Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Hooked Up Over Super Bowl Weekend

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Hooked Up Over Super Bowl Weekend

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx continue to keep their secret romance undercover, as rumors swirl around the duo’s passionate hookup over Super Bowl weekend. According to a new report from Page Six, Jamie and Katie spent the weekend together in Miami, but that’s reportedly been one weekend in a consecutive set of weekends that they’ve been spending time together.

According to the reports, Katie and Jamie have actually steadily been seeing each other since last summer, but they’ve been keeping the relationship quiet out of respect for Katie’s ex-husband and Jamie’s good friend, Tom Cruise. As the source says, “Jamie is being careful because he has a lot of respect for Tom.”

The sources explain, “Katie flew private to California to stay with Jamie at his home around the Grammys [which took place Jan. 26]. Foxx’s beautiful daughter Corinne was his date for the Grammys. But he and Holmes also spent time together during Super Bowl weekend, although they attended the game separately.”

You know, when the rumors initially started coming out last year of Jamie romancing Katie, both their PR teams shut down the stories immediately. Now, it’s becoming obvious why – neither one of them wants to invite the wrath of Tommy boy and his army of Scientologists. Katie’s rep has already denied this story as well, claiming that her trip to California was for a movie project and not addressing the Superbowl story at all.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think Katie and Jamie should be so afraid of Tom’s response to their relationship. He probably already knows they’re dating, and I’m not sure his friendship with Jamie will really survive this.

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