MasterChef Recap Results: Ahran Goes Home – Leslie Survives Season 5 Episode 12 “Top 10 Compete”

MasterChef Recap Results: Ahran Goes Home - Leslie Survives Season 5 Episode 12 “Top 10 Compete”

MASTERCHEF airs a new episode tonight on FOX called the “Top 10 Compete.” On tonight’s show the the Top 10 chefs prepare healthy concessions menus for fans at a football game. The fans choose the winning team, and the losers go on to face a pressure test involving prawn recipes.

On the last episode, in the next mystery box challenge, the remaining home cooks were faced with a challenge unlike any other. For the first time in MASTERCHEF history, the home cooks got to choose between two mystery boxes. One box was filled with everyday ingredients, while the second contains high-end ingredients. The winner of the mystery box challenge will not only win immunity and advance to the Top 10, but will also choose which type of stuffed pasta the remaining home cooks will create in the elimination challenge. Find out who rose to the top and who got sent home in the all-new “Top 11 Compete” episode of MASTERCHEF. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, In the next team challenge, the remaining home cooks will prepare a healthy football game concessions menu for an entire stadium, with special guest Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson. The team that receives the most number of votes from the football fans will be safe from elimination, while the losing team will have to face the next pressure test and create three unique prawn dishes. Find out whose dishes are a touchdown and who will be sent home.

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Tonight on #MasterChef, it’s the top 10. They have to feed hungry football fans. The 10 cooks are at Thousands Oaks High School on the football field. Cutter used to play and is happy there. Graham says this is the most American thing ever. Gordon says there is a football game and the crowd must be fed and then will judge them. Courtney is happy since her family sells concessions. Jaimee and Courtney are the captains. Jaimee is uncomfortable with the leadership role.

Jaimee gets to pick first but Gordon says the choosing will be different. He says they will each pick for the other. Courtney is bummed. Leslie is sent to Courtney’s team. Cutter is sent to Jaimee because Courtney doesn’t want him with Leslie. Jaimee sends Christian over and Daniel goes to Jaimee. Jaimee gets Big Willie. Courtney gets Victoria and that leaves Elizabeth with Jaimee.

They have one hour to prepare and then must serve food in the stands. Turkey burgers and fish tacos are the menu (the judges say this is all-American fare, but I would think beef burgers and hotdogs). The players take the field and it’s kids! The teams take a knee and they hear that there will be a special guest to oversee the game – Eric Dickerson.

Leslie is thrilled and says he’s one of his football idols. Eric says childhood obesity is a problem and NFL Play 60 combats that. Gordon pledges money to the charity that helps kids get active. The challenge begins. Jaimee suggests ideas that Big Willie doesn’t like. Daniel speaks up and says in LA, coleslaw isn’t a good idea. He makes another suggestion but Big Willie tells her to speak up if she doesn’t like the idea. She’s bullied into taking their idea on.

Courtney is more assertive with her team and they get started. They are making a guacamole burger. The players are warming up. Graham says the blue team has more muscle and they’re worried about Jaimee not being vocal enough to run her team. Joe says he just wants to make sure the food is ready to feed the screaming fans. Jaimee says people aren’t listening to her. Daniel tells Cutter to stop talking over Jaimee but he keps pushing.

Courtney’s team has really wet patties. Gordon comes over and asks why it’s so wet. There were too many eggs put in and Gordon tells them they are already behind. Victoria is worried that they’ve messed up their protein and Gordon says the turkey burgers are going to stick to the grill. Victoria blames Christian (who actually is to fault). Ahran says they can’t grill them because they’ll fall through.

Christian comes up with the idea of cooking them on the flat top on trays. Leslie is working the fish tacos but Courtney says it’s not seasoned enough. Courtney says he has no clue how to season. Cutter is  cooking the fish and Jaimee tells him if he destroys any more fish tacos, he’s off the station. Joe shows him how to do it. The judges come to check the blue team’s food before service begins.

They check the turkey and say it looks awesome but tells Courtney the fish taco is bland. They ask who did the fish and they tell her to go manage him. Courtney says Leslie is so stubborn but when she tells him what the judges say, he caves and does it. The judges go to the red team and find the burgers are raw. They tell them to get it together. The fish needs seasoning and isn’t cooked through.

Gordon tells Jaimee that there are 1,000 fans screaming and she needs to get her team together. She tells the guys to make sure the food is cooked. The marching band comes out and Gordon tells them when the band stops, food service starts. Leslie is panicked because he doesn’t have enough fish cooked. Willie yells out that something is burning.

The music ends and the players take the field. The flag football game is ready to start. There are three seconds to go and then service starts. It’s #Mcgametime. There is a huge line of fans/parents with trays lined up. The blue team has a good service pattern going. Courtney has got the team working like a well oiled machine. She’s happy.

The red team is chaos though. Jaimee is freaking out and Joe tells them to hurry. Cutter comes over with buns. Gordon tells her they have to speed up. Frustrated fans start to walk away without getting their food. Elizabeth yells at them to get organized. Cutter steps up to help serve. Daniel tells him to go back to the grill but then he’s told to stay and help serve. Jaimee is freaking out and near tears.

Cutter says Jaimee is falling apart. Gordon tells them they need to communicate. He tells Elizabeth to expedite. He tells her to be a voice. She starts calling out orders. Once she steps up, the service picks up. Joe checks with the fans and some like the blue team, some like the red. There is just one quarter left in the game and they’re still dishing out food when the storm starts.

Cutter yells at the team to serve faster, faster. The kids keep playing in the downpour. There is one minute to go. They finish up with the service as Gordon counts down to the last few seconds then stops the food service. The game is done and the kids high five each other. The votes have been counted and Gordon thanks the crowd for enduring the British weather.

Gordon says this is the closest result they’ve ever had on MasterChef. Leslie and Cutter are both on pins and needles. The red team wins! OMG! Jaimee pulled it out. The red team runs on to the field to celebrate. Leslie says it may be in the cards for him to be a total loser and he’s headed for another pressure test.

Back in the MasterChef kitchen, the blue team is psyching themselves up for a pressure test and at least one person to be sent home. Leslie says this is his fifth time. Courtney tells Victoria it was such a close call but Victoria is nervous because it’s her first pressure test. Joe tells them it’s time. Gordon says not all of them will have to cook. He says Courtney will decide who has to cook.

Gordon says she can save herself if she wants. She says the team worked well together because they had a good leader and says she’s going to save herself. Gordon congratulates her on being in the top nine. Gordon says the judges are going to save one more. Leslie thinks they should spare him but they pick Christian. They tell him the burger was amazing from first to last and he goes upstairs.

Leslie says he gets no respect. Graham tells Leslie no one in the history of MasterChef has ever survived five pressure tests, but Leslie says he will. Graham has a tank of living prawns. He wants them to make an elegant prawn dish – ceviche. Joe comes over and tells them he disagrees with Graham and says he likes tempura fried prawns. Gordon says they are both wrong and stuffed, broiled, butterfly prawns are better.

Graham tells them they have to make all three of their favorite prawn dishes in just one hour. Christian says this task seems impossible. Gordon says three are starting the challenge, but by the end of the challenge there will be just one. Leslie, Ahran and Victoria all start cooking. Ahran says she’s cooking for her life right now. Victoria is totally stressed. Leslie says they are all good cooks.

The judges talk about what they’re looking for while the home cooks toil away. There are 35 minutes left and the judges walk around. Joe asks Leslie if he’s the winner and he tells the judge he does well under pressure. Ahran tells Graham that she’s stressing out and she says it’s a challenge to have them all done in 60 minutes. She tells him she has no clue about ceviche and doesn’t know what it tastes like.

Gordon talks to Victoria and she says she’s most worried about the broiled prawns. She says she’s confident overall though. There is half an hour left. Big Willie tells Ahran to not be scared of the fish. The judges note that she’s scared to even touch them. Daniel says this is the first time she’s really showing her age. Cutter says the task is almost impossible. Courtney says she didn’t just dodge a bullet, but a hand grenade.

Gordon goes to see Ahran and she isn’t happy and is very stressed. Gordon talks her up and says not to put her head down. She says she doesn’t want to be a wimp. They have only two minutes left. They are down to 30. Courtney tries to comfort Ahran from the balcony. Then it’s down to the last and hands off. The three are stressed as they bring their trays down.Victoria says she hates to wish ill but hopes the other two failed.

Graham goes first to Leslie and tries the ceviche. He tells him what he put in it and the judge tastes and says it’s the perfect texture but not quite enough seasoning. Next he goes to Ahran. She says this is more stress than the SATs. Graham tells her that hers has too much liquid but tastes nice. He shows Victoria that hers is like a cocktail and shows her a lot of onion. He tastes and says the onion is overpowering.

Joe is next to try Leslie’s tempura. Joe says it’s a simple and light tempura and nicely done. Ahran’s looks nice and he says the color is more golden brown than others. He tastes and says it’s rich and tastes like restaurant tempura. Victoria’s is white and he says it’s cooked okay. He says it’s crispy and has a nice density and is better than the other two.

Graham tells Leslie he did a good job with the prawns but the sauce made it a little soggy. He next tries Ahran’s and says the prawn looks like a good cook but then has her taste her own food and she says it needs salt. Victoria’s is next and he says they look drowned in bread crumbs. He asks why so many and she says she never made it before and it was preference. He shows her that the protein is raw.

Looks like Victoria is on her way out the door. Gordon reminds them that #TwoGoHome and the judges go to talk. They come back out to deliver results. Graham says they are all very talented but says only one will be saved. Joe says they are sending home Victoria. (duh) Joe tells her they’re fond of her but her raw prawns was too much of a technical error at this point. She heads off.

Gordon tells the remaining two that it’s the eldest versus the youngest and he thinks about the arguments they’ve had but now they respect each other. Gordon asks Leslie about his journey there and he says it’s everything he thought and more and didn’t expect to meet such talented people and to grow. He calls Ahran a good young lady. Ahran says to be able to get coaches from the judges has been such an honor.

Gordon tells them that the person leaving tonight is Ahran. She breaks into tears and Leslie hugs her. Leslie heads upstairs and he’s teary – he says it’s bittersweet to see her leave because he cares for her. Gordon tells her she’s amazing and mature and is light years ahead of any other 18 year old he’s seen. He tells her she hasn’t reached her potential yet. She tells him she thinks Leslie is going to win and Leslie tells her he loves her. Gordon says that’s a major turn around. She says she’s proud to have come this far. She says when she entered the competition was the first time her parents told her they were proud of her (awww).