Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha Separate: Heavily Pregnant Kerry Spent Birthday Alone While Husband in NYC Partying

Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha Separate: Heavily Pregnant Kerry Spent Birthday Alone While Husband in NYC Partying

Well there really does seem to be some truth to the notion that where there’s smoke there’s fire and so I really have to wonder about the status of Kerry Washington’s marriage. She swapped vows last summer with Nnamdi Asomugha in a ceremony that shocked even those closest to the couple. The two had been dating for about a year on the down low but I don’t think anyone expected him to put a ring on it. The quickie vows made more sense once Kerry’s pregnancy became obvious and the two are expecting their first child in a matter of weeks.

Here’s the thing, according to MTO Kerry spent her birthday alone back in LA last weekend while Asomugha partied in NYC, enjoying the extra Superbowl festivities that were all over the place. He was spotted having a great time while wifey turned a year older without him. There are rumors that the couple may already be taking a breather and I have to admit it wouldn’t shock me.

Haven’t Kerry and Asomugha seemed more than a little off right from the start? Up until the Golden Globes he has never even joined her on the red carpet for an event! Kerry is super hot right now thanks to her work on Scandal so you would think that her new husband would be supporting her career achievements a bit more, wouldn’t you? Do you think that these two are happily married or are you having weird vibes about them too? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • poet

    Wow!!! You have a lot on your mind. #LOL

  • deena braun

    You’re supporting him in vain. Truth is being revealed now. Truth is TG/KW.

    • Fancy

      Well until TG/KW is a guarantee, I will be supporting Nnamdi. That’s what people do when they believe in something/ someone.

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  • Fancy

    I agree with you Liz. I don’t believe they were equally yoke in the first place, which is good news for me…Come on home Baby (Nnamdi)

  • Fancy

    Maybe, but I think it was more so him, not her

  • Fancy

    Kerry Washington is gay and her marriage with NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha is a front, a widespread but poorly sourced rumor says.

    The report has trickled out in recent days from several celebrity news outlets, claiming that the notoriously private actress wanted a marriage to cover up her true lifestyle.

    Last week, the blog Terez Owens published a report last week claiming that Asomugha is actually a “beard” for Kerry Washington, covering for the fact that she is secretly gay.

    The report noted:

    “[Popular Black celeb] got married to her [sorta popular Black celeb husband] for the child, according to what he’s hearing from colleagues. The rumors are true that she’s a lesbian, and [husband] found out he was her beard, so now he’s trying to get out of the marriage.

    “He doesn’t want to continue with [Popular actress] because he doesn’t agree with who she really is, views homosexuality as a sin, blah blah Christianity. He threatened to out her to the public.”

    For Kerry Washington, the gay rumors are nothing new. In fact last year the actress responded to rampant speculation that she is a lesbian, saying it doesn’t offend her and there is “nothing offensive” about being gay.

    • Danielle Thomas

      Amazing how when you are a celebrity character assassinations become plentiful.
      And, I believe a lot of the slander are from people who are jealous of Kerry’s success.

  • Danielle Thomas

    I hope that these internet claims about him being homosexual are not attempts to smear his character with lies. Also, hope that these rumors that the couple are separating are lies, but certainly still should not be said.

    I love the Show Scandal and love Kerry as Olivia on the show. Also, Ms. Washington is so beautiful; truly don’t want this gorgeous and highly skilled Actress lied on merely because of her celebrity status.

    She instead has earned Respect!!!

  • Danielle Thomas

    I certainly do not believe Kerry is secretly married to Tony; he’s marriage of many years to his wife I believe is strong and he would not break it.

  • Danielle Thomas

    Disgusting that they call themselves Kerry fans, when with all these lies they certainly are not!!