Kate Middleton Split Up Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas: Prince William and Brother Fighting?

Kate Middleton Split Up Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas: Prince William and Brother Fighting?

After months of speculation that Prince Harry had finally found his better half in Cressida Bonas and that the two would be announcing their engagement as soon as Queen Elizabeth gave her formal approval this summer in Scotland the bottom totally dropped out for the couple. Only a month or two after moving into Harry’s Kensington Palace apartment it was announced that Harry and Cressida had indeed separated. Of course the royal jokester had to save face and tell pals that Cressi was just too clingy but the truth is, she was always hesitant about joining the royal family.

Originally Kate Middleton was against the relationship, mostly because Cressida’s stepsister Isabella Calthorpe is the only other woman that Prince William has really loved. If you recall, Wills dumped Waity Katy in order to date Isabella Calthorpe several years ago and later crawled back once Isabella made it clear that she would never marry him. It’s still a sore spot for Kate and rather than telling Harry to end things with Cressida, Kate realized that she could unravel things by lending a sympathetic ear to his girlfriend. Kate was sure to tell Cressida all of the horrors of life while married to a prince, including how she could kiss her own freedom and life goodbye. Cressi has a lot of ambition but her goals would have been lost in the shuffle if she married Harry and Kate helped to convince her that it wasn’t worth it.

Needless to say, Harry was supremely pissed when he realized that Kate purposely helped to torpedo his romance and when he expressed his anger to William it was met with hostility. Even Harry isn’t going to be allowed to speak badly of William’s wife and he also believes that if things were supposed to work out with Cressida then they would have. Adding to the tension is the fact that Harry feels like he can’t even lean on his older brother to carry him through the breakup because Kate has laid down the law regarding how much time they can spend together. Kate believes that Harry’s track record has shown that he will always find himself in trouble and she demands that Wills steer clear of all of that. The brothers rarely go out and grab a drink together or spend time together outside of the palace walls.

Not only is Harry blaming Kate Middleton for losing Cressida but he also thinks she has taken his brother from him as well. William doesn’t exactly see it the same way and so the clashes at Kensington Palace have been epic in recent weeks. It won’t be long before the royal watchers stop focusing on the power struggle between Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Queen Elizabeth and tune into the drama between the younger royals! Do you think Kate really did purposely scare Cressida off? Was it a snarky girl move to get rid of the chick that reminds her that she wasn’t actually William’s first choice? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kate Middleton Frightened Cressida Bonas: Now Prince William and Prince Harry Are Fighting?

17 responses to “Kate Middleton Split Up Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas: Prince William and Brother Fighting?”

  1. Ice Cream says:

    What has Will Middleton done to chose this woman??I used to love to read about William and Harry doing charity work together.William and Kate ,on the other hand ,bore me to death.There was a fresh ,and down to earth dynamic between the brothers while Will+Kate…well,he displays his forced grin and she her permanent grin.It seems all so fake and only for PR.Shame!

    • micmac says:

      they were solemn enough where it counted – at all the Anzac day remembrances in both countries. And they coordinated beautifully. Even at Ayers Rock (Uluru). Unlike Charles and Di.

  2. Kate W says:

    Cate Meighan You clearly are a failure in life and so you make a living out of making up stories about people you have never and will never meet, and know absolutely nothing about. this is the first article I have opened from this rag but I have seen the endless retarded headlines all week. It is scam like Cate meighan that killed princess Diana with hounding and false accusations and now you continue with the sons. What is sadder is that othersblow believe your filth. You are a waste of a human body. How do you sleep at nigh Shame on you. Go back to school and get a respectable job.

    • jody says:

      Cate has radio shows all over America and is a senior writer here with MILLIONS of people reading her work – so i’m afraid that isn’t a failure – u might not agree with her post but ad hominem attacks are really out of place.

    • Cate says:

      Ah Kate. Thank you for reassuring me that I am most certainly not a failure. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not you like me or believe a word that I have to say. My only actual goal is to motivate people to open up the comment box and start a conversation. Mission accomplished, thanks in part to you my dear!

  3. Kate W says:

    “If you recall, Wills dumped Waity Katy in order to date Isabella Calthorpe several years ago and later crawled back once Isabella made it clear that she would never marry him.” – We recall just fine and that never happened. William dated Isabella for 5 seconds way before he ever dated Catherine. Cant you ever tell the truth?????

    • jody says:

      that is the truth – the history is recorded and simple to access –

    • micmac says:

      Why wasn’t it mentioned in PEnny Junor’s biogaphy of William, Mary Moody’s biography of Kate or even Kate Nicholls’ biography from last year? It is nowhere except in anti Kate gossip.

  4. Belle says:

    Don’t believe any of this people… William and Harry just partied hard together at their friend’s wedding–sans Kate. Nobody knows what these people do in their day-to-day private lives… If William is not spending as much time with Harry, IT’S BECAUSE HE HAS A NEW WIFE AND A BABY!! Also, isn’t William taking classes or something?
    Cressida is BEST FRIENDS WITH PRINCESS EUGENIE! Why would she ask “royal family advice” from Kate??
    I have read stories in the past about how both Kate and Pippa were “shunned” and treated rudely by Beatrice & Eugenie before the engagement & wedding. They are quite full in the head with their royal status, and unlike Anne and Edwards children, who do not hold prince titles, these two hold on to their ‘princess’ titles for dear life… If you want a story, there’s one for ya.
    And Harry is a big boy… Leave him alone to deal with his relationships on his own–in private!

  5. yada says:

    Kate should have steered clear of the relationship between harry & Cressida. Every person is an individual & each persons needs are certainly different. I think Kate is capable of more than that. Afterall, did she not orchestrate being at St Andrews at same time as Will? Wake up Will…some women can do no wrong, especially in love & war.. I am stunned that now there is distance between the brothers. That is simply not nice. If she is so concerned about them spending time together, there is no trust. What does the Queen say about all this? I think the real Kate is coming out. Did you not see the photo in Australia at the game & her reaction? I don’t know. My guess is that Kate can do no wrong & with time, like now, its showing through. My guess is that she will make Camilla look like an angel.

  6. jody says:

    oh please – they are total celebs and poseurs – they don’t get to have a ‘private life’ and be such famewhores – sorry but u can only pick one!

  7. jody says:

    that’s why we gossip – this isn’t a court of law here – it’s a GOSSIP site:)

  8. blue ginger... says:

    I think Kate try to engineering for others royal life and she and her middy would to struggle theirs status to be elite like monarch..,and she reached her dream,now she feel like not secure in her estates duchess..of camb caused Bella factor and Beauty cress,come to her circle and someday in wills life…,the important reason make kate try to solve her solution to get rid of someone to her circle, that’s pity future queen,not good kramma -Buddhist word -,and anybody like harry and cress were effected by bad kramma.of duchess..,this story make people think for effective by the reason of Kate done,someday in future she ‘ll get something sad in her life..

  9. […] he’s extremely angry and annoyed that Kate interfered in his private life. Plus, he’s angry at William for supporting her, instead of telling her off for what she […]

  10. micmac says:

    I think that Kate might have discussed with Cressida why she was pulling out of the Guy Pelly wedding and it was having to go alone with both Harry and William without Kate which precipitated the row between Cressida and Harry. Kate stayed home to mind the baby and get on with her house decorating, But I reckon she was furious with the sort of press coverage Pippa got the previous week at the wedding in Scotland of Pippa’s best friend.

  11. micmac says:

    The nanny was getting the inservice training & tour preparation with Carole Middleton in charge of the nanny. Maybe they were told to nick off and stop fussing around. And it was the only holiday (4 days) they have had together since Christmas