The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney Firing Cost 500,000 Viewers According To Latest Numbers

The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney Firing Cost 500,000 Viewers According To Latest NumbersSometimes people say that they’re going to do something but then when the time comes they back away from it. That definitely doesn’t seem to be the case for the very outspoken former fans of The Young and the Restless that have insisted that they would boycott the show once Michael Muhney’s last scenes aired. In fact many had said that they weren’t wasting any time and certainly weren’t going to wait around and watch his character be chopped and screwed before leaving the canvas completely.

Well the ratings are beginning to roll in and according to the official stats of Television by the Numbers Y&R has lost a lot of viewers already. The show’s ratings for Jan. 13-17th have taken a huge hit and there were 500,000 less viewers now than in the same week exactly one year ago! Half a million people that were tuning in to watch the drama unfolding in Genoa City have tuned out. That’s a huge hit and it’s a number that simply cannot and will not be ignored by the powers-that-be or the advertisers! This is also before the official boycott of the show is set to begin!!

I have said it before and I’ll continue saying it – I really hope that the right people are paying attention here. It shows the power of a strong fan base and it is time that old network heads wake up and realize that internet fan groups really do serve a solid purpose. They can band together to support your project or they can conspire against it and cause serious ruin. There must be some sort of validation in actually seeing the numbers for Muhney’s fans. It shows that all that talk and verbal outrage really did promote some serious action. How many more viewers do you think the show is going to lose in coming weeks? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or if you love soaps as much as we do, head over to Facebook and join the conversation – dishing daily all the soap opera news.

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  • Michelle

    GET over it already!!! Hes gone who cares… what done is done…REMEMBER he said himself HE TAKES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS ASS GETTING FIRED!!!! He said it in HIS OWN TWEETS!!!

  • Michelle

    never lol get over it

  • Michelle

    shame on you for bringing JC into this… MM is a pig.. his history proves it!

  • Michelle

    then why you on here quit bitchin quit watchin and shut up already…

    • omg

      Learn how to speak English before you start giving orders.

  • Michelle

    they need to stop bitchin… they say they aint watching but yet their bitchin…lol can you say “closet watchers” LMAO

    • Shelley

      LOL!! Really..can you say ‘troll”. From the little posts you have written, you obviously troll these sites just to put in your 2 cents, and thats all they’re worth!!!

      • Michelle

        I actually know facts Shelley.. they re not hard to get!!! LOL the funny ones are on here with no common sense…

    • Emily27

      It’s apparent you don’t belong here. Why don’t you find an anti-MM site to share your thoughts with. “Ain’t watching”? You sound ignorant.

  • Michelle

    yup you ot that right!

  • Emily27

    You’re talking two different genres here. Y&R is a soap opera. Downton Abbey is a drama.

  • Sher

    I’m done after the 31st – and from what I read, I am far from being the only one – I really enjoyed Michael Muhney’s acting and will follow him on his new journey. There are still performances (and very few storylines) that I enjoy on Y & R but not enough to blithely condone the shabby treatment he received from so many

  • April Lewis-Askren

    I’ll be leaving and so is many of my friends that’s not on Social Media!

  • Michelle

    is anyone an adult here? MM said himself “my firing is “soley my fault” ..its a fictional character on a fictional show…Y&R was built in 40 + yrs not 4 yrs.. by the looks of all the comments I read every day.. those who said they quit watching … still are….

    • Steph

      Agreed Michelle

  • Michelle

    does that mean all the whining will stop when all his fans stop watching? Seriously.. its childish.. he didn’t get his ass fired for not brushing his teeth.. it had to be something big to break his contract so quickly.. if you want facts quit reading this garbage and go to reputable soap journalists.. Example….. the one who did MMs exit interview before a gag order was placed…

    • Emily27

      If it was that serious, he’d have had his ass hauled off the same day. There is more to this that NONE of us know about.

  • Michelle

    a leopard doesn’t change their spots… get the facts ..

  • Michelle

    get the facts… not gossip… it makes more sense!

  • Michelle

    my bad…. Oooooo

  • Michelle

    wheres the boycott??? whers the pics for proof??? I haven’t seen any one with a reputable source post anything…. there are 4 great soap journalists out there.. some people need to search them out and get their facts straight… :)

  • lis

    I will not watch Y&R any longer. Even after 25 years

  • Linda Simpson

    Michael Muhney is the reason I hung in there as long as I did. Otherwise, I would have left before now. Also , not much has been said about Carmine leaving. He is gorgeous! They could have done something different with his character too. I am being respectful Mrs.Muhney. Lol!

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  • ThePhoenix612

    Perhaps YOU should go out and check the ratings again, there has ALREADY been a drop of 500,000 viewers – viewership spiked for a week shortly after the allegations hit the media, and those who tuned in to see what all the hype was about LEFT, thus showing a drop. Ratings are back down to normal levels, they are NOT the “highest ever” other than one week. Y&R would have everyone believing the ratings staying high, but they’re not. Thanks for playing, cupcake.

  • ThePhoenix612

    Yep, the weather is the only reason the ratings dropped. I hate to break it ti you, cupcake – MANY areas of the country were still experiencing weather emergencies the week of January 13, thus disproving your “theory”. You’re also ASSUMING one “vacation” week in December – you might want to rethink that one, too. MANY employees take vacation time in December other than the last week of the year.

  • ThePhoenix612

    Are you really stupid enough to think this whole thing is because of ONE actor? You might want to change your screen name to CLUELESS!

    Do you know what a catalyst is? The straw that broke the camel’s back? The “I’ve had enough and I’m not going to take it anymore” syndrome? The “I have had it” syndrome?

    Fans have had enough of Jill Farren Phelps and her idiotic storylines, her destruction of characters, her convoluted thinking, and playing favorites. The firing of Michael Muhney is the final straw. If there were personnel problems in the show, any manager or leader (which is what she’s supposed to be) would have MANAGED the problems without firing actors.

  • ThePhoenix612

    Doubtful, because Jill Farren Phelps is turning the show into a JOKE which is what she does with EVERY soap she’s been on, some to the point of cancellation. If you think this is only about one actor, you REALLY don’t get it at all.

  • Karen

    Me too. #TeamMuhney. make that 500,000 + 1.

  • Linda

    I was a fan of Y&R many years but no more. Stopped watching after the firing. Aside from losing its best actor, the writing is ridiculous. If MM goes to another soap, i will watch.

  • Steph

    Wow you just have the answers to EVERYTHING don’t you !! Do us all a favor and get over yourself!

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  • edwina lee

    Well, I think we could expect lower ratings. I’m so sad…I watched Y & R for decades, and now due to horrid story lines, the maliciousness of the cast, and loss of some serious actors, I have tuned out for over 3 weeks.

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  • Girl

    The show will not be the same……..not watching! What a mistake….can’t stand the new Billy! No sex appeal at all!!!!!!

  • Tammy

    It’s just a soap people! …really? ?

  • Jayne

    I will also be joining those who no longer watch Young and the Restless. David Thom (Billy) looks much younger than “Victoria” and some of the story lines are getting really boring ie: Sharon’s secret re: Summer’s father etc.