Kate Gosselin’s Oldest Kids Cara and Mady Think Their Mom Is Annoying (PHOTO)

Kate Gosselin's Oldest Kids Cara and Mady Think Their Mom Is Annoying (PHOTO)

In a stroke of marketing genius it seems that Kate Gosselin has finally come to terms with the fact that nothing that she attempts to do to remain relevant is going to work, so she has passed the flaming torch of fame onto her kids. Cara and Mady Gosselin are now 13 which I guess makes them old enough to do their first major interview, right? The Jan. 20th print edition of People Magazine has a cover story about the oldest Gosselin kids and they want everyone to know how not messed up they are, in spite of having Kate and Jon Gosselin for parents.

Mady and Cara think that their mother is absolutely annoying and their biggest beef seems to be with their sextuplet siblings. In other words, there is absolutely no reason for this interview whatsoever, aside from finding another angle to rake in more cash to help uphold the family’s lifestyle. If Cara and Mady have really gotten through the wreckage of their parents divorce unscathed then there is really no story to tell and frankly, Kate should be grateful to just allow them to be regular teens.

Instead they are now front and center, half pushed into the role of being the new mouthpiece for the family and of course their mother is absolutely behind this. Do you think that the general ublic will want to hear from these girls or will they be appalled by the way they are being pimped out? Giving an interview to say that you are a normal teen is not normal, right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!