Beyonce Agrees To Be Kim Kardashian’s Bridesmaid After Spa Date – Report

Beyonce Agrees To Be Kim Kardashian's Bridesmaid After Spa Date - Report

Remember when we told you awhile back that there was absolutely no way that Beyonce was going to agree to be a bridesmaid on Kim Kardashian’s (3rd) special day? Well, somehow in the last few weeks it seems as though Jay Z has worked a little magic and convinced Queen Bey to give Kimmie another chance, according to MTO. The ladies were also spotted arriving a few minutes apart Friday April 13 for a Spa date at the Lancer Dermatology Clinic in Beverly Hills which specializes in Botox and lip fillers – according to X17.

Why has Beyonce decided to take one for the team and be a part of Kim’s wedding to her future 3rd ex-husband, Kanye West? Maybe she realizes that the couple is going to have a tough time even pulling it off. When Kim and Kanye went to apply for a French marriage license they realized that at least one of them needs to be a permanent resident of France for 40 days minimum before they can legally wed in the country. After meeting the residency requirement they then need to have a civil service in the town that they reside in. After securing that civil document THEN Kim and Kanye can legally have a religious ceremony.

In other words, Beyonce agreeing to be there doesn’t mean that there is even going to be a wedding to show up for! My guess though is that they will indeed film this over-the-top catastrophe for E! But Kim and Kanye won’t really be legally married. That will make it a whole lot easier to divvy things up when the whole relationship implodes this time next year, right?

Why do you think that Bey has agreed to be in Kim’s wedding party? How do you think it’ll benefit her because obviously something was promised to her in order for Beyonce to agree to be a part of this wedding.  But can you seriouly see Beyonce being shown on next Keeping Up With The Kardashians – The Wedding Show! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!