Major Crimes Recap – Guess Who Sharon Is Dating? Season 3 Episode 13 “Acting Out”

Major Crimes Recap - Guess Who Sharon Is Dating? Season 3 Episode 13 "Acting Out"

Tonight on TLC Major Crimes continues with an all new Monday December 8, season 3 episode 13 and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode called “Acting Out”, a former child star is found dead, and the actor’s director and his manager surface as suspects. Meanwhile, Flynn’s [Tony Denison] daughter visits, and the truth about Sharon [Mary McDonnell] and Flynn’s relationship comes to light.

On the last episode it was all fun and games at a raucous teen party until two people were brutally attacked with a pair of scissors and the Major Crimes unit had their hands full picking the culprit out of the crowd. Provenza met someone (guest star Dawnn Lewis) who would change his life. Kathe Mazur, Ransford Doherty, Spencer Daniels, Joey Pollari and Tiffany Boone guest star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the TLC synopsis, “a Hollywood comeback is interrupted when a former child star is found dead on skid row, leaving the director of the actor’s current movie and his manager as prime suspects. Flynn’s daughter (guest star Torrey DeVitto) comes to visit and the true nature of Sharon and Flynn’s relationship comes to light. Ransford Doherty, Carlos Bernard, Justina Machado and Jason Dolley guest star.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with action and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the third season.

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A guy is at a therapy group that sounds like it’s for criminals. A man talks about a murder he committed but then says he asked God for forgiveness. Ana, a producer, rants and tells Jamee he can’t make up dialogue. The guy says his name is Miguel and he tells the truth. Ana says to get his manager on the phone and calls him useless. A guy says Ana needs the urine sample before he goes. He pees on her car. Ana calls Ian and says Jimmy is in breech and she’s done with it.

Jimmy pulls up in his car, rolls down the window and says he’s the center of her little film and she can never be rid of him. Later, Jamee turns up dead. Provenza is there and asks Sykes who called this in. She says the guy’s known as J-Me, a former child star who turned to drugs and was making a come back. Flynn is texting trying to get his daughter to not come meet him as they had planned since they have a new case.

Kendall is there and recognizes J-Me and says this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Provenza says to ditch the coroner’s van and load the guy into the ambulance. He tells Sanchez to ride with the patient and to let him know what happens. The Chief complains about wasting resources but Sharon says it was her idea so that reporters didn’t over run the crime scene.

The coroner says Jamee died from blunt force trauma and that his track marks are actually make up as is a tattoo that’s there. Sharon asks why he’d do that. Sykes tells her later that he was in a new indie film where he was playing a druggie. Flynn says he talked to a gopher on the set. Rusty is there and says PAs aren’t gophers. Flynn tells Sharon about Jamee’s on-set tantrum.

Ian, his manager, shows up and asks about Jamee. Sharon stashes him in her office. Nicole, Flynn’s daughter shows up any way and asks to talk to Sharon alone. That worries Flynn. Ian is making a call to Jamee’s phone and wonders where he is. He tells her he got a call from Ana on the set. Ian says this is great media attention and he can use the attention to reboot his career.

Sharon asks if Ian manages his PR and then if he could have staged the attack for attention but Ian says he would never do that since it could hurt his face. All the cops get a video link and they play it. It’s a video of Jamee being assaulted violently. We see him beaten with what looks like a crutch. Ian sees it to and is devastated.

Sykes says they’ve ID’d the attacker as a homeless guy called Crazy Diego. Sharon tells Tao to call the tabloid show that played it. Someone lets slip that Jamee is dead and Ian is stunned. Nicole says she’s in the way but Sharon says she has time and pulls Flynn’s daughter into her office. She closes the blinds because Flynn is lurking outside.

Nicole says she needs some advice and says she’s been having problems with her husband now that she’s his boss. Sharon says she never worked with her husband. Nicole asks how Sharon dates her dad at night and is his boss during the day. Sharon says she needs to work on the case and promises to work on her later. Nicole invites her and Rusty to go to her kid’s dance recital with them as a family.

Sharon puts Rusty on the spot and they agree to go. Nicole goes to leave but asks her to call her soon. Sharon agrees. Provenza gives Flynn a smug look then ballet dances off. They watch the entire attack video. Buzz plays it for them. Diego was there and the video was filming way before the confrontation started. We see Diego beat Jamee with his crutch and then attacking the camera man.

Sharon gives them all instructions on how to follow up. Flynn acts nervous but Sharon doesn’t want to talk to him and tells him to go. Sharon and Buzz replay the footage again. Flynn tells Provenza he didn’t tell his daughter that he and Sharon were dating. Provenza says if he called her Captain instead of Sharon, that would help. They are over at the set.

They hear someone in Jamee’s trailer and find a guy with a cast on his arm. He says his name is Danny and he works there. He says Jamee asked him to secure his valuables. They tell him that’s not likely then asks how he got a broken arm and a black eye. He admits he was down there filming Jamee. He says Ana asked him to keep an eye on Jamee because he missed today’s urine sample.

He says Ana wanted him to film in case he was buying drugs. He says he sold the video to the tabloid show for a few bucks. Flynn looks at the script and asks if this is normal. Then he sees a can labeled $5 lottery. He says they each put $5 in the can each Friday with their name on it and then they draw one. Looks like Jamee won the cash so he had a wad on him when he was killed.

Sykes talks to Pete, Jamee’s driver. Sharon asks how they all knew each other and Sharon tells Tao to ask Ian how Jamee got the part in Ana’s film. Peter says Ana and Jamee had a fight and he stormed off the set. Peter says Ana was annoyed that Jamee was ad libbing his lines. Buzz takes a call and tells Sharon they found Crazy Diego – he’s dead.

The coroner says they guy OD’d. Peter admits he recognizes a photo of Crazy Diego. Tao wonders if Jamee and Ana had more (or less) of a relationship. The coroner shows them a key he found sewed into the lining of Diego’s pants and says he’s seen these before and says it’s to a locker at a homeless shelter, most likely. They wonder if Diego was hired to kill Jamee.

The Chief makes a press statement that Jamee died from an assault. He lists his attacker as Diego. Sharon tells Rusty that someone may have wanted Jamee dead and Rusty says street people wouldn’t like Jamee pretending to be homeless. Sharon says it may have been about Ana and Rusty says it’s difficult to date people at work. He asks if he really has to go to the ballet.

Sharon says she needs him to go because Nicole seems to think she’s dating Flynn. He asks if she wants him to be a buffer. Sharon says no but then Rusty says that’s what a buffer does and he’s happy to do this. He says she should think what put this into Nicole’s head to start with. Tao has Diego’s belongings from the homeless shelter. Sykes says Diego left it yesterday.

Sanchez pulls out the crutch that’s the murder weapon and the $5 bills from the Friday work potluck. Sharon says they need some relationship clarity and then gives Flynn a look. They call in Ana and Provenza asks how she came to direct the project. Ana says she did drugs as a teen and wrote the script as therapy. Flynn asks why she cast Jamee. She says he had a following.

They ask if she was dating Jamee and she says it’s complicated – he and Ian helped raise money for the film. She says her relationship with him is multi-faceted. She says she now has to start over her film but says she’s insured. She says she had to insure it in case Jamee relapsed. Provenza shows her a photo of Cray Diego. She says he doesn’t look familiar. The cops immediately know she’s lying.

Ana says she sent the guy with the video camera to prove that he was doing drugs so she could protect her project. Provenza asks about their fight on the last day on set. Flynn asks to see the footage they shot. She says she’s not giving it to them. She says Jamee got his ass kicked for pretending to be broke int eh wrong neighborhood. She says she’s not saying anything else without a lawyer.

Sharon says they know someone they could charge with breaking and entering on set and they get Danny in there. He logs into the digital archives for them and shows them the footage. Provenza kicks him out and Buzz puts the scene up on the big screen. We see Jamee doing his lines and Sykes checks this against the script. Sykes says it’s all from notes he wrote in the margins of the script.

They wonder where the ad libbing came from. We hear Ana screaming at him for going off book and asks why he’s telling that story. Provenza has Buzz roll it back and they listen. Flynn says it’s like the murder of Mateo Perez back in the late 90s. Provenza says the guy was the son of a cartel leader. Sanchez remembers it too and his body was found without the ivory crucifix.

Sharon asks if the crucifix details were made public. They tell her no. They show Sharon a pic of Mateo and Sanchez says he thinks he found the hotel he’s talking about – it’s now a halfway house. They decide to go check Room 319 that Jamee mentioned. They figure out Jamee was killed because he knew too much about Mateo’s killing.

Flynn comes into Sharon’s office and gives her an update on what’s going on with the case. Then he says he talked to Nicole and says he thinks she has the wrong idea about them. He hedges and she says they should have dinner at her house to explain to Nicole exactly the nature of their relationship. He doesn’t want to but Sharon says she’ll help him through it.

At the halfway house, Sanchez checks the vent that Jamee mentioned with Tao. They put a camera down into the vent and then see the crucifix and the gun, just as Jamee said. They pull them out. They show Ana and her lawyer the footage of this and she says she was never in that room. They ask her what room. The lawyer asks if they found her fingerprints on any of it.

Sharon talks to Peter and they ask him to watch the interview and speak up if he notices anything that could help. Provenza tells Ana he wants to talk about Mateo and says Jamee basically ID’d her as the killer. She says he didn’t get the story from her and she says Jamee was more interested in Peter’s stories than her. Provenza asks if she’s little Maria that helped drag the body down to the water.

Sanchez sticks his head in and says they found a fingerprint on the gun and will have a match in 30 minutes. Provenza says she has just a few minutes to make a deal. Sharon tells Peter he can go and Sykes says she can validate his parking for $5. He hands one over and it has a name written on it. They arrest him for the murder. He says Jamee gave him the money as a trip.

They tell him they can play Jamee’s speech online and the cartel will be thrilled to know they have Mateo’s killer in custody. Peter says Diego killed Jamee and Sharon says he did it for someone else. Peter says he used to swap drug stories with Jamee. He says Jamee just wanted to use him to get real street stories.

He says he didn’t kill Jamee but says he was mad because the speech he made could have got he and Ana killed. Peter said he gave Diego a little money just to beat Jamee up. He says Diego must have bought drugs with the cash and OD’d. They tell him that he did take drugs but then when Diego passed out, he shot him up again til he OD’d.

Peter says he never wanted Jamee dead – he says he was just trying to hold his life together the best way he knew how. Sykes tells him he’s connected to three different murders. Sharon says he has a choice to make on how this proceeds. He sighs. Ana gets put into witness protection and Ian is off the hook. Ian tells the cops that Jamee’s record sales are going through the roof and his old DVDs.

He stand to make a fortune from his death. Tao says it’s just in time for the holidays and Ian wishes them happy days and leaves. Nicole and Flynn are there at Sharon’s for dinner. Nicole says Sharon is a good influence on her dad. Flynn tells his daughter she has the wrong idea about he and Sharon. He struggles to speak and then Sharon says they’re just friends, but very good friends.

Nicole asks her dad how he could mislead her like that. He says she respected him more when she thought he was dating Sharon. He says that made him exaggerate the dating thing. Sharon interrupts him and says her dad is trying to be someone she can be proud of. Rusty interrupts and asks Flynn and Sharon if they go to dinner and movies. They agree they do.

Rusty asks about the charity banquet and Dodger’s game. Nicole says, she sees and says as far as she knows, they’re not dating. Rusty says as far as Sharon and Flynn know, they’re not. That gives Sharon pause – looks like she really is dating him. She tells Rusty she’s not dating Flynn. Rusty tells her – several times a month – and walks away. Sharon has to stop and think about that. Is she dating Flynn?