Kevin McEnroe Arrested for Possession of Cocaine and Prescription Pills – Son of Tatum O’Neal and John McEnroe

Kevin McEnroe Arrested for Possession of Cocaine and Prescription Pills - Son of Tatum O'Neal and John McEnroe

Kevin McEnroe, 28, was arrested on Tuesday for possession of a controlled substance after the son of tennis champion John McEnroe and actress Tatum O’Neal was caught with prescription medication in his pocket in NYC.

The New York Daily News reported that Kevin was spotted by NYPD in the process of a drug deal. It was reported that he was in possession of “six glassine envelopes of cocaine, 20 painkillers, 10 morphine pills and one anxiety pill.” The drug scene and drug-related arrests are nothing new to Kevin as his mother Tatum was arrested in 2008 after attempting to buy crack cocaine in NYC. After a brief stint in rehab, she relapsed in 2012.

McEnroe and O’Neal divorced after eight years of marriage, ending their union in 1994. Eldest son Kevin has grown up with a mother and father, grandfather, and two uncles who have all had well-documented addictions to alcohol and drugs, often landing them in hot water. Most notable besides his mother is his uncle, Redmond, who is the son of Ryan O’Neal and legendary Farrah Fawcett. Redmond has spent years in prison for drug-related charges. In 2004, McEnroe shared that he was unknowingly on steroids for much of his career, stating “unaware I was being given a form of steroids of the legal kind they used to give horses until they decided it was too strong even for horses,” Reuters reports. Confessing in his autobiography to using drugs with then-wife Tatum, McEnroe shares he believes their marriage was doomed from the start because of the drug use early on and the fact that Tatum was looking for a father figure, reports the Daily Mail.

McEnroe’s dealer, Niro Meneses was also arrested and charged, says the Daily News. Now, Tatum and John must band together to ensure son Kevin gets out of the drug scene and gets the help he needs.

What do you think CDLers? Is there a chance to get him on the right path, or is he a lost cause?

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