Kate Middleton’s Phone Hacked 155 Times By Crazy ‘News Of The World’ Reporter!

Kate Middleton's Phone Hacked 155 Times By Crazy 'News Of The World' Reporter!

The extent of which the royal family was hacked a while back has finally been revealed, and the world now knows approximately how many times Kate Middleton‘s cyber life was taken advantage of . . . . at least 155 times! The information was revealed yesterday at the London phone hacking trial.

The phone hacker reportedly had hacked into her phone, snooped around, and even went so far as to listen to personal voicemail messages that were left for her on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 2005. It’s crazy what people can do with technology, and it’s even crazier what crazy people can do with technology to invade one’s privacy.

Clive Goodman, the paper’s former Royal News Editor, revealed, “There has been no intention to deceive you or anybody else about my involvement in hacking. If anyone asks me an open question, I will give an open answer.” 

He said that he had hacked the Duke of Cambridge on 35 occasions. He admitted to hacking into Prince Harry’s devices on nine occasions. Um, wow. They really didn’t have any sense of boundaries, did they?

What do you make of Kate Middleton’s phone being hacked AT LEAST 155 times? How crazy, right? 155 times might not seem like an extravagant number at first, but when you take into consideration the amount of private, unreleased information — later used to fuel widely read news and tabloid stories — it’s quite unsettling. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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