Masterchef Junior Recap – Two Kid Chefs Eliminated – “An Egg-Cellent Adventure”: Season 2 Episode 4

Masterchef Junior Recap - Two Kid Chefs Eliminated - "An Egg-Cellent Adventure": Season 2 Episode 4

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef Junior continues with a new Tuesday, November 25 season 2 episode 4 called “An Egg-Cellent Adventure,” and we have your weekly recap below.  Tonight, The contestants fry eggs sunny-side up in a 10-minute challenge, and later prepare their signature dishes that will anchor their menus at a future restaurant.

On the last episode, the kids paired up in a three-legged challenge to create a delicious box of 12 cupcakes. Later, Gordon’s mom visited the MASTERCHEF kitchen as a special guest judge, and the remaining junior home cooks had to prepare their own versions of one of Gordon’s favorite dishes growing up. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “the remaining eight junior home cooks will have 10 minutes to fry as many perfect sunny side-up eggs as possible. Later, the kids dream big and imagine owning and running their own restaurant. With only one hour, they will prepare their signature dishes that will one day anchor their menus. Find out which six junior home cooks advance to the next round in the all-new “Junior Edition: An Egg-Cellent Adventure”.”

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The kid chefs are down to the top eight. They ask the kids what they’d spend the money on if they won the $100k prize. Oona says she’d go to Vegas. Graham tells them they have a new challenge tonight and Joe unveils a plate with a perfect sunny side egg. Abby is confident she can do that. Graham tells them they have oil, butter and a whole lot of eggs at each of their stations. The judges crack some bad egg puns then send the kids off to cook a perfect egg for the judges.

They have 10 minutes to fry as many perfect eggs as they can. Each perfect sunny side up egg helps them win an advantage for the next challenge. The kids start working their pans. Graham says he would lay out all four pans, get the heat going then crack eggs so that by the time he cracked the last, the first would be done. Logan decides to go for volume.

Samuel is going for perfectly cooked eggs instead of quantity. Abby is using just three out of her eight burners. She says she has no strategy. Gordon says Logan has the heat up too high but he’s got nine cooked. Oona says this is tough. Abby is talking to her eggs. Graham says the winner will get a huge advantage. Gordon calls for a stop and tells them well done.

The judges start counting the #SunnySideUp eggs. They toss the bad ones from each station. Logan made 15 eggs and Gordon points out one that’s crunchy on the bottom and others that are cracked. Abby is frustrated and thinks she has the least eggs of anyone. Sean made 15 eggs and Gordon starts tossing some of his telling him his pan was too hot.

Joe says they are done judging the eggs and says Abby got just two, Oona and Adaiah each cooked just four, Josh and Levi each managed five, Logan had seven eggs. Sean and Samuel are left. Gordon says with 10 perfect eggs, Sean dominated the challenge. He’s excited about the advantage. Graham says he beat Samuel by two.

Graham says the number of eggs they cooked indicates how many ingredients they get from the pantry for the next challenge. Abby starts to freak out since she only got two eggs. She starts a panicked laugh and Gordon rushes over to give her a hug. Gordon says they have to dream big and imagine running their own restaurant and cooking the signature dish from their menu.

Graham asks what type of restaurant Abby will have and she says Horses and Courses – a combination vet clinic and restaurant. Logan wants an underwater restaurant. Graham tells the kids they all wanted to own a restaurant and says his first job was as a dishwasher when he was 17. He says he met a chef that inspired and encouraged him and says that man was Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon tells the kids they have one hour to cook their signature dish. Joe tells them to head to the pantry and grab only the number of ingredients allowed to make their #MCJSignatureDish. Abby goes to grab salmon and asparagus. Samuel is doing blood orange glazed duck. He shows a sketch of the restaurant he’s planning. Josh is making duck l’orange.

Oona is doing seared scallops – she’s also got few ingredients. Logan is complaining he only has seven ingredients. Graham says her two ingredients have to be perfect since she only has two. Gordon says the guys with the most ingredients could end up in trouble. Sean is making a rib-eye and shows Gordon the sketch for his Drunken Cow restaurant where he will cook meat with wine.

Gordon wishes him luck and moves on. Levi tells Graham he’s doing salmon with mustard glaze and broccolini. He says less is more and he’s confident. He says he thinks Logan is in trouble because he over-complicates things. Logan’s soy foam deflated and he’s distraught. Samuel says Logan is flustered and says he should have his signature dish down by the time you reach the MC kitchen.

Logan is freaking over the foam and worries that all he has now is steak and rice. Joe goes to talk to Abby who is making salmon and then asparagus five ways. He asks to see her restaurant drawing and she shows the horses on the doors, the vet clinic and goldfish on the table. Joe asks to use some of her ideas for his new Vegas restaurant and she agrees.

Samuel tells Gordon about his cucumber pesto pasta and says he burnt his blood orange glaze. He says his restaurant will be Le Samuel. They have just 15 minutes left. Josh tells Joe he’s making curry duck and jasmine rice then shows him his sketch for his restaurant Josh’s Comfort Bistro in a cool brownstone. He drew himself holding the trophy and the check for winning MC Junior.

Joe talks up Josh’ dish and says it could be a French classic. They talk about Abby and her asparagus and they worry about her overcooking her salmon. They are down to two minutes. They tell the kids to start plating and be sure they are immaculate. They apply finishing touches as Gordon counts down the last 10 seconds and then it’s hands off.

He tells them all it’s a great job. He starts with Abby. Josh says it’s impossible to win with two ingredients but Oona says she may pull it off. Abby shows them her plate and Gordon asks if she borrowed or found other ingredients. She has broiled salmon and asparagus five ways – sauteed, boiled, fried bottom, fried tops and asparagus soup. Gordon says too much asparagus makes you pee green and makes her laugh.

He cuts into her salmon and looks. He calls Joe and Graham over and says it is perfect. He tastes and says wow. He tells her he thought she would struggle but she cooked well and showed imagination. He teases her and asks her age and can’t believe she’s just eight. He tells her to stop teasing and says he’s going to check the records. He high fives her.

Joe tastes and says the salmon is nice, the asparagus is cooked well but the soup is amazing. He says how she did that was truly smart. Samuel is stunned that she did this and says it made him respect her more. Sean heads down and says he’ll be embarrassed if they don’t like his dish. He has ancho rubbed rib-eye with paprika crema. Graham cuts into the steak.

Graham looks at the steak and finds it a little more medium than what they were looking for. He tries the paprika sauce and says he loves it. He says the steak has a nice sear but is slightly overcooked. He tells Sean he’s cooking and learning. Samuel is disappointed in Sean’s performance. They call Levi down next. He made pan seared salmon with mustard maple glaze and veg.

Joe cut sin and sees the salmon is a little overcooked. He tastes and says it’s nice but the salmon was a little overdone although the broccolini was nice. He thanks Levi and they call down Adaiah. She made yogurt crusted lamb chops with sweet potatoes. Graham tastes and says she was smart with her four ingredients. He says the cook on the lamb is nice and the dish is great.

Oona is next with scallops two ways and ginger and cauliflower puree. The dish is beautiful. Gordon cuts in and shows her that the scallops are overdone. He says they are rubbery but he likes her imagination. He says only half the plate worked. She says it’s a catastrophe. Logan comes down with his flat iron steak with soy and ginger and bamboo rice.

Joe says he sees he used spices for four of his seven ingredients. Joe says the steak is aggressively seasoned and cooked well but the rice is overcooked. Gordon tastes and says the steak is good but the rice is overcooked and the peppers undercooked. He says they are disappointed in his dish since he’s usually a strong contender. Logan is near tears and says he can’t expect to be tops every time.

Gordon tells Logan it looks like he had just three ingredients instead of seven. The poor kid is crying and wiping away tears. Josh is actually crying for him too. Logan takes it as well as he can and then Gordon gives him a hug to comfort him. He reminds him he said the steak was amazing. He says it’s just not up to what they usually expect from him based on past performance.

Josh is next with his curried duck l’orange and cilantro rice. He says he wanted butter but couldn’t use it. Graham says the orange sauce is good without the butter. He says the duck is a little overcooked. He tells him he would have skipped the cilantro and chosen another ingredient. Josh says he’s trying to be optimistic but is disappointed.

Samuel is worried about his dish. He had ingredients and Gordon says it looks like three. He made seared duck, cucumber pesto pasta and a puree. Gordon tastes and says he’s glad he made the mistake picking up cucumber and says the dish is great. He says it feels like there are 1,000 flavors going off in his palate. He says it’s a job well done and tells Samuel to get him a table for two on opening night.

Samuel is thrilled but the he starts acting all cocky which is kind of annoying. Joe says the judges gave to go talk. Gordon says Abby and Samuel were both done well. The kids talk and taste and Oona says she thinks she’s going to be in the bottom. Josh says he thinks they’re all going home. The judges come back and Gordon says there were two outstanding dishes.

He says Abby had a job well done. He says the best dish of the night was Samuel’s. Joe says four of them missed on their proteins and calls down Josh, Levi, Oona and Sean. Graham says not all of them are going home, but two will. He says the two that are safe are Sean and Oona. That means Levi and Josh are going home. Oona is relieved and says it was her second close call. She pledges not to be in the bottom again.

Gordon tells them their protein let them down tonight but they should keep their heads high. He tells Levi he’s had a great outlook and he tells Gordon he liked meeting him. The three judges hug the boys and tells them good luck. Josh says the best part of the competition is cooking for the world’s best chefs. Levi says Gordon is his hero and was excited to meet him. Josh says he believes in himself more now and is excited to have been a part of it.