Mad Men LIVE RECAP: Season 7 Episode 4 “The Monlith” 5/4/14

Mad Men LIVE RECAP: Season 7 Episode 4 “The Monlith” 5/4/14

Tonight on Mad Men it’s an all-new episode called, “The Monolith,” on tonight’s episode Sterling Cooper & Partners prepares for a guest; Don calls an old friend; Roger confronts problems at home; Pete underestimates Peggy.

On last week’s episode Don took an impromptu trip; Betty had lunch with a friend; Harry lobbied for a cause; the partners considered a questionable asset.  The partners decided to grant Don his request and take him back.  However, the conditions of his return are strict.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Sterling Cooper along with the Partners get ready for a guest, Don ends up calling an old friend and Roger steps up and deals with the problems at home; Pete finds out Peggy’s full potential.

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Tonight’s episode of Mad Men begins with Pete out to dinner in LA with Bonnie his real estate agent/girlfriend. He runs in to George at the restaurant and George reveals to him he works at a new company called Burger Chef and Tom had a heart attack, Pete had no idea his father in law had a heart attack and is shocked to hear. He gives George his card and George returns to his date.

Don heads in to the office and it appears abandoned, he finds the phone off the hook. He hears voices and heads upstairs and finds the entire staff is meeting with a contractor who is turning their lounge in to a computer room (because the computer will take up nearly an entire room).

Don heads into his office and finds an orange flag crumped up on the floor that says “New York Mets.” He tosses it aside and lights a cigarette.

Lou, Pete, Roger, and Ted hold a conference call about George and his account with Burger Chef. They inform Ted they are calling him back to their headquarters. He refuses and tells them to give the account to Peggy. Pete says he thinks Don should take the account and they all agree. Lou is skeptical Don will screw it up.

Mona and Brooks meet Roger at the office. Apparently Margaret has ran off to a cult with a bunch of hippies. Brooks needs Mona to watch their son. Bonnie thinks that Roger needs to go to the commune and drag Margaret back home.

Don meets Lloyd, the contractor installing the computer. Don lets Lloyd know he isn’t pleased about the employees giving up their lunchroom/lounge. Lloyd gets that everyone at the office is threatened by the computer because they are afraid they are being replaced.

Lou calls Peggy into his office and informs her he is giving her a raise of $100 more a week, and writes it out on paper to make it legitimate. He informs her that she is in charge of Burger Chef account. She can compile a team of whoever she likes, but Don must be on the team. Peggy calls Don to her office and she reveals to him that she has selected him to work on her team for the Burger campaign, she wants him to come up with 25 tags so they can try and seal the deal.

Roger arrives at the office the next day and his secretary has a message from Mona, apparently Brookes is in jail in Kingston.

Peggy calls a meeting for Burger Chef and Don informs her that he won’t be attending. She tells the other member of her team to come up with 25 more tags himself since Don didn’t complete any.

Mona and Roger head to Kingston to bail out Brookes. On the way to the jail Mona rants about Margaret refusing to leave the commune. She is concerned about how Ellery is going to turn out, in one weekend his Mom ran off to a commune and his father got arrested.

Lloyd pays Don a visit in his office and asks him for a lighter. Don informs him he isn’t working, so Lloyd sits down and asks him about advertising assistance for his computer installation company.

Don heads to Bertram’s office and insists he wants to take on Lease Tech – the company that is installing their computer. He knows their growth is going to be huge and he wants to put together an ad campaign for them. Bertram reminds him that his role in the company is limited since they took him back and it isn’t up to him to land new clients. Don storms out and swipes a bottle of liquor from Roger’s office and heads back to his office to drink.

Mona and Roger head to the hippy commune to try to talk some sense in Margaret, who now goes by the name of Marigold and looks like she hasn’t showered since she left home. Margaret/Marigold insists that she and Brookes are happy and she misses her son Ellery but she is staying at the commune until she finds herself. Mona insists she come home and she informs her Mom she doesn’t want to wind up like her and hav to lock herself in the bathroom every day with a pint of gin. Mona storms off and gets in the car, but Roger tells her that he staying at the commune to try and “wine and dine” their daughter and convince her to come home.

Don is still in his office, and wasted. He calls someone up and invites them to go to a baseball game with him.

At the hippy commune Roger is learning the ropes of their society and smoking joints with them while they preach about the “cycle of the earth.” He wants to know why they have a truck, but no electricity.

Freddy arrives and tries to sneak Don out of the office without any one noticing he has been drinking. Don picks a fight with Lloyd and then Freddy drags him off, they informs Peggy they are going to a ball game. Peggy vents to Joan afterwards that Lou is supposed to be on her team and he owes her work and is just ditching the office and heading to the ball game.

Roger and Margaret lay down outside in the grass and call it a night. Margaret once again tells Roger how happy she is at the commune and he says he knows she is, he can tell.

Freddy takes Don back to his house and drops him on the couch. Don is still confused, he really thought he was going to the baseball game.

Don wakes up a few hours later and finds Freddy in his house. He wants to know why Don is blowing his chance to be back at the firm. He thinks it is ridiculous that they are making him right tags for Peggy “like a pimply kid.” Freddy tells Don to sober up and “do the work.”

Roger wakes up the next morning at the commune and Margaret is MIA. Apparently she ditched him and went and slept in the house with one of the guys at the commune. He picks Margaret up and literlaly tries to put her in the truck, he informs her that she “doesn’t get to do this” because Ellery needs her. Margaret tells him that Ellery has everything he needs and he will be fine, and what she is doing is not any worse than when he used to disappear at work for months. Defeated, Roger leaves the commune without Margaret.

Don arrives at the office the next day, looking chipper and rejuvenated. Peggy stops by his office and he informs her he will have her tags by lunch. She is satisfied and goes on her way and Don sits down at his type-writer and begins working.

The End!