Longmire Recap 7/21/14: Season 3 Episode 8 “Harvest”

Longmire Recap 7/21/14: Season 3 Episode 8 “Harvest”

Longmire airs tonight on A&E with another episode of season 3. On tonight’s episode called “Harvest,” a farmer’s death is investigated. Later, Sean gives Vic an ultimatum.

On the last episode things started to get serious when Vic and Sean ended up getting kidnapped, this put Walt in corner and he ended up having to make an unlikely allegiance in order to get them back and save them. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the investigation into a farmer’s apparent murder is complicated by his life insurance policy. Branch and Cady go to Denver to look for a lead that might help Henry’s case. Sean gives Vic and ultimatum.

Tonight’s episode is going to be a great one and you’re not going to want to miss it. Longmire airs on A&E at 10PM EST, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new exciting season!

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A life insurance policy complicates the investigation into a farmer’s apparent murder; Branch and Cady check out a lead in Denver; Vic receives an ultimatum from Sean.

Tonight’s episode begins with Walt being treated for the injury her sustained during last week’s episode where a bullet grazed him. Vic is with him, and obviously still having a hard time dealing with what she and Sean just experienced when they were held captive. After the doctor leaves Walt with some parting words about how lucky he was, he leaves the room. Walt tells Vic that soon everything will be back to normal. She cries in his arms.

Walt meets up with Ferg at the scene of what may be a crime. Prisoners working in the fields found an animal with its head bitten off and there is a rumor that it is the work of a serial killer, but Walt is not so sure. He believes a small animal is to blame. Walt talks with one of the workers when Ferg calls him over to a barn where a farmer lay dead.

Meanwhile, Vic blames Sean for opening a document on her laptop after she arrives at work and opens her computer to the letter she wrote to Walt to complain about Branch. Shortly after, she finds out it was Branch that did the snooping when he went to Vic’s place to look for evidence when she first disappeared. Branch calls her on it and they argue about it. Vic shares that she never sent it, but Branch is still upset with her for believing he is mentally unstable.

Vic arrives at the barn and help Ferg and Walt as they try to put the pieces together to figure out what happened to the farmer. He was shot in the back and later nibbled on by raccoons. As they continue to investigate, the owner of the land comes and makes it clear that he is not happy about prisoners wandering around his farm. He shares that while George (dead farmer) farmed there, he (Nick) is the landowner. He demands to know what is going on. The man shares with Walt and Vic that George had many people who did not like him, and that he owed money to many people. As Walt and Vic walk around the farm, they see a car approaching. It is George’s wife and once walt breaks the bad news, she and her daughter race to the house, get in and grab a rifle, exclaiming to Walt that they are readying for a war with Nick because he is trying to get them off the land. Now he has taken George from them but she tells Walt there are two more of them and they will not go down without a fight.

Cady meets with Branch in hopes of tracking down Darius. While she is asking for financial help to do so, Branch asks her why she is not simply asking for his help. When Walt arrives back at the station, he is told that Cady and Branch went to Denver together to work on Henry’s case. Nick is waiting for Walt upon his arrival and has brought George’s insurance agent there to discuss the insurance payout and its use towards paying the rent. Walt asks the agent to leave as he doesn’t have the autopsy report so they cannot do any paperwork at this point. Walt mentions George’s wife’s comments and Nick replies by raising suspicion that maybe she killed her husband because she’s had enough.

Branch and Cady are at a bar trying to get some answers from a bartender in their search for Darius. The crowd at the bar is not very welcoming or helpful as they share a picture of the man they want with patrons and employees.

Walt shares George had a $220 thousand dollar life insurance policy. As he and Vic talk about the murder, Vic shares that Sean gave her an ultimatum about her job. She is incensed by Walt’s cold response when he doesn’t try to talk her into staying as she had hoped. It is obvious, though, that he would be torn up if she ever left. Ruby walks in just as Vic leaves to tell Walt that something is going down at the farm and he needs to get out there.

Branch is sent a picture to his phone from a lady from the bar who took his picture. She said she wanted a picture of a real cowboy. The picture he receives shows David right behind Branch but the picture fades and there is nothing he can do to keep it. He runs back into the bar screaming for him. Cady gives him a very strange look when Branch tells her he cannot show her the picture of him with David standing right behind him because it disappeared. She tells him it is hard to believe a dead man photobombed his picture,

At the farm, Nick is pushing buttons and tells George’s wife that she is late on the rent and that he owns all the equipment on the farm because George sold it to him before he died in order to pay last month’s rent. After Walt calms things down he talks to George’s daughter and finds out she and her mom know all about George’s policy. Walt finds out they own a .38..the same type of gun used to kill George. She takes off after Walt begins to ask more questions.

Back at home, Vic tries to make things right with Sean and she playfully tries to get things started in bed. After a little while, and a few of the wrong comments, Sean gets up and says they need to stop pretending. Seems they both know their marriage is over. Meanwhile, Walt is visiting the prisoner who claims to have known George and digs for information about his wife, Dawn. The prisoner says George was a gentle soul, but Dawn was much more harsh. He says he believes Dawn is capable of murder. Walt learns that George attempted suicide a couple years ago. He begins to explain how he has felt the same at times, but Walt talks him through his current bleak state of mind.

Cady calls Vic asking for Walt. When Vic asks if she needs something she asks for her to pick her up. Cady tells Vic about Branch’s hallucination about David. She also fesses up about the time when Branch mistook her for David in the hospital and tried to choke her. Cady is confirming what Vic already knew.

Walt begins to suspect that George tried to kill himself again and this time, he succeeded. He thinks that one of the current murder suspects may have shot him after finding he killed himself because suicide is not covered under life insurance policies. Walt meets the insurance agent at the barn and questions him about a phone call he saw on George’s phone to him. Walt begins to peel layer after layer away to uncover the agent’s involvement. George called him and he spent 20 minutes on the phone with him trying to talk him out of suicide. He went to the barn to find he took a bottle of sleeping pills. He tried to revive him but could not. He shot him so that his family could benefit from the life insurance policy that would have been invalid had he shot himself. After he tells the story, Walt shares that it seems far-fetched and he knows there is more to it, but reassured the agent by telling him he plans to declare the crime, and unsolved mystery.

When Walt arrives back Vic hands him a letter. Walt says he doesn’t want to read it, feeling worried it is her resignation. She tells him he must read it. Once he begins, he finds out a lot of information of Branch that he didn’t know. Vic decided to give Walt the letter. The last scene shows David outside the bar as Branch is inside drinking and looking very unstable.

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