Kendall Jenner Hissy Fit and Tantrum After Being Denied Alcohol At New York Fashion Week Party

Kendall Jenner Hissy Fit and Tantrum After Being Denied Alcohol At New York Fashion Week Party

It’s genetically impossible for a Kardashian/Jenner not to exhibit diva behavior, and Kendall Jenner proves that. According to reports, Kendall went and threw a hissy fit when she was denied alcohol at a New York Fashion Week party.

Since Kendall is so used to getting what she wants, especially in LA, she was ill-suited to being denied alcohol, despite the fact that she’s underage. A source tells ever reliable Hollywood Life that Kendall didn’t take the news well, explaining, “Since they wouldn’t serve her, she made a scene and left.” 

Kendall probably also thought that she would be given a freebie considering her success on the Marc Jacobs runway earlier that night. However, that’s not how things work – especially outside of Los Angeles. Just because Kendall was given a free reign thanks to the bewildering special treatment of reality stars in LA, doesn’t mean she’ll get the same treatment everywhere else – especially not when there are thousands of other models in New York at the same time. Kendall’s not even close to being the most famous person at Fashion Week, and she won’t get special treatment there.

Alas, her hissy fit does shed a lot of light on the diva behavior that’s developing, no? It was a given that her ego would start to blow up, especially when you consider her family and the environment’s she used to growing up in. It’s too bad that she’ll never learn humility or grace, especially since her fame won’t last forever.

What do you guys think of Kendall Jenner throwing a hissy fit after not getting served alcohol? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

  • Victoria McGuire

    Typical behavior from these females. Momma PMK set the example and taught them well, along with big half-sister kim.

  • Kevin 2014

    Just what I would expect from the kartrapshian females. They are rude, no morals or shame. They think the world revolves around the air heads.Trash with money..