Justin Bieber Riding Hooter Girl Jordan Ozuna Again (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber Riding Hooter Girl Jordan Ozuna Again (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber Is continuing to sow his royal Canadian oats indescrimately. A Hooters waitress he hooked up with last June, Jordan Ozuna is posting selfies from inside the singers rented Atlanta mansion proving proudly that she banging the Biebs. TMZ is also pretty sure that the two spent Valentines Day together at Dave and Busters as Jordan posted pics of herself there the same day that Justin was there .

Did I miss something? Or is kissing and telling totally ok these days? These groupies are getting bold. Celebs might need to start confiscating phones and passing out non disclosure agreements prior to committing to night or two of casual sex – or do they already? There’s a reason things like this don’t happen to Leo DiCaprio, he’s smart about it and seems to avoid urban models, Hooters waitresses and other assorted sleezy dames.

The fact that Jordan is okay being the “When I’m in town girl” is disturbing enough, but the need to let everyone know as if being a concubine is a badge of honor makes me afraid to have a girl child. What do you guys think? Could Justin do better job of vetting his groupies? Of course given his selection of friends and the parents he comes from the answer to that question is an obvious ‘no.’ Let us know in the comments section how you feel about this!

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