Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Violence: Show In Danger Of Cancellation After Fights (VIDEO)

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Violence: Show In Danger Of Cancellation After Fights (VIDEO)

Sorry to all the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta fans but if the stars of the show don’t get their act together then they might just lose out on their hugely popular reality show? According to TMZ, after a massive brawl involving several key members of the cast broke out last Wednesday the producers of the show have decided to step in and try ( I say try because I don’t believe it will work) to regulate their stars’ actions. Their stance is this if grown folks can’t learn to be smart then someone had to take them by the hand – “honchos are now banning the stars of the show from partying while non-cast members are around”.

To tell you the truth I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to want to cancel and/or change anything about their successful product. Possibly screwing with the ratings has never been anyone goal and yet what the producers have done here is take responsibility. It wasn’t a simple fight that lead to all of this. It was a massive brawl and several people including non cast members waked away with injuries. Now the show can protect themselves from the lawsuits but most of their stars is what Brandi Glanville would call “ghetto rich”. They pretend to have the money all the while sitting on massive debt.

The show protected everyone with this new mandate and, frankly, it’s not going to work. Ask anyone who has seen this show or the New York version.  These people aren’t going to like being told what to do. And if their not going to listen then what will eventually happen between the cast and the producers. That’s right I sense a very ugly battle between the two and it doesn’t look like it will end up favoring folks in Atlanta. The creators already have a New York version and the L.A. will be starting soon.

Technically, they won’t be needing Atlanta if this behavior continues!

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