Michael Muhney’s Final Day on The Young and the Restless: Mom and Sister Katy Offer Support (PHOTOS)

Michael Muhney's Final Day on The Young and the Restless: Mom and Sister Katy Offer Support (PHOTOS)

Today is Michael Muhney’s final appearance on The Young and the Restless. While the focus for weeks now has been on the drama connected to his firing the actor’s family has found a way to spin all of the support into something positive. Michael’s Mom and sister Katy posted pics on Twitter last night of them wearing bracelets that are available for the Michael Muhney fans.

For a $5 donation fans get to choose one bracelet. Purple for Pancreatic Cancer in honor of his Uncle that passed with it or Pink for Breast Cancer in honor of his Aunt that was diagnosed back in December. All money minus the costs of the bracelets will be donated to the appropriate cancer foundations. The #TeamMuhney fan base has followed Michael’s family’s lead and are now selling t-shirts in support of the actor with a #TeamMuhney logo on it. They must be pre-ordered before Feb. 3rd and we have been told by a rep that all proceeds above the cost of the bracelets, shirts and shipping will be donated to cancer foundations.

Michael Muhney's Final Day on The Young and the Restless: Mom and Sister Katy Offer Support (PHOTOS)

It’s great that in the midst of all of the drama, backlash and upset both the fans and family have been able to join forces to contribute something good to a worthy cause. Today is a big day and quite possibly a huge turning point for fans of Michael. Many are rallying to boycott Y&R after this because of deep rooted unhappiness with shaky story lines and how badly some of their favorite cast members have been treated. Will Michael move over to General Hospital – will the show’s producers and ABC make up their minds to hire him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page, Soap Opera Spy!

Michael Muhney's Final Day on The Young and the Restless: Mom and Sister Katy Offer Support (PHOTOS)


16 responses to “Michael Muhney’s Final Day on The Young and the Restless: Mom and Sister Katy Offer Support (PHOTOS)”

  1. jennifer says:

    I am so sad Michael was fired.He is an incredible actor Any soap that grabs him is very smart.

  2. Liz says:

    Well good-bye to Y &R I watch the sappy actors and wish someone would wake up there – dump the real problem —- VICTOR!!!

  3. Shelley says:

    Please GH, don’t waste any more time – hire MM! If he comes to Port Charles I will too. I promise! #TeamMuhney!

  4. judy says:

    I’ve watched Y&R for many years, and I the actors Michael and Billy did an AMAZING JOB with this story!! It won’t be the same w/o them, so sadly I am done with Y&R. What you are doing is also AMAZING!! Very special! And as for GH? They’ll do well to bring Michael on board!! Stay strong family! Very team muhney!!!

    • Sasha P says:

      I’ve never watched General Hospital but would start if MM were to join. I hope there is a Cliff Notes version of the show for me to read up on to catch up…lol

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  6. Amy says:

    Done – great loss of incredible acting talent – from an organization (CBS/Sony) and a production of actors who seem to have one of the most unprofessional workplaces ever. Maybe they can have a soap opera called “The real behind-the-scenes of the back-stabbing actors and unprofessional Sony and CBS executives. That story seems to have more going for it (in terms of drama) than this sad-state-of affairs soap operas that was once the great Young and the Restless. You did it — let great actors go – and threw away the show along with all of us – the 40-years, multi-generations of fans. You have insulted us. We say goodbye to you — -you can say goodbye and apologize to us (credit to Lindsay Buckingham). Goodbye Young and Restless. Billy Miller and Michael Muhney – thank you. Wishing you grace, strength and lots of good fortune.

  7. KKatherine Custer says:

    My daughter and I are done with YR!! Today is our last show! Team Billy Miller and Team Muhney all the way!!

  8. Starlight says:

    Katy and Michael’s Mom, I so love what you are doing re: cancer fund raising. You deserve everyone’s respect and admiration.
    Today was my last day of watching Y&R. The DVR has been cancelled. Michael Muhney’s final performance was POIGNANT & STELLAR! However, it’s time to heal and leave the past in the past. Michael Muhney has given all of us several great years of playing Adam Newman, and now it’s time to move on with him to something better.

    Peace to everyone.

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  10. lucy2010 says:

    I’ve watched Y&R since the late ’80’s and won’t be watching it anymore. No Adam, no Billy, no me. I deleted it from my DVRs today.

  11. Sasha P says:

    I just spent the past 3 hours watching the entire week’s worth of episodes and FF through them all to only see MM and BM, aka Adam and Billy’s scenes, and I was mesmerized by their acting. They hit it out of the park, and yet it was a reminder to me that I won’t be seeing them any longer on the show, and that after 30+ years in my life I deleted Y&R from my DVR listing to no longer watch it. There was a time my mother and I used to watch all of the CBS soaps, and Y&R was the last one. After learning about what’s been happening behind the scenes and seeing actors from the show berate and belittle the fans with lies and insults, I refuse to give Y&R any more minutes of my time. I hope and pray the very best for Michael and his family as well as Billy’s.

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  13. mable says:

    Why now after all of the episodes would MM now touch his female cast member inappropriately, just don’t sound likely.

  14. Sasha P says:

    Thank you!

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