Jamie Foxx Just A Hook Up For Katie Holmes – Friends With Benefits

Jamie Foxx Just A Hook Up For Katie Holmes - Friends With Benefits

Remember when Katie Holmes did as she was told and never seemed to have any fun? Back when she was Mrs. Tom Cruise and was watched round the clock Katie seemed like one of the most miserable wives on earth. She ditched Tom nearly two years ago and it has taken her awhile to get her grove back but now she seems to really be in control and calling the shots. She turned up for NYC fashion Week last month looking like a sex pot and it is Katie’s DL fling with Jamie Foxx that has helped to transform her into a confident woman.

According to the March 14th print edition of Life & Style magazine Katie is actually calling all of the shots with this Hollywood bad boy. Jamie is used to being in control with women but Katie is proving to be the one that he can’t totally catch. Sure, they are absolutely hooking up but Katie has made it clear that this is fun and nothing serious. Sources say that she’ll never confirm being with Jamie because she doesn’t intend for it to become anything more than a friends with benefits situation. Of course her cool reaction is causing Jamie to chase after her even more.

One of the big obstacles is the fact that Jamie and Tom used to be close friends and Katie doesn’t want to deal with her exes’ anger if the truth were to come out. So she is content to have some fun and take control of this very adult relationship. The thing is sometimes those extra feelings creep in anyway. Do you think that Katie and Jamie’s fling will eventually lead to a romance? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Katie Holmes out and about in New York City, New York on March 7, 2014

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