Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Showdown At Cannes 2014 Film Festival

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Showdown At Cannes 2014 Film Festival

The Cannes film festival is a big deal for Twilight fans, since that’s where #RobstenUnbroken first happened in 2012. It was the first time ever that the media had managed to get intimate pictures of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, but don’t bet on a repeat of that for this year’s festival.

However, one way or another, we will be getting plenty of Robsten gossip. Kristen’s movie Clouds of Sils Maria will be premiering in competition at this year’s Cannes, as will Robert’s Maps to the Stars. Rob also has The Rover playing at the festival, which means his presence will be felt much more than it was two years ago.

With both of their films playing in competition, what are the chances of Rob and Kristen running into each other? They haven’t come face to face in a professional setting since their breakup, even though they did have a brief reunion last fall. We don’t know the status of their relationship right now, although the fact that Rob didn’t visit Kristen for her birthday says quite a lot about his [lack of] feelings for her.

But if the festival organizers manage to organize the premieres of both movies close to each other, then we will be getting a guaranteed Robsten reunion, whether they like it or not. There’s simply no way they’ll be able to avoid each other at the festival if both of their films are playing at the same time. They’ll be forced into uncomfortable photo ops and joint media situations, and honestly, that will either lead to a reconciliation or more drama.

Will seeing Kristen again after all this time cause Rob’s feelings to rekindle? After all, we know she’s interested in getting back together, but all this time, he’s been the one to shy away from the possibility. Will Cannes 2014 become the site of #RobstenUnbroken 2.0?

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • HoneyMoon

    Kristen has moved on. She looks happier these days. If she really is interested to reconcile like you want to believe, she would’ve gone to Coachella when some media said she went back to LA for a few days during her birthday just because Robert went there, but she didn’t. She’s moved on. You should too. However, it will be really interesting indeed to see if they will ever meet or be in the same event in Cannes or not and how they’ll react if they do.

  • shixy

    I think they still love each other. It’s just that KStew is too guilty for cheating RPatz that she’s playing hard-to-get and Rob on the other hand felt miserable after KStew cheated on him. It’s really heartbreaking to see them apart. :(

  • PR staged months ago

    A few months ago someone posting under astrology names like Virgo was on GC saying they had hacked someone on one of RK’s teams and that they were planning a reconciliation to promote their films but that they also planned a break up for after April 2015. They said this would either take place at either Cannes or Coachella.

  • debi

    why are they doing this…i think they should just get back together…they do love each other…come won’t like to disappoint your fans???!! many years be gone by and they still love and support you guys..oh..come on
    ..make up..already..

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  • Lyzz

    It looks to me like Kristen is looking “So Very Happy” compared to her earlier photos….that’s all I am saying…