Kate Middleton Continues Australia Tour To Ayer’s Rock As “Modern Princess Diana” – SEE NEW PICS (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton Continues Australia Tour To Ayer's Rock As "Modern Princess Diana" - SEE NEW PICS (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s tour of Australia continued today with a beautiful stop at the iconic Ayer’s Rock where the couple stopped for photos reminiscent of those taken by Princess Diana and Prince Charles 31 years ago in precisely the same spot. Unlike William’s parents, he and Kate looked quite happy together as they posed in the hot Australian Outback sun. Ayer’s Rock is thought to be one of the most romantic spots in the country so it makes perfect sense for the young royals to take a bit of a tour.

The timing is also pretty interesting as well. Last week we learned that Queen Elizabeth had sent a hand written letter to Kate praising her for how well she has handled this important trip down under. Elizabeth reportedly told Kate that she now believes that she’s ready to be Queen and that she is like a “modern Diana”. Obviously there is no greater endorsement from Elizabeth to Kate than a statement like that. The difference between Kate and Diana is that royal watcher’s tend to believe that the duchess is actually quite happy in her married life with William.

Do you like seeing Kate and William visit the same locations that his parent’s did, for nostalgia’s sake? Do you think it’s one of the ways that he continues to stay connected to his mother? How about Kate being a “modern Diana”? Do you think that is a compliment that she has yet earned? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Jason

    Everyone who makes an official visit throught that area, gets that site included on their trip. Just because the doome Prince and Princess of Wales stood there for a picture, that means that Kate and William shouldn’t do the same thing? That just because his parents went somewhere or did something they shouldn’t? Ayers Rock is world famous and for them to avoid it on this trip for the same of “because the Wales were there” would be just silly! It is amazing to see these 2 young people standing in the exact same spot as his parents did, because like it or not, and eve by both Charles and Diana’s own accounts at this point in their marriage that they made this trip, they were both happy together (although probably not as in love with one another as Will and Kate, but still they were happy), it was not until after Harry was born that the break down really started to take shape. But by the time the Princess of Wales stood there with the Prince of Wales, they were still happy in what ever it was they had.