Kate Middleton and Prince William are Lazy Royals – Queen Elizabeth, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles Put Them to Shame

Kate Middleton and Prince William are Lazy Royals - Queen Elizabeth, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles Put Them to Shame

The Danish tabloid newspaper Ekstra Bladet has asked this question and didn’t only take a close look at their own royal family but also at the royal families of their Scandinavian neighbors and of course the British royals. We are sad to say that Kate Middleton and Prince William rank far down the list of active Royals – seems we can truly say that Waity Katie is now Lazy Katie.  Of course Kate’s fans will cry foul claiming that a difficult pregnancy left the Duchess of Cambridge unable to perform at her best.  Guess what, we are lucky if Kate has even one official engagement per week now, almost 6 months after giving birth to Prince George. Prince William at least has the good excuse that he was on active duty in the RAF for much of the year.

The ranking is taking into account all official appointments between January and December 2013 inclusive. Sure we are left to argue if every appointment really takes up a whole day. But let’s not forget: every public engagement calls for a lot of preparation and meetings that are not mentioned in their official calendars.

And who would have thought?

In first place, ranked even higher than his own busy-bee mother Queen Elizabeth (87 years old) is Prince Charles. He made public appearances on 189 days this year, followed by his mother with only 8 days less. Even Kate’s arch rival, Camilla Parker Bowles, worked more.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are Lazy Royals - Queen Elizabeth, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles Put Them to Shame

Maybe he wouldn’t make such a bad king after all! At least he’d be active – of course in his case sometimes people think that less is more.

Ranking third is Sweden’s (and thus my monarch) King Carl Gustaf (67). He clocked up 168 days, not least owed to his tour of Sweden for his 40th throne jubilee.

Coming in 4th we don’t find his daughter crown princess Victoria as one could almost have expected, but his wife, Queen Silvia (70) with 134 days.

Another busy bee is the consort of Queen Elizabeth, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Despite his advanced age of 92 years and several medical problems this year he could be seen out and about representing his country on 120 days.

The Dane’s very own Crown Prince Frederik (45) didn’t look particularly great in the statistics. He could only be seen on 90 days plus an additional 34 days of engagements with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which, according to Ekstra Bladet is considered his own private amusement, leaving him among the lazier European Royals. His brother Joachim represented his country only on 35 days. Ouch!

Sweden’s Princess Madeleine (31) came in last in the ranking with only 22 days. The only royal working even less is Maertha Louise of Norway (42). But after her wedding in 2002 she renounced all appanages as well as her royal title, so she doesn’t need an excuse.

The royal courts of Denmark and Sweden stepped up in defense of their respective Royals pointing out that internal meetings and private audiences had not been taken into account by “Ekstra Bladet”. Something we’ll probably have to agree with. Since nowadays the monarchies don’t have much more than representative purpose they are subject to scrutiny and have to justify their “salaries” and more than ever are working to represent their countries in travels abroad to boost tourism, economy and reputation. More or less successful.

1. Prince Charles,189 days

2. Queen Elizabeth II, 181 days

3. King Carl Gustav of Sweden, 168 days

4. Queen Silvia of Sweden, 134 days

5. King Harald of Norway, 124 days

5. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 124 days

5. QueenMargarete II of Denmark, 124 days

6.Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 120 days

7. Marie and Frederik of Denmark, 90 days

8. Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden, 89 days

9. Prince Hendrik and Queen Sonia of Denmark, 63 days

10 Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, 53 days

11 Princess Mette Marit of Norway, 51 days

12 Prince William, 46 days

13. Kate Middleton,35 days

13. Prince Joachim of Denmark, 35 days

14. Princess Marie of Denmark, 30 days

15. Princess Madeleine of Sweden, 22 days

One Country and two very popular royals are missing in “Ekstra Bladet”s list though – King Willem-Alexander and beautiful Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. With 72 days for the new Queen and 68 days for the King in the mid-table since their enthronement last April.

Of course we will keep track of the list this year and give you an updated version by the beginning of next year.

So what do you think, do Europeans get their money’s worth?

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  • Jocelyn

    Could Kate be any more beautiful!?

    • Guest

      Yes. She really could. Middleton’s pretty ordinary, and hardly has any lips. The nose job she had changed her face a bit. But that’s not her fault, on the other hand there’s no need or reason to glorify her.

    • TownTart


  • Guest

    This is a great article. I think the authors did a great job. They were honest, not sycophants and that is very refreshing. This is what I have long said…William and Middleton are lazy. I found that out not just from observation {since their “public duties” are always in the press} I also learned from reading comments from UK citizens themselves, on various websites. William and Middleton are lazy, that seems to be the all around perception… based on fact.
    Middleton can claim she was “depressed” or “hard pregnancy” but there she was playing volleyball in wedgies not long after the baby. She was married about a year or more before the pregnancy even came along….did Middleton use that time to do a lot of public duty ? No. Neither did William.
    They are fairly young still, so being more active shouldn’t damage them too much. Prince Charles is in his 60’s and he’s doing a lot more than they do.

    • marlio

      you are just jealous of the royals and its very apparent!!

      • TownTart

        you are jealous of sensible people who write the truth…grow up, kid!

      • TownTart

        It’s really apparent you are a deluded sugar who will not take any criticism of the offspring of St. Diana.

  • Canuck

    I’m from Canada, mothers and fathers get up to one year parental leave when having a new child. I’m glad to see they are cherishing the time they have with their baby, they will have time to be less “lazy” when their children are older, like Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth.

  • marlio

    Well, kate and william are not the immediate heirs to the throne, officially anyway. And kate is spending much more time with the charities she DOES chose to support!! The quality of time is more important, than the number of charities you support!!! william may be doing the same thing, and besides, since when is this a popularity contest???

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  • Wait–I, Princess Plutogirl, am Kate’s arch-rival! As an actress, I certainly made more public appearances in 2013 than she did! So did the actress who plays Queen Elizabeth I at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.
    What this is really telling us is that it’s way past time to get rid of the archaic institution of monarchy. Why should any country have people getting paid to live in luxury off their taxpayers? Kate should get a real job. Since she doesn’t have many skills, she should start as a clerk in a mailroom.

  • TownTart

    how can an accomplished, witty woman be jealous of a spoiled slacker who waited years as a booty call?

  • Caroline

    She is a big disappointment for me.