Kate Middleton and Prince William Insulted by Historian: Calls Royal Couple Mere “Celebrities” – says Prince George Will Never Be King

Kate Middleton and Prince William Insulted by Historian Cristopher Lee: Calls Royal Couple Mere "Celebrities" - says Prince George Will Never Be King

Is Prince George destined to always be the heir but never the king? According to a Christopher Lee, a notable British historian focusing on the royal family, Prince George will probably never take the throne in the future. Lee also tells the Daily Mail that George’s parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, don’t have the gravitas necessary for a royal couple and that they’re mere ‘celebrities’ in the eye of the public.

Lee tells the Mail, “I don’t think they rate with the Beckhams, but I put them in that slot. They are ordinary, but they are celebrities rather than old fashioned ‘don’t ask questions, don’t touch me’ royalty.” He also adds that in another couple of decades, Kate and Will will end up like the Danish and Dutch royals, as in, “nice people but rather dull and inoffensive.”

And finally, Lee also explains that while Prince George may still be involved with the monarchy in some capacity in four or five decades, he doubts that George will inherit the throne in the traditional manner of today.

Well, first of all, despite the fact that this Christopher Lee is a noted historian, the fact that he’s speaking to the Mail kind of takes away from his comments, no? And also, the reason that Kate and William are considered celebrities is because in today’s media-obsessed world, they are celebrities. There’s simply no way for them to be the ‘don’t ask questions’ type of royals without being vilified by the public and destroyed by the media. There’s no way for any royals in today’s public eye to maintain that kind of ‘gravitas’, not with the amount of attention foisted upon them.

However, I do agree that in fifty year’s time, royalty will evolve drastically, to the point where George is probably famous for his royal connections but with little to do in running the affairs of the country.

3 responses to “Kate Middleton and Prince William Insulted by Historian: Calls Royal Couple Mere “Celebrities” – says Prince George Will Never Be King”

  1. I would hate to be a royal.

  2. DuchessLazy says:

    Royals don’t make any real difference with tourism. They don’t exactly invite the tourists to tea or line up and wave at them. France has no monarchy and they out-do England with tourism –
    “Down to earth” ?! What is “down to earth” about having endless money, staff,body guards,palaces ,idiots bowing to them as if they are any better than anyone else, yet doing nothing much in return for the UK or it’s people ? Thousands of elderly are dying of cold on the UK, they can’t afford heat, and what are the mega rich royals doing about that ? NOTHING. They are parasites.
    I suppose you think they are “down to earth” because Middleton sometimes wears a dress more than once.

    • Dilla says:

      what are you doing to help those old people dying without heat..are you giving any kind of help at all besidr your endless rants on every single article about them…its easy to criticise people bt what do we know behind close doors..hve some positive thoughts and yeah you might say you have a different opinion bt based on most your comments are insults rather than opinions..Does it pay to be a snooty b***h to others?? write them a letter isnt that better than ranting pointlessly on a gossip collum..