Mad Men LIVE RECAP Finale Part 1: Season 7 “Waterloo” 5/25/14

Mad Men LIVE RECAP Finale Part 1: Season 7 “Waterloo” 5/25/14

Tonight on Mad Men it’s an all-new episode called, “Waterloo.” On tonight’s episode Don receives a troubling letter; Pete butts heads with Cutler; Roger gets an unexpected phone call; and a risky venture entails a new future for Peggy.

On last week’s episode Peggy wanted to do more work and decided to do research for a pitch, Pete was given the opportunity to join an exclusive club due to getting an invitation and Joan wanted to find some time to spend with a friend of hers.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Don is given a letter that causes him to feel troubled, Pete and Cutler begin to fight with one another; Roger gets an unexpected phone call that ends making feel indecisive and Peggy takes on a dangerous venture.

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Tonight’s episode of Mad Men kicks off with Ted flying their Sunkist client in his tiny personal plane. Their client jokes about whether or not Ted can actually fly the plane, jokingly he kills all of the engines. Jim calls Ted and asks him if he “wants to die.” Ted says that he doesn’t want to die, he just doesn’t want to do advertising anymore. He tells Jim he wants him to buy him out of the company.

Betty’s friend Caroline and her husband Rick are visiting Betty and Henry and will be staying for a few days. Sally happily shows Caroline’s teenage son to his room.

Harry, Pete, Peggy, and Don are rehearsing their pitch for Burger Chef. Afterward Peggy heads home to her apartment and finds the contractor Nick still working. He leave his number with her in case she has any more jobs for him and heads out.

Caroline and Peggy are gossiping about Don. Sally heads off to the pool for her lifeguard job, and her Mom notices that she is wearing lipstick, which is completely out of character.

Don’s assistant takes him aside and says that he got a letter and “it’s very upsetting news about a breach of contract and Commander Cigarettes.” She tells Don that she “is his strength” and asks what she can do for him. He tells her she can “get his attorney on the phone.”

Don barges in to Cutler’s office and demands to know how he is kicking him out of his own company. Cutler says it was “cut and dry and the contract was broken.” Don heads out in to the hallway yelling and brings all the partners out of their offices. He demands that they vote then and there whether to keep him in the company. Cutler and Joan vote to kick Don out, but Bertram, Pete, Don, and Roger outnumber them. Don declares “motion denied” and storms off.

Peggy’s neighbor Julio comes downstairs to watch TV. When he realizes that Peggy will be gone during the space shuttle landing, Peggy promises to leave him the key so he can watch it while she is gone. Julio begins crying and reveals that his Mom is moving him to New York, and he doesn’t want to go, Peggy comforts him, but is also noticeably upset about his move.

Don calls Megan, and he informs her he doesn’t know if he is still going to Indiana because the partners are trying to fire him. Megan tells him that maybe he should consider moving on form the company. He asks her if she wants him to move out there, and she doesn’t answer. He promises her that he will always take care of her, whatever she needs, he “owes her that.”

Bertram and Roger are discussing Cutler trying to kick Don out of the company. Bertram says that “no man has ever come back from leave.” But, he didn’t vote him out because he is a leader and Don is on his team. Cutler is a leader too, but he isn’t on Bertram’s team.

Harry, Peggy, Don, and Pete board an airplane to head to Indiana. Pete gives Don a pep talk about how amazing he is going to do at Burger Chef. They head to the hotel room and all gather around the TV to watch the shuttle landing on the moon, back home Roger, Betty, and their families are all also gathered around their TV’s watching Armstrong on the moon.

Don calls Sally to see if she is watching the program on television. She seems unimpressed, and tells him that she thinks the government is wasting too much money on the trip to the moon.

Roger receives a phone call and he says “oh shit.” He heads to the office and takes Bertram’s name off from his door. Joan and Cutler arrive shortly after. Joan wants to start calling the clients and telling them what happened. Cutler is too focused on getting Don out now that Bertram is dead and can’t vote to keep him in. Roger is disgusted with both of them.

Roger calls Don in Indiana and tells him that Bert passed away on his living-room on the couch while he was watching the man land on the moon. He also tells him that Cutler is already talking about getting rid of Don now that Bert is dead.

Don heads to Peggy’s room and tells her there is a change of plans, he wants her to give the presentation tomorrow. He offers to practice it with her so she can be fresh. Don says that the partners are trying to vote him out, and if he wins Burger Chef the company will lose them as a client when he leaves. But, if Peggy wins the client then it will be her’s regardless of whether Don leaves or not.

The next day arrives and it is time for the Burger Chef presentation, Don introduces Peggy and she takes the floor and begins talking about Armstrong landing on the moon. Next she begins presenting the Burger Chef ad that she and Don dreamt up together. One of the Burger Chef men urge her on and tell her that it is “beautiful.”

Don returns home and finds Roger waiting at his door. Roger reveals that they got an offer from McCann Erikson to buy out the entire company as an independent subsidiary. Don would be able to keep his job, Roger would be the President, and they could kick Cutler to the curb.

The remaining six partners head into a meeting the next day and Roger fills them in on the offer they got from McCann Erickson for a 51% stock purchase. Roger explains that their agency is becoming a serious threat to McCann, all they want is a five year contract, and each partner will get millions of dollars. The only problem is the deal is only good if Ted signs on and Ted wants to quit advertising, not sign a five year contract. Don gives him a pep talk about “getting back to creating” and Ted votes in favor of the sale. So, it is a done deal.

They all head out of the office and Peggy rushes to tell Don that Burger Chef called and they landed the contract. Roger calls a meeting in the middle of the floor and announces that Bertram passed away to all of the employees.

The episode closes with Don watching Bertram putting on a musical and singing “The Best Things In Life Are Free” and then waltzing into his office.