Lady Gaga Puked On During SXSW Performance – Vomit Art (VIDEO)


It is generally accepted that some of the world’s most famous and creative artists have simply been misunderstood geniuses. We can probably put Lady Gaga in this category. After a few months of being just a little bit less theatrical than usual, Gaga is back to her old tricks and she’s taken the shock factor to the next level. The singer was purposely puked on during her South by Southwest performance; all in the name of art. GROSS!!

While playing the drums and performing her song “Swine,” a woman in a fishnet top and electrical tape covering her nipples shoved her fingers down her throat and vomited green neon liquid all over Lady Gaga. Millie Brown is her name and she is a also an artist – a “vomit artist.” Vomit art is apparently a real thing. Millie puked green and black liquid on Gaga multiple times. The “artists” also straddled each other while riding a mechanical bull because you know, its Texas.

Gaga has been a fascinating and mysterious performer since she popped on the music scene in 2008 with “Just Dance.” Although it took me a while, every Little Monster knows that every outrageous costume, hairstyle, and performance is methodically planned and has an intentional message. However, this SXSW performance just seems like a desperate move to get people talking about the crazy Lady Gaga again right before she begins her next world tour. ARTPOP underperformed than expected on the charts and critics were less than enthusiastic about the album. Dare I say, could Gaga’s star power be fading? ARTPOP has only produced two official singles and the last one was released in October, before the album was even released in November. Now she’s just trying to make headlines so the tour won’t be a disappointment as well.

Being puked on was not the only shocking thing Gaga did last night. She also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! wearing a dress completely made from coffee filters. “I am recycling. You can do anything with your crazy ideas if you put your mind to it. This is a Gareth Pugh dress. He is a wonderful designer and he sent it to me,” she told Jimmy. Accompanied with a white oversized hat and white platform boots, she also said she wore the poufy dress because she felt fat after eating so much Texas BBQ.

Gaga is the new face of Versace and we have seen her style evolve over the past few years. She even wore a beautiful Versace dress to this year’s Oscars. But she has chosen to go back to the meat dress and Kermit the Frog dress days. “I just really wanted to be comfortable for the interview,” she told Jimmy.

I greatly admire Lady Gaga as an artist. She is an extremely talented vocalist and songwriter and she genuinely has something to say. Her lyrics and music has inspired many and I hope it continues to do so. She made history by being the youngest keynote speaker at SXSW and the first female speaker in 15 years. However, I’m still trying to fully comprehend her performance of “Swine” at SXSW. Millie Brown may be an actual vomit artist, but should a Gaga’s body be her canvas? After making history at SXSW, was it necessary to be puked on? Was it true art? Tell us what you think and leave a comment.

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