Queen Elizabeth Favors Kate Middleton and Prince William For The Throne: Camilla Parker-Bowles Loses Her Mind (PHOTOS)

Queen Elizabeth Favors Kate Middleton and Prince William For The Throne: Camilla Parker-Bowles Loses Her Mind (PHOTOS)

It seems like every time that Camilla Parker-Bowles takes a step that gets her an inch closer to the throne Queen Elizabeth manages to orchestrate something that pushes her back again. Camilla had recently bullied Prince Charles into fighting for the throne that is his birthright. He was fairly content to watch Elizabeth purposely name Prince William as the next king of England, until his Camilla lost her mind. Camilla threatened to not only divorce Charles but to also share all of his dirtiest secrets with the press if he doesn’t step up and take charge.

Apparently Elizabeth really does have her son’s back because every time that Camilla bullies him she makes sure that she takes some sort of hit. According to the March 3rd print edition of GLOBE magazine just as Cami was feeling confidant that her plan was going to work her nemesis, Kate Middleton turned up at a royal appearance wearing jewels from The Queen’s exclusive collection. Elizabeth decided to allow Kate to wear several of her necklaces and tiaras in exchange for embracing a more conservative style.

Camilla saw photos of Kate in the mesmerizing necklace and lost her mind because she strongly feels that it doesn’t belong on the neck of a commoner such as the duchess. Obviously Queen Elizabeth’s opinion is the only one that really carries any weight here and she thinks that Kate is the perfect woman to wear the family heirlooms. Camilla no doubt also views this as a clue the Elizabeth is still favoring Kate and William for the throne.

How far do you think that Camilla will ultimately go to ruin the royal family if she doesn’t get her way and find herself seated on the throne? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Victoria McGuire

    Camilla will do anything to make William & Kate look bad. Camilla is a commoner, and not classy enough to sit next to a King.

    • DuchessDolittle

      LOL ! Willnot and Kannot already look bad without anyone helping them.
      Let’s see, Kannot has done exactly one “appearance” on behalf of anyone or anything so far this year and it’s nearly March already. She never did have a work ethic but this is an all-time low. You’d think Kannot,after doing nothing all January then going on vacation to Mustique, would be well rested. But no. She’s still floating, not doing anything.
      Willnot, hmm, displaying what a hypocrite he is by going hunting, and also meeting back up with ex-lover {current lover, ?} Jecca !
      So, considering all that..sure…Willnot and Kannot really are good, {??????}, for promotion, {?????}. And Willnot is as lazy as Kannot is…

      Actually it’s obvious there are no worthy royals so just abolish the whole circus already.

      • Emmie Faison

        What are you talking about? Please speak english!It sound like you have been in camilla parker bowles liquor bottle go to bed and sleep it off maybe then you will write something that I can understand and please stay off the bottle:

        • Kelly R

          Sorry Emmie. She is speaking perfect English, and is 100% correct. You, on the other hand, really need to wake up to reality. It is a known fact that Kate and William are LAZY and don’t give a rats ass about anything but themselves. Another thing, both of them are perfectly capable of looking bad all on their own. Do the nude full frontal pictures of Kate for all the world to see ring a bell? do all of the pictures of Kate’s dresses constantly blowing up to show her ass to the whole world ring a bell? what about her playing with her hair during a remembrance service. The whole world saw how disrespectful she was to the fallen soldiers that day. Another thing. They are so predictable. When they get bad press (which is most the time in the UK) they always leak a story about Harry, Charles, Camilla, or the Yorks that make then look bad….only thing is these stories they’re leaking happened years ago. Case in point, Willie boy went on a hunting trip to Spain with ex flame Jecca Craig a week or so before he, his father and brother chaired a conference about endangered animals. He was rightly so called out for being a hypocrite. Poor Willy couldn’t stand the heat so he leaked a 5 – 6 year old picture of Harry hunting

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  • Patty Caudle

    I believe Prince Charles should abdicate the throne to Prince Charles due to the behavior of Camilla which in not becoming a Queen. He also owes it to his sons for his behavior towards their mother from the day they were married. Camilla s threats are not appropriate to the class of Royalty. Camilla’s a commoner with behavior. Give Prince Charles time on the throne. He is to old to take it at this time and Camilla is still a drunk that screams at Charles and she rules him, whereas, it is clear that Prince William and the Duchess Catherine work as a team. The Monarchy needs team players not drunks. We ask you Prince Charles do the right thing. Give to your eldest son what he and Diana should have had if he would have realized the difference Diana loving him and Camilla using him as a ticket to the throne!

    • Amanda

      To begin with, some of your comment (much like this article) is pure speculation and isn’t supported by any official or concrete evidence. We have no idea what Charles and Camilla are like behind closed doors – or anybody else in the Royal family, for that matter. There are various reasons why Charles wouldn’t even dream of abdicating. First of all, Prince William – as he has stated in interviews – doesn’t even want to be King for a long time to come yet. I very much doubt Charles would put William in that position if he doesn’t feel he is ready for it yet. Also, let’s not forget that QEII’s uncle abdicated in 1936 – and it pretty much tore their entire family apart, not to mention the damage it did to the monarchy. The abdication by King Edward VIII put HM’s father in the position of King unexpectedly and without him even wanting it – which the Queen Mother was well known to have believed partially contributed to his far too early passing. Charles has spent his entire life waiting to be King. He and Camilla have both started to attend the State Opening of Parliament – one of the most important Constitutional jobs of the Sovereign – alongside the Queen and Prince Philip, making it clear that they will be the next ones who undertake the task after HM is gone. If that wasn’t enough, the Queen has now merged offices at Buckingham Palace with Charles – a much more overt and obvious signal that Charles absolutely will be the next King. As for Camilla becoming Queen, the Palace has stated that she won’t take the title of Queen Consort when Prince Charles is crowned – she will be Princess Consort instead, out of respect for everything that happened with Diana, Charles and herself.