Kate Gosselin Lands Next Vogue Cover – Has The Once Prestigious Magazine Lost Its Status?

Kate Gosselin Lands Next Vogue Cover - Has The Once Prestigious Magazine Lost Its Status?

I think we’ve all come to the same conclusion by this point: if Kim Kardashian can land a Vogue cover, pretty much anyone can. Also, Anna Wintour’s lost her mind.

Seriously, Anna?! Kim Kardashian?! Of course, she’s already defended her choice to put Kimye on the cover, claiming that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are two of the most important people in today’s media culture – saying they “define our culture.” Um, I think she’s mistaking fame with importance, and even that’s tenuous. Kim and Kanye aren’t important, they’re famous. And remove Kanye from that equation, and you’re left with every reality starlet in Los Angeles, but the only difference is that Kim managed to get famous.

Either way, people have already started to denounce Vogue, but that’s not even the kicker. If they’re willing to put Kim on the cover, who’s next? Kate Gosselin? I mean, why not? She’s got a reality gig coming up on Celebrity Apprentice, and she’s pretty famous – relatively speaking. People know who she is, and she inspires about the same amount of vitriol and internet hate that Kim does. In fact, I’d actually say that Kate probably has less detractors than Kim does.

In the end, it just makes me feel worse for Victoria Beckham. The poor woman waited so long for a Vogue cover, only for it to be given to Kim freaking Kardashian first. Imagine what that’s gotta do to her self-esteem? Anna basically told her that D-list reality stars are better than her, and there’s no crueler punishment than that.

Do you guys that Kate will get her own Vogue cover? And following Kimye’s cover, do you think Vogue has lost its prestigious image? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Credit: Vogue and FameFlynet

  • Babs

    Why would Kate’s name even come up in reference to vogue? Smh

  • Adelicia Acosta

    The first thing that came to my mind was, DID KIM AND KANYE, PAID VOGUE? I lost respect for this magazine! I guess they have lost all vision of who reads Vogue ?, perhaps its and act of desperation? The magazine most be doing badly with no much to loose?, I guess… RIP Vogue !