’ll talk to him first. Raylan takes Boyd’s phone away and then asks what he wants. Boyd tells him he’s single and says he’s thinking about leaving Kentucky. Boyd says he wants to be left alone so he can have a fresh start. Boyd tells the Marshals that someone he knows came across some heroin out in a field and he heard that Daryl is looking for the dope and is headed there now.

Raylan says he wants him on attempted murder not felony possession. The US Attorney pulls them out and says they need to get him no matter how they do it. Raylan wants Kendal off the hook but the attorney says one thing at a time. Boyd offers to circle it in a map but Rachel tells him he has to come with them.

Dewey’s car dies on a back road. Penny and Ava chat in the yard when they are descended upon by some women. Others step up to protect her. The invaders give up and walk away. Daryl is waiting at Boyd’s bar and holds Boyd’s guys at gunpoint and demands to know where the drugs are. They tell him they can’t talk and he shoots one in the knee. The other guy tells him they’re near the railyard while the shot guy screams out that it’s the worst job in the world.

Wendy sleeps on the sofa and Daryl comes in and wakes her. He asks if she’s feeling better and she asks what he thinks. She says she’s having bad dreams and shouldn’t have left Kendal. She tells him she’s a bundle of nerves and he says he just wants to help her. She says she should have stayed in Lexington close to Kendal and Daryl tells her if she had been by Kendal’s side all along this never would have happened.

He tells her to dust off and pull herself together. She pops a couple of pills as he tells her he got Kendal a lawyer. He says they need to raise some money for the lawyer and tells her he needs her to pick up something for him to help Kendal. He asks if she wants to know what it is and Wendy says no. Then she clarifies that she won’t do it. Daryl tells her that he knows this has been hard but it doesn’t have to be nothing. He says she needs to get it so they can get Kendal a lawyer and if she doesn’t, he says they’re done.

Ava talks to the girls about Judith being gone and says she doesn’t have what she has and doesn’t believe in the heavenly mother. She reminds them that Judith hurt them and she says the message was right but what she did was wrong. She says they need to stick together and stand up for each other and not turn each other out for drugs.

Two of the other girls talk and one says Ava is badass and took Judith out and the guard at county. The other one (the white supremacist’s sister) says that they are going to take her out and take the drug business because her old man put her brother in ICU.

Dewey is caught syphoning gas from an old lady’s gas tank. She thinks he’s “special” and offers him some food. He says she reminds him of her ma-maw and asks if he can come in and take a dump. She tells him she’ll be right back and comes back out with a gun and starts taking pot shots at him. He runs off with the gas can and she screams at him that he’d better run.

Wendy goes out to the pick up spot and looks around cautiously. She backs slowly into the building. They ask Boyd what this is and Raylan says that Daryl is consistent about keeping his hand’s clean. Rachel says they can just follow her and get Daryl when she takes the drugs to him. Wendy starts to open the fridge then stops and looks around. She walks out and finds Raylan waiting for her. She asks why he’s there and he tells her that she has a dark heart like the rest of the Crowes. He slaps her in cuffs and she says she didn’t do anything and just wanted to help Kendal. He tells them to take her phone so she can’t call Daryl.

Boyd tells they’re going to Plan B and that Boyd’s going to wear a wire and get Daryl to confess. He says that Daryl won’t confess to shooting Art to him and repeats emphatically that he won’t wear a wire. But then Roberto and the Mexican crew drive by and Boyd turns to Raylan and readily agrees to wear the wire.

Boyd calls Daryl and he says he heard he wanted to see him and the bartender he shot just quit on him. Boyd asks him to meet and says this will be the last time they talk and then Daryl has to agree to leave town with all the other Crowes. Daryl agrees.

Ava talks to Penny and another girl about her new speech and Ava says that women treat each other like they’re fighting over table scraps – not just in jail, but out in the world too. Ava says it’s no wonder men treat them that way. A chick comes by and throws a bloody shiv down at Ava’s feet and she rushes to the bathroom and finds Penny there butchered. The other woman flushes the shiv and tells Ava they have to get out of there.

Tim tells Rachel they have to be within 100 yards of Daryl and Boyd and Wendy chews Raylan out for trying to destroy her family. She tells him he killed Danny and is entrapping Daryl. Wendy says the drugs were just to help Kendal. Raylan tells her that Kendal didn’t shoot Art and that she’s pretty dumb for believing Daryl. She says that she failed Kendal.

The other chick tells Ava that they need to put one of hers in the morgue but then guards come haul away the girl who stabbed Penny. She asks Ava if she squealed and she says no and she tells Ava it’s bad and she tells her no shit.

Dewey pulls up at the whorehouse and comes in to see his favorite girls. He tells them he’s mad at them for giving him to the cops but says with the day he’s had, he’s willing to let go of his anger. He tells him that his future is not what it once was and says he’s leaving and wants his gator tooth necklace and turtle dove. They admit that they gave the stuff away. Someone flushes and a big black dude comes out of the bathroom. He’s wearing the necklace Dewey gave one of the girls. Dewey insults him and tells him to hand it over and the two of them grapple. One of the girls starts to film the brawl. Dewey knocks the guy out and snatches off the necklace. He doesn’t see that they filmed him. He tells the girls good-bye and heads out.

Boyd goes into the brothel but Dewey sees him coming in with the bag and gets an evil look on his face. Daryl waits with a gun. Boyd comes in and Daryl thanks him for coming in. Boyd asks if he agrees to his terms and Daryl says yes. Raylan and the others listen in. Daryl says they don’t need to end their relationship like this and Daryl reminds him they took care of business in Mexico. He takes one of Daryl’s cigarettes and he says he didn’t know Boyd smoked.

Tim sees Dewey and tells Raylan they have a problem. Dewey comes in and holds Daryl and Boyd at gunpoint. He tells Boyd to open the back or he’ll shoot him the way he shot Wade Messer. Raylan is stunned at his idiocy. Boyd opens the bag and Dewey says it’s his heroin and future. He tells Daryl to put his gun in the bag. Daryl calls him cousin and Dewey asks how he likes him now and runs out. He finds the three Marshals there and they put guns in his face. He says “wait.”

Dewey tells them they should be thanking him not arresting him for stopping crime. Raylan tells him they have him on tape confessing to killing Messer and he says he was kidding. Raylan tells him that should be his defense. He asks if he any final words for him and Raylan tells him to stop talking about himself in the third person but he has no clue.

Raylan comes back to see Ava and he asks why she asked him to come back. She tells him she changed her mind about Boyd and says she’ll get him to cooperate if he can get her released. She says she knows it’s a big thing to ask but says she’s going to get snuffed. He tells her it’s too late because Boyd already cooperated and she missed her chance. He says if she really is in danger he’ll do what he can. She shakes her head and then tells him to wait. She asks what Boyd asked for in return and Raylan says nothing and she says there’s no way. Then he tells her he asked for a clean slate. She asks what that means and he says there’s no telling what that means with Boyd. He tells her he’ll do what he can.

Daryl tells the US Attorney that he never touched the bag of heroin and his lawyer says they have nothing to hold him on. She threatens them with a harassment suit. She also tells them they can’t hold Wendy. Raylan comes in and Boyd tells him it looks like they’re going to have to cut Daryl loose. Raylan asks why he’s still there and he says he wants his phone back.

Raylan and the US Attorney go to see Judge Reardon while Boyd yells about his phone. They tell the judge they think it’s their best play even though they don’t like it. They tell him it has a 50/50 chance of working and he tells them those are high stakes. Raylan says “he” absolutely didn’t do it. Reardon reminds them that his nickname is the hammer and isn’t an easy sell. Raylan says they need to starve Daryl Crowe of his means and Reardon says this bullet won’t go back in the barrel.

Boyd asks Raylan for his phone. He tells Boyd that he didn’t help him get Daryl so they’re convening a grand jury. Boyd says the file is BS but then Raylan actually pulls it out and shows it to him and says it’s a trail of human wreckage of people he’s ruined because they believed him. Boyd says Raylan has a file that thick. He also says that Raylan had a role in the death of Nicky Augustine. Tim tells him that case is closed and Rachel says that’s yesterday’s news and today is today.

Boyd demands his phone. Raylan hands it over. Boyd walks out and calls Jimmy and asks if he has the rest of the drugs. He tells him to hide it in the ceiling and then leave town. Jimmy agrees. Boyd says there is a storm cloud coming that will be epic. Jimmy agrees. Roberto and the guys are there holding Jimmy at gunpoint.

The US Attorney comes and tells Wendy that Kendal will be tried as an adult. She cries and asks who did this and Raylan says he did. Daryl doesn’t look happy. Hopefully his sister will pick her son over him…

The End!