Prince William and Kate Middleton Attacked and Silenced by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles

Prince William and Kate Middleton Attacked and Silenced by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles

I’ve always said that the royal family is just as dysfunctional as the Kardashian’s, they just have better taste and manners. Make no mistake, there is a whole lot of drama going on behind closed doors as Queen Elizabeth’s health fails. It is Prince Charles’ birthright to be crowned the next King and Camilla Parker-Bowles thinks she is owed her crown because she suffered as Charles’ side chick for 3 decades before being made an honest (if strongly disliked) woman.

Everyone, including Queen Elizabeth prefers Prince William and Kate Middleton as the next rulers as they are both well-respected and in touch with the real needs of the British people. William is prepared to be a good example and take on the cares of his people while Charles has a history of writing rambling letters about his pet peeves and focusing on flowers or obscure environmental problems – he is considered out of touch and arrogant.

This week Charles stepped up to take over more of Elizabeth’s duties and in his lust for power he opted to make serious changes to the Queen’s press office. Sally Osman who heads Prince Charles’ communications team is now in charge of both Queen Elizabeth’s and Charles’ media affairs. So the voice of The Crown is now under Prince Charles’ control. But even worse, Charles has now moved his people in to silence Kate and Will! It was announced this week that the Kensington Palace Press Office (Kate and William’s media voice) will cease operations shortly. Supposedly he wants everything funneled through one office for the sake of royal continuity.  That kind of makes sense, right?  WRONG!

There is a whole lot more going on here than meets the eye! Kensington Palace has handled everything connected to Prince William, Kate, Prince George and Prince Harry and the office has done a fantastic job of promoting the younger royals. It has added to their popularity with the commoners and has proven that it can handle huge announcements, such as the birth of Prince George with great ease. In shutting down this office Charles will now control what is said to the press regarding William and Kate! Rest assured good old Cami is sick to death of hearing about how stunning or fun Kate is and so those blips will be a thing of the past. It’s a clear cut power struggle. Until now William and Kate have been able to control to a great degree how they are represented in the press and that has worked to their advantage.

With Charles forcing them to be promoted by his office it means that he will control what is said and how they are portrayed. It takes a good deal of control from William and only helps to shove Kate under Camilla’s thumb. Trust me when I say that this isn’t going to go smoothly and the fireworks are really just beginning. Do you believe that Charles is shutting the Kensington Palace press office because he is jealous of how well-liked his son is? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. patty c says:

    Charles has destroyed everything good about the UK having figurehead royals; if he becomes King, he will destroy that as well.

    • DuchessLazy says:

      Just go look up a few youtube videos like “Lady Die” by Albions Clouds or “murdered by the monarchy”, see how “lovely” the royals are. They are corrupt.

      • thebutcher says:

        Do you have the slightest clue how stupid your posts make you sound? like a jealous little girl

  2. inkeaau says:

    Charles is a stuffy old fa#!..Cami a leech…Cami will never measure up to Princess Diana..After Charles an Cami little tryst while he was married..I have no respect for either..William and Kate are a breath of fresh air instead of being scandalous like his father and Cami.

    • DuchessLazy says:

      A breathe of fresh air ? For what reason ? Surely not because they work so hard…because they don’t.

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  4. Rachel Cote says:

    This is vey sad day. I really think that it is the end of the monarchy as we know it. Charles is a pushover…no backbone person and has always been Camilla’s puppet. Do they not see that as long as Camilla is I the picture, they will never have the PEOPLE’s support. If Charles want to be King, he must drop Camilla. Only because I really don’t think he loves her. IF (and that’s a big IF) he loves her, he should abdicate, when the time comes. I feel really bad for the young ones.

    • DuchessLazy says:

      Face it, they are all losers. Lazy Willy and Waity Kate, no shining example there. They made the bottom of a list of working royals as far as public goes. Waity’s past is a nightmare, actually the way they both partied through their 20’s was a shame and a waste. Now they “work” the minimum they can get away with.

      • Frances Williams says:

        what you say is just such rubbish and not seated in reality. No where has it been reported that Prince William and his wife are lazy or acted in any way irrespossibly… you seem to promote CPB view very well which is very telling

  5. LadyJustice says:

    Well, Charles was extremely jealous of Princess Diana. We know how that ended right?

  6. Victoria McGuire says:

    Camilla is behind this if it is true, as her jealousy and hatred for both prince William and Duchess Kate festers in her alcohol over loaded mind.

  7. WhitleyGilbert says:

    Personally? I’d rather Charles and Camilla than Willnot and Kannot. I’ve never been a huge Diana fan, as I think she was a lot less “caring” than the public likes to believe. I do, however, think she had an innate talent for PR. I also think she was way too young to be married, which caused a lot of issues (do you remember how clingy you were at 19!) Anyway, to me, Will and Kate seem like lazy assholes. Charles seems like an asshole too, but at least he seems to do a lot of charity stuff. It also bothers me that in 2014, and being of the “younger” (my) generation, that neither of them seem to have friends that aren’t white WASPs.

    • DuchessLazy says:

      Amazing that you’d criticize Diana at all. “Less caring than what the public was LED to believe ??? Excuse you, they weren’t “led”, they knew it. By the way Diana lived her life, all the work she did. By her actions, understand ? “The People’s Princess”. Charles and his camp have made sure that a lot of rotten anti-Diana books were published after her death. Feeble minded people might fall for it.

    • thebutcher says:

      Who gives a shit if they don’t have friends that aren’t white. Do you blacks really need to pull the race card on everything? You prove my point though

  8. marlio says:

    Of COURSE he is jealous and cami, is desperate to be queen but she never will, nor will she be respected by the public. She made her bed a long time ago when she romped around with Charles, behind diana’s back. Prince william and kate are way too smart for them.

  9. DuchessLazy says:

    LOL, William and Middleton are “so well respected ? LOL, not so much. They came in at the bottom of a compiled list of royals who do public service because they are rather lazy. In the UK the majority are not impressed with those two. “Everyone, including Queen Elizabeth prefers Prince William and Kate Middleton as the next rulers …”, LOL. Wrong !

    If someone has actually tried to put a lid on William and Midleton then GOOD ! I’m tired of articles about Middleton’s boots or how she left George at home on New Year’s eve to out drinking with her sister. William wasn’t even there. Maybe all is not exactly well with them, now he’s managed to be gone with his classes. They are lazy and although I dislike Charles immensely, he actually outdoes William and Middleton with work.

  10. DuchessLazy says:

    I don’t think he does. He’d do more about his lazy reputation in his own country if he really cared.

  11. DuchessLazy says:

    LOL, no issue with Waity-Kate, AKA Miss Dress Up In The Air ? and she’s lazy as well. Miss Party-Time just doesn’t rate. She’s good at living it up and flashing but not much else.

    • SavageGrace says:

      I don’t like her but I have no huge issue with her anymore (at least right now LOL) – I just ignore her MANY flaws for Will and George. LOL If Will is happy, finally, then it’s all we can really hope for, you know? And if he wants to spend the rest of his life with her family up his butt, making money off of him, and being their whipping boy… whatever. LOL At least George is cute! LOL Hopefully their kid(s) have more Spencer and even Windsor blood/genes/etc. in them than Middleton & their class-less lot…

  12. DuchessLazy says:

    The Spencers had more royal English blood than the “royal family” does. But yes all the Middletons, including Waity, big mistake !

  13. jody says:

    in fact everything in the article is verifiable fact

  14. jody says:

    try doing some reading – then you’ll see the accuracy of these CDL articles

  15. jody says:

    if you can’t see a power grab for what it is and choose to euphemistically call the silencing of Prince William and Kate Middleton, “streamlining,” then I’m sorry for you – try opening your eyes and thinking.

  16. auds says:

    this should be called the condemnation Paper.Not one reply is intelligent enough to be taken seriously.

  17. SavageGrace says:

    They have CLASS, that’s the thing – the Middletons are just money-hungry, social-climbing, class-less leeches. So gawdy. I still shake my head over how the Royals have allowed them basically take over! Sickening! If Camilla has any use at all, I hope it’s at putting them in their rightful place (aka WAY in the shadows, with the other in-laws).

    • thebutcher says:

      Will and kate are bringing the monarchy into the 21st century. As usual the out of touch with reality old people WILL do what they always do, bitch, moan, and complain. You will be brought into the 21st century, kicking and screaming if need be

  18. WhitleyGilbert says:

    The royals don’t run the country. Parliament does.

  19. Dawn says:

    Charles is the last person to advance to the crown. He
    and the Rottweiler that he is married to should go find
    some remote island and stay there. His lust for the crown
    shows what type of low life he is. William is a much better
    person to receive the crown. Charles should be ashamed
    of what he is trying to do to his mother the Queen. His
    treatment of Diana showed everyone just what his
    true personality is.

  20. Frances Williams says:

    maybe if Diana’s family had been more forward in their support and protection things could have been different. The Middleton’s have need to feel protective as a result of what happened to Diana,

  21. Frances Williams says:

    makes me wonder whose payroll the lazy speaker is on

  22. Elaine Leirer says:

    I am confounded by the comments to this article. Assuming the facts of this article are true,the article is NOT about the Middletons, it concerns Camilla and Prince Charles. Does Camilla feel that she has suffered, well she could have walked away and let Charles and Diana shore up their marriage. She chose to be the mistress person. As far as William and Kate being lazy, that is total rot. They have done what they have been directed to do and that is that. He has behaved admirably and served his country. I am not a fan of spoiled brat Charles and feel that he will be the straw that breaks the royalty’s back.. When his reign is finished, William may never be king.

  23. baywaterblue says:

    Of course that’s a major part of the reason. For those of us who remember, he was highly insecure (for lack of a better term) at his wife’s (Diana not Camilla) popularity and relationship with the press. I would imagine it’s quite difficult for Camilla to once again be in the #2 spot and be relagated to stand in the shadow of one who is younger and very, very attractive. Let’s hope this realignment of the press offices does not have a negative impact on the relationship of Prince Charles and his son, William.

  24. Victoria McGuire says:

    If this is true, it just may be evil Camilla “De Ville” influencing wossy Charles. I sure hope this is just another false tabloid. I do believe Charles really knows his son William can do a much better job as King than he can. No one, absolutely no one, wants alcoholic Camilla sitting next to a King. Sure hope that does not happen. I pray the Queen lives a lot longer and William and kate can give her another heir to the throne.

  25. bunbuns says:

    I think Charles needs to settle down and enjoy his Camilla, let William and Kate run the show with his supervision.

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  30. aimee says:

    Charles can’t be King. He got divorced!!! Everyone needs to watch a youtube video called THE ANTICHRIST AND A CUP OF TEA it lays out why he or William or George will probably be the ANTICHRIST!!!

  31. aimee says:

    Apparently not or SHE would have been queen she had more of a “manufactured” claim to the throne than did a german queen??? Why do you think Charles was forced to marry Diana in the first place? He never wanted to he was always in love with Camilla it was his royal duty to marry a woman he didn’t want to marry in the first place they needed the merovingian bloodline through the Stewart. Which is not the bloodline of Jesus Christ as the Da Vinci code tried to erroneously espouse but it is in fact the UNHOLY of the UNHOLLIES. a direct biodescendent of Lucifer himself. Actually Scotland was primo geniture so the rightful claimant should have been the eldest of the three sons that Amy MacRuari the first wife of John of Islay “Lord of the Isles.” had for him. Rather than the first son that Marjorie Stewart his second wife had for him. Amy hadn’t been unfaithful to him. It was a really dirty double dealing on the part of John to marry his distant cousin and the heir of the family lands to do a dirty land grab and then stab her in the back and join up with the “serpents seedline” John’s first wife Amy had the closer descent to Somerled and the rest of the Royal line.

  32. aimee says:

    I know her she is really the daughter of Ronald Reagan compare a side by side of the two of them when he was younger it is so obvious.

  33. Guest says:

    Prince Charles should give it up he already old and he doesn’t deserve it and so his wicked wife camilla doesn’t deserve it either. Prince Charles should pass it to his oldest son prince William and his wife kate cuz they r young the people will love William and Kate. Camilla will do anything in her power to get what she wants. Camilla is old and twisted all she does is drink booze and she will never become the queen. The people will hate Charles and camilla. I want William and Kate to be the next king ???? and Queen ????. Long lived the king aof William and the queen of kate.

  34. Roxanne Starr says:

    The Queen handed over the monarchy to a whore. She was a fool to allow Charles to marry her.