Kate Middleton In My Fair Lady When She Was 11 (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton In My Fair Lady When She Was 11 (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton as Eliza Doolittle? Who ever thought that would happen? Previously unseen footage of Kate Middleton playing Eliza Doolittle when she was 11 years old has been released.

The future Duchess and mother of the royal heir played the famous character in a school play, and in a nice bit of foreshadowing, it’s fascinating to watch her adapt to her surroundings in her performance. As we know, Kate herself had to grow up quick and learn the mannerisms required to be Prince William‘s wife, but maybe she remembered something from pretending to be Eliza Doolittle.

In the brief clip, it’s clear that Kate had a natural instinct for performance and she could easily have gone on to become an actress if she had wanted to. There’s not too much in the video, but we see Kate’s accent being made fun of and her struggling to earn the acceptance of her peers. Again, life imitating art?

Kate herself is considered to be upper middle class, or at least, the Middletons were being considered that by the UK press. However, in romancing Prince William and becoming the future Queen, she has had to maintain the kind of dignified presence that is often required from the royal family. Eliza Doolittle, in much the same way, had to earn the acceptance of others that felt that she was below their station. However, who would have expected back then that Kate would ever grow up to be the future Queen?

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  1. DuchessLazy says:

    Waity Kate was practicing her role as a leech early on. First she’d have to graft on to William. That took most of her life so far, aside from practicing as a child she spent her 20’s trying to pin William down. Now her identity is as a blood-sucking barnacle on William’s bottom, as well as the entire UK. As is the royal family, nothing but leeches. Waity Kate is leeching off the leeches.