Lindsay Lohan Miscarriage – The Wanted’s Max George The Father?

Lindsay Lohan Miscarriage - The Wanted's Max George The Father?

Lindsay Lohan has admitted on more than one occasion to lying to save face, get out of trouble, and to look a little better in the public eye. With this being the case, are we to simply accept her confession of an alleged miscarriage? Given her track record…we don’t think so.

As horrible as it may seem for the average person to make up such a horrendous lie, this is par for the course for someone like Lindsay who has based the last several years of her life lying to judges, attorneys, the public, friends, and family….the list goes on. Lindsay knows her reality series on the OWN Network, “Lindsay,” which publicly documented her struggles with drugs and alcohol, going broke, and the bid to save her flailing career, took a ratings nosedive shortly after its premier.

She also knows that reports had already been swirling that Oprah was ready to cut her loose after complaints of her lack of professionalism with the crew, not following the terms of the contact, and blatantly disregarding her obligations with filming. So, it would certainly benefit her to build up a little pity party to explain why she refused come out of her room during filming on one occasion and why she subsequently took a couple weeks off. She blurted out her explanation…not that she was on drugs, not that she was having withdrawal symptoms, not that she was having personal issues and simply didn’t want to work…She explains that she had a miscarriage. Lindsay broke down in the season finale of the documentary about losing her baby, “I couldn’t move, I was sick. Mentally, that messes with you.”

Hmmm….well, let’s think about how her story may have helped her. Lindsay is used to lying to get out of trouble and to avoid looking irresponsible. Well, her apparent health problem would fix that. After all, who could be upset with her for missing filming if she was dealing with a miscarriage? It may boost ratings for her troubled show, and may force the public to see her in a different light. She certainly had reason to make up yet another fib to save face again.

Another possible reason for her sad story? An indirect way to reach out to Max George of The Wanted, who she obsessed over for months. While Lindsay, of course, did not share how far along she was or who the father of the child was, based on the timing of her filming it is very plausible that Max could be considered in the running for the baby’s father. Lindsay figures that if she puts this out there, Max may assume she was pregnant with his child, but lost the baby. He would, of course, reach out to his former fling to find out what happened and if he was the father. Lindsay didn’t even have to look desperate this way because once word got out about the miscarriage; she knows she’d soon get a call from her crush Max.

Let’s face it, any normal, ethical person would never make up such a lie. However, we are dealing with Lindsay Lohan who has not only been caught lying on several occasions, but has admitted to lying in the past as well. She is willing to do anything to help herself, even stooping so low as to make up a tragic story as a way to avoid looking reckless and irresponsible again. If Lindsay wants folks to believe her stories, she needs to earn that trust first. By the way…don’t hold your breath for that to happen!

Tell us what you think CDL sleuths. We know you don’t fall for the okey-doke either. Are you buying what Lindsay is selling??

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    One other thing we know is that Lindsey is a HOT A$$ mess!