Michael Muhney’s Huge Fan Base #TeamMuhney Trending On Twitter: New Banner Flys Thursday 1/30/14 Over CBS


After a month long build up it’s finally time for Michael Muhney’s much-anticipated (and dreaded) final scenes on The Young and the Restless. In the 6 weeks since he admitted that the long running CBS soap had opted to let him go, his fans have totally banded together to show their support. #TeamMuhney is trending on Twitter and the For The Love of Muhney Facebook group has played a big part in helping to organize things that show the network and the powers-that-be that they are supporting Muhney right to the end.

The spokesperson added,  “80 fans contributed to the banner to raise $2000 to fly the second billboard banner. First time this type of banner has flown for a daytime star.”

One of those grand efforts includes a banner that will fly over CBS Studios from 11:45-12:30pm PST. While the group is not releasing the slogan that will be on the banner they can confirm that several of Muhney’s most adamant supporters will be on hand to videotape the event. While none of this is ultimately going to bring their favorite actor back to Y&R and maybe more importantly, after how badly he was treated his fans don’t want him returning to the show, it certainly does send an awfully loud message to CBS and any other network watching.

The second part of the overall plan seems to be to shut off Y&R after Jan. 30th. If the fans actually follow through with this plan the result can and will be devastating for the show that has already lost 500,000 viewers since this time last year. This is business folks and you can only drop so far before the advertisers walk away. The fans’ behavior and viewing patterns directly affect advertising and cash flow.

Let’s see if CBS gets the bigger picture yet. The last time they flew a banner in support of Muhney they were stonewalled. Do you think this time around the network and powers-that-be will be a bit kinder? What will what will For the Love of #TeamMuhney do next to show their support?

  • Shirley Pfeiffer Kilgore


  • Debra White


  • Lenora Hassell Haralson Shope

    MM fans “Balancing the karmic scales” #TeamMuhney

  • lucy2010

    We may not all be young but we’ve definitely gotten restless.

  • Paula

    TPTB at CBS will never admit a mistake was made under their watch. I doubt they care if YR stays on the air. They will just continue to butcher the show for the die-hard viewers they have left or find a cheaper alternative, another talk show or game show. I hope ABC and GH have the good sense to pick up MM so I can forget this mess and move to Port Charles.. .#TEAMMUHNEY!

  • Lynne Stanton

    Hope Sponsors start pulling out this Friday!!! Team Muhney will not be shut down!!

  • xy&rfan

    After40 faithful years of watching Y&R, tomorrow will be my final day, as it is the “swan song” for MM. This is not just about the firing of one of the best actors on the show but in addition to that, there was the tactless way it was done, a total lack of respect for the fans and MM

  • April Lewis-Askren

    #TeamMuhney all the way, Out of there after tomorrow!

  • April Lewis-Askren

    #TeamMuhney all the way, tomorrow will be my last day, what a awesome actor you are and it’s a shame they let you go!

  • Lisa

    I’ve watched since 1984 and after tomorrow no longer! There are some claiming I’m not a true fan if I walk away but it’s simply not true. The minute JFP took over it was no longer our Y&R no longer. The storylines became slow and boring, our favorite actors and actresses started leaving and then the ONE storyline and the ONE and only actor that kept us hanging on was let go in a deplorable fashion. The response to us fans has been non existent if not down right rude. My heart has been heavy these past few days knowing Michael Muhney is really gone as Adam and with that I say farewell to Genoa City, the Newmans, the Abbots, the Baldwins and all the people I invited in my home 5 days a week for years. Listen to us! We are hurting! we love you MM!! #teammuhney

  • Darryl Tresore

    #TeamMuhney, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Forever.
    #TeamMuhney walk today with MM,

  • livewire

    #TeamMuhney Thousands of fans will no longer be watching after today, and I am one of them.

  • livewire

    Ha! Who paid you to write this crap? 30+ years of watching and I am fed up. You definitely are in the minority! ;-)

  • Shirley Pfeiffer Kilgore

    Watched my final scene with Michael Muhney and Billy Miller.. and.. THE TIMER IS DELETED! NO MORE Y&R for me, may they R.I.P.

  • MarcVell

    Yes, Michael’s portrayal of Adam is what kept me watching. The writing has been terrible. They should have left Adam in control of Newman for a long, long time. It was completely unbelievable that in a matter of weeks Victor could get all of Newman’s customers to leave and go to Chancellor. Hello? Didn’t they have contracts? And since when were Chancellor and Newman competitors? Complete nonsense.

    I’m sick of Fen’s too long Carmine murder story and the Summer is an Abbott lie is stupid. Nick and Neil are two characters that have been unbearable to watch for years.

    Looks like I’m boycotting after today too…

  • Linda Simpson

    I am done with the Y&R. Period.

  • Linda Simpson

    Team Muhney !! 100 %

  • RedRiver38

    Great to see Michael Muhney’s fans speak out against CBS and Sony and Phelps. Karma baby, karma.

  • Kim

    I’m OUTTA here with Y& R. Supporting MM all the way!

  • Guest

    “There are scores of other people who get along with their coworkers”..Well, Eric Braeden isn’t one of them considering he punched Peter Bergman and still kept his job. By the way, many employers provide mental health counseling, but based on the tweets that were posted from MM’s coworkers, I would say many of them are in greater need of it than MM is!

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  • Fran

    I don’t care if the guy ran naked down the hall at Y&R. It has nothing to do with his acting or his fans or the show for that matter. The groping was (if he did it) was between MM &HK and if H.K. had called the police right away the first time it would have been settled but she sat on her thumbs & waited for the second time then acted like a big shot demanding he get fired.

  • Julia21

    The new Billy is a disaster – pathetic! Please don’t ruin Y & R further and please bring back Michael Muhney. The chemistry between him and Chelsea is uncanny. The tension between him and Victor can be sliced with a knife – gripping. Y & R is one of the few remaining Soaps – I truly think you will continue to lose viewers, myself included, if you continue to replace strong characters with a flimsy presence. Did I say the new Billy is pathetic?

  • amber

    Team Muhney!! I understand he made a mistake but he was one of the best actors for Adam . it stinks because u get used to a actor and then they leave.. :(