Michael Jackson’s Brothers Claim Brandon Howard Is NOT The King Of Pop’s Son – Despite So-Called Positive DNA Test Results!

Michael Jackson's Brothers Claim Brandon Howard Is NOT The King Of Pop's Son - Despite So-Called Positive DNA Test Results!

Is Brandon Howard really Michael Jackson’s son? This is the subject of much debate, especially after a recent DNA test (which seemed a bit sketchy) suggested that B Howard is in fact the offspring of the late pop singer. Michael’s brothers have since spoken up and claim that the DNA test is completely bogus: there’s no way Michael is the father of B Howard. A rep for the collective Jackson bro unit says that they’re united in their opposing stance on the matter.

The rep for the brothers, according to TMZ, calls the DNA test “unfounded hearsay.”  The outlet further reports, “First, a source says in Michael’s 50 years on earth, he never mentioned anything about having a child other than Prince, Paris and Blanket.  A source also says the brothers met B Howard one time — back in 2012, when he came backstage for a meet and greet after one of their shows.  He never even intimated he might be a relative.”

While we have absolutely no idea who to believe, B Howard definitely bears a striking resemblance to Michael. And just because nobody in Michael’s camp has ever caught wind of a secret love child does not mean he never had another kid. Things like this in Hollywood are covered up all the time. We’re not conspiracy theorists when it comes to secret celebrity children but, I mean . . . . Just think about it, there are probably TONS of them out there, just hiding away!

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below whether or not you agree with MJ’s brothers. Do you think B Howard is the biological son of Michael?

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