Kris Jenner’s Sex Tape Features O.J. Simpson – Porn Movie Distributor Offer $1 Million?

Kris Jenner's Sex Tape Features O.J. Simpson - Porn Movie Distributor Offer $1 Million?

Have you noticed that in recent months, as Kris Jenner’s personal life has kind of crumbled she has all but hid from the spotlight. The talk show failed, the husband left in favor of gender reassignment surgery and even Kim Kardashian is being controlled by someone else! Kris’ life has been a mess and she knows that even her most diehard fans have cut and run. Desperate times call for equally desperate measures and according to the April 7th print edition of Star magazine that’s fine with Kris.

We recently learned about a sex tape of Kris and some as of yet unamed guy that is being shopped. Still shots from the video seem to indicate that this thing could be legit and Kris is hoping that by leaking the story to the press she’ll be able to drum up some sympathy. The problem is that on the other side of the sympathy is where Kris intends to cash in. She knows that she drinks way too much and has no clue who she has screwed or what was going on so there could easily be a legit tape making the rounds. Kris brokered the deal that helped to make Kim a household name and she fully intends to have a nice payday for herself if the video is real.

It sounds like a typical Kris business deal doesn’t it? Work people over, play the victim and then cash the check in the end. Do you think that this is really Kris’ tape or is it just a lookalike? And if this is a genuine Kris Jenner sex tape who is the partner (or partners)? Kris has been reported to have had affairs with many men during her marriages – fidelity is not a Kardashian strong point. Might the man starring with Kris in Vivid’s next release be O.J. Simpson?! How about Todd Waterman. One thing we know is that Kris is more than capable of making a sex tape and both leaking and promoting it. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Victoria McGuire

    OMG, I hope this does come out and not via her. I also hope it is Todd and OJ on the sex tape She was and is an adulteress and trashy lying female.