Kim Kardashian Is Furious Bruce Jenner Has Started Sex Change Hormone Therapy For Gender Reassignment

Kim Kardashian Is Furious Bruce Jenner Has Started Sex Change Hormone Therapy For Gender Reassignment

Just when you thought that Kim Kardashian couldn’t be any more self-absorbed something happens to prove that theory wrong. It looks like her wedding to Kanye West is a go for next summer in Paris and she is bound and determined to make sure nothing derails it. Maybe more importantly, Kim is fixated on not letting anyone in the family upstage her or her big day. Right now the biggest problem isn’t any of her sisters or Kris Jenner, but instead it’s Bruce Jenner.

The fact that Bruce is taking serious steps towards a sex change isn’t sitting at all well with Kim. It also doesn’t jive with her idea of a perfect wedding (another one, that is). In Kim’s mind Bruce needs to walk her down the aisle to marry her baby daddy and in order to do so he needs to be a man, a father figure. Instead he is taking clear cut steps towards gender reassignment and ignoring Kim’s pleas to postpone any procedures until later in the year. A few weeks ago, as Kim and Kanye scouted wedding locations in Paris, Bruce underwent a laryngeal shave to make his Adams apple less noticeable. Following that, according to the Feb 10th Star Magazine,  Bruce began hormone therapy as well in his progress towards becoming a woman.

Kim is freaking out because, well, everything is about her and she thinks that Bruce is trying to upstage her. According to Star, Kanye is doing nothing to ease the tensions. He has laid down the law or tried to and according to him if Bruce shows up as a woman then he’s not welcome at the wedding at all. These clowns really think that Bruce is trying to be spiteful rather than true to himself. What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below!

Kim Kardashian Is Furious Bruce Jenner Has Started Sex Change Hormone Therapy For Gender Reassignment

Kim Kardashian Is Furious Bruce Jenner Has Started Sex Change Hormone Therapy For Gender Reassignment

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22 responses to “Kim Kardashian Is Furious Bruce Jenner Has Started Sex Change Hormone Therapy For Gender Reassignment”

  1. allie says:

    Did he have cancer removed from his nose?

    • ImOpining says:

      I looks like it is scarred. Hard to tell from all the stories and bs, but it does appear he had something done. Hope he’s okay.

  2. William Tell says:

    The guy is a total plastic freak

  3. delores says:

    He is going to be one ugly sight , a tall ugly

  4. Dee says:

    He already ugly ass hell as a man so why the hell would be want to be a woman…he must gone do a remake of throw mama from the train

  5. drdebo cherry says:

    Perhaps her brother could walk her down the isle- I think Bruce should be off the “kash-in” hook about now, he’s more than paid his dues.

  6. drdebo cherry says:

    funny….engage in denial…delusional thinking much?

  7. jld says:

    Lol i would hate to b n the kardashian family they cant keep a man n everybody that comes n that family always leave with something wrong with them

  8. Keiramommisu says:

    If he wanted to do that he should of had done it along time ago.His already at age .You have your only brother to walk you down your father{Robert} i bet it would make him happy that his only son is taking his place in heart and doing for his daughters

  9. abhyanga says:

    freak show ..

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  11. […] the nuptials and supposedly somewhere within the initial contract that Kimmie sign it lays out that Bruce Jenner is to walk her down the aisle. That, is a huge problem because he is knee deep in his transformation into a […]

  12. Sweetie says:

    The family is weird. They have too much. I’m sick of hearing about all their “T&A”. Who cares. If her & lover boy do ever get married it won’t last. He is a bossy P…k. He loves himself too much. All I have to say is good luck, I’m glad their not my family!!! If Bruce does change, maybe he’ll be able to contribute to the family, because as a man they give him no respect or option.

  13. Vic Damone says:

    That niggas ugly

  14. Cindy M. says:

    It;s HIS life, He just needs to be HONEST ABOUT IT!!! If He is NOT comfortable in His own skin, who are we to JUDGE??? I just wish He would be Honest with Himself, and those AROUND Him, but MAYBE HE IS, and THAT is why Kris MADE SURE He EXITED their Marriage and Show, so WHO KNOWS???

    • norristar says:

      The only 1 i like is khloe thats cause she not a kardasdian an kris ia a whore an she made her daughtrrs like that lol

  15. REALLY?????123 says:

    Kim is the same self tooting selfish bitch as she has been forever. Regardless to what Bruce is doing to himself or not…..he has been there for this selfish “””its all about me””‘ bitch all of her life….so instead of being supportive, she is in true “Kim form” did anyone really expect any less??