Justin Bieber’s Pilots Poisoned By Marijuana Smoke and Flight Attendant Verbally Abused (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber's Pilots Poisoned By Marijuana Smoke and Flight Attendant Verbally Abused (VIDEO)

You guys do realize that at some point, something will stick to Justin Bieber and totally take him down, right? Because his out of control behavior is beyond legendary and it is also beginning to really affect innocent people directly. Remember last Friday when Justin flew into Jersey for the Superbowl and his plane was ripped apart by customs agents at Teterboro Airport and he was questioned by US Customs for 5 hours? Well it was the pilots that clued them in to the problem aboard the flight and that problem was Biebs and his entourage.

According to the New York Post the cloud of weed smoke was so ridiculously bad that the pilots actually put on oxygen masks not only to keep from getting high, but they were also worried that they would test positive on upcoming drug tests which would lead to firing! The poor flight attendant was also verbally abused so badly that eventually the pilot told her to stay near the cockpit and avoid Biebs, his crackhead father Jeremy Bieber, and his crew altogether!

Of course once customs agents came aboard all of the drugs magically disappeared but the proof still hung in the air. So now it’s not just Biebs doing whatever he damn pleases but he could have easily cost this entire crew their jobs! My guess is that we’re going to see more not-so-random searches of his planes and eventually someone will pop him for something. I mean, if we know nothing else we are sure that Biebs is reckless and that everyone seems invested in making something stick! How long before Biebs is arrested for something legitimate that carries a serious penalty? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Joikoi

    He is an idiot and so are his parents. Their too busy spending his money to care wtf he does. Ugh.