Kim Kardashian Freaks as Kanye West’s New Assistant is a Younger and Thinner Look-alike

Kim Kardashian Freaks as Kanye West's New Assistant is a Younger and Thinner Look-alike

In the last year or so it has been made pretty clear that Kanye West makes the rules for himself and baby mama, Kim Kardashian. So my guess is that she had no say in the hiring of his latest assistant. I just have to wonder if Kimmie is sharp enough to realize that hiring this particular chick was no accident. Media Take Out posted pics of the poor girl lugging an armful of Kanye’s crap and guess what, she looks just like Kim, only better.

She looks like a younger, thinner, much more natural girl that Kanye absolutely would hook up with. A little make up, do her hair and put her in a killer outfit and she’ll look like all the other chicks that Kanye used to run with before Kim. Is it a coincidence? Of course not! I don’t think Kanye would generally choose an itty bitty chick to lug his stuff for him, unless he has an ulterior motive. Instead he’d pick someone obviously stronger to make sure that nothing was ever dropped, right?

So, since we have heard that Kanye has never actually been that loyal to Kim, do you think that he’s hooking up with his new assistant? If not now, do you think that she’s certainly on his radar and that’s why he hired her in the first place? One look at this woman should have sent Kim off the deep end because the similarities are uncanny and the assistant will travel with Kanye when she doesn’t. Is this a fling in the making? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • Angel 2009

    Kanye will always put himself first and Kimmode will turn a blind eye to his extracurricular activities.

  • Victoria McGuire

    I hope he does hook up with the assistant and then ditches KK, taking the baby with him to live in Paris.

  • Kilee

    That’s not his assistant idiots. There’s VIDEO. He was going to Adidas and she was at the door and he asked her if she would get his stuff from the car. He didn’t even know her name. She works at Adidas. But you knew all this just wants hits for your trash website