Kate Gosselin’s Former BFF Beth Carson Ditched Her When Kids Became Secondary to Fame

Kate Gosselin's Former BFF Beth Carson Ditched Her When Kids Became Secondary to Fame

I’m not sure if Kate Gosselin’s life is as lonely as it would appear, but if so she can likely blame herself. Several years ago Kate had a fairly normal life in the middle of nowhere with her then-husband Jon Gosselin and a gaggle of children. The media stepped up, intrigued by the couple’s sextuplets and a fame whore was born.  Back in Kate’s early days of reality television she often had best friend, Beth Carson at her side. Somewhere along the way that changed though and the ladies haven’t been spotted together in years.

Beth recently talked to RadarOnline saying, “I honestly don’t have I don’t anything personal against Kate. At the time her choice was to put her focus on the show and making the most money. So I felt that maybe she lost a little integrity and it was better for me and my family to take the high road and get out.”

According to Getting out seems to be what everyone connected to Kate eventually does. Even the bodyguard that she was rumored to have had a year’s long affair with left. Steve Neild recently decided to crawl out of Kate’s bed for good in favor of fixing his marriage and family. Kate’s obsession with fame and desperate attempts to remain relevant on television has canceled out her relationships, leaving Kate alone with 8 kids.

It’s kind of ironic that Kate clearly wants our understanding and sympathy but then behaviors so badly that no one voluntarily stays in her life – unless they are paid to be there.

Do you think that Kate will ever actually get it and realize that there’s a whole lot more to life than cashing a fat check from a network? Does she deserve to be alone and miserable? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet