Kristen Stewart’s Marie Clare Interview: Doesn’t Care About Hurting Robert Pattinson or Anybody Else: Still A Selfish Disgusting Trampire

Kristen Stewart's Marie Clare Interview: Doesn't Care About Hurting Robert Pattinson or Anybody Else: Still A Selfish Disgusting Trampire

Kristen Stewart is not Bella Swan and in her recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, she makes sure the whole world knows it. Whereas Bella was ready to be bitten by the love of her life to spend an eternity together with him, K Stew is ready to bite back at any and all judgmental haters to spend an eternity loving herself; whoever she may one day be and whomever she may want to one day love. And it sure isn’t just one person such as Edward Cullen or the real-life actor who portrayed him in the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson.

In case you have been living under a rock the past few years or just aren’t a big Twilight vampire fan, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s romance was once a sacred thing, a romance written in the stars. They met while filming the super successful Twilight movies based on the books written by Stephanie Meyers and just like the characters they portrayed, they fell in love. They emerged as a young Hollywood power couple much to the delight of their Twilight fan base and by all appearances, seemed as if nothing could ever stop their love. Then Kristen Stewart took on another role and another lover.

Stewart portrayed the character Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman and began to have an affair with the movie director Rupert Sanders during filming. Although Stewart was in a highly publicized relationship with Pattinson at the time, she was not married. The problem was that the director, Sanders, was. After photos of Stewart being intimately embraced by Sanders in secret were taken and released to the media, it begat a big hail storm of negative press for everyone involved. The Trampire was born.

Stewart was immediately branded a home wrecking unfaithful lover by most everyone, especially Pattinson. The break up was said to be hard on both Stewart and Pattinson, who were rumored to be on their way down the aisle in holy Hollywood matrimony before news of the affair broke. Many reports of reconciliation between Pattinson and Stewart floated in and out of the media following the scandalous affair. While hopes of reconciliation between Pattinson and Stewart survived, the marriage and family of Rupert Sanders did not. The director’s wife Liberty Ross divorced him in 2013.

So we arrive at the present. Stewart opens up during the Marie Claire interview with a lot of personal tidbits. Rumors of her and Pattinson getting back together have never quite died and the couple are said to still be in close contact with each other. Keeping that in mind, Stewart’s first comment was “You don’t know who you will fall in love with. You just don’t. You don’t control it.”

This point was taken with ease, one cannot help if they meet and fall madly in love with someone that everyone else views as a blood sucker. Then Stewart goes on to say “If you’re operating from a genuine place, then you can’t really regret anything.” Here the eyebrow shot up with the inherent inclination to consider how exactly these statements apply to Stewart’s scandalous affair with the married father of two, Sanders. Well Stewart provided an answer, “I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away.”

Stewart’s choice of words bark just as loud as they bite; she doesn’t care about the consequences of her actions. Sleeping with another woman’s husband, breaking up a family and shattering the heart of the man who wanted to spend the rest of his life with her are inconsequential to Stewart because she was “operating from a genuine place.” K Stew is true, a true actress indeed. This interview made it clear that her natural personality was more suited to playing the evil queen and not the nice young princess who believes in true love. It seems given everything, Stewart should have had some pause and caution in publicly addressing the topic of love. I could be wrong, but Stewart’s laundry seems filthy. Clean it up in the comments if I’m wrong.

  • George

    You aren’t operating from a genuine place if you are lying to those close to you. Time to grow up and out of the selfish, self-centered teenage realm.

  • af

    It’s sad when women demean other women – that my un-informed friend says more about you than about the one you are trying to ostracize. You probably had more explicit sexual encounters today than Kristen has had in her entire life. Especially since her sexually active years have been with one guy Live up to those standards before you throw rocks. You disgusting piece of crap..

    • jody

      Calling an awful trampire with no morals, shame, or class out for being a vile person is a good thing – to say that women should stick together and defend the behavior of Kristen Stewart because she is a woman is sexist and stupid.

  • Chloe

    Well it’s Kat E.. But yeah I a Agree why is everyone so upset! Kat E is my mom and this hurt me seeing people say this hurtful things towards my mom please if you have something bad to say. Say it in a nicely manner like someone said my mom doesn’t know what goes on in Kristen social life but you don’t know what goes on in my mom ether don’t like her judging fine don’t judge her two wrongs don’t make a right

  • af

    Really – why that’s what she is doing to Kristen – whom she knows nothing about from an approved platform. Trampire – really , choke on it -that’s an accusation, not an opinion!!!! She just demeaned all women – SMH! You included. See the person who loudly shouts whore at someone is usually the person who just slept with the basketball team.

  • Jacklynn

    I’m sorry you cant get over the fact that Kristen’s a home wrecking bitch, but if you think it’s fine for her to act like a Greek goddess because she thinks she’s so awesome, go ahead. As for their “committed relationship” you – or anyone – wouldn’t know jack shit about it unless you’re apart of their love fest.

  • Jacklynn

    Oooh, Trampire must hurt her a lot when she – apparently – doesn’t care about her actionsor how they affect ppl.

  • jacklynn

    Where’d your mom raise you? A barn.