The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney Firing Causes Fans To Take Action – No Adam Newman Replacement!

The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney Firing Causes Fans To Take Action - No Adam Newman Replacement!

Ah. The scandalous firing of The Young and the Restless’s Michael Muhney is one of those that is clearly not going to just go away quietly. In the last few days the situation has become increasingly messy. First, Muhney was fired at the very end of his 4 year contract, being told that the character of Adam Newman is being shelved for awhile before being recast. At that news the fans lashed out at the powers-that-be, namely Jill Farren Phelps accusing her of taking away yet another huge favorite without just cause.

Then we heard that Muhney’s co star, Hunter King made allegations about him fondling her breasts on two occasions and that raised serious eyebrows. Sexual harassment accusations in the work place can’t be tolerated and so either Muhney was guilt or else an innocent victim but either way, his job was over. Except that it wasn’t, right away. Jill decided to ignore the allegations and keep him working until the end of his contract while trying to make viewers hate his onscreen persona. I guess she believed that if they hated Adam they wouldn’t react so badly to Muhney leaving.

Jill Farren Phleps

The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney Firing Causes Fans To Take Action - No Adam Newman Replacement!

That didn’t work either. Former Y&R producer, Maria Arena Bell let the cat out of the bag and explained that action was not immediately taken, something that is likely going to make heads roll because CBS now HAS to do something to save face. Muhney’s fans are still as upset as they were when he first announced his firing. An enterprising group of fans banded together and shelled out $785 bucks to have a banner made that will fly over the CBS studio lot where Y&R is filmed! It says, “NO ADAM NEWBIE. JUST MICHAEL MUHNEY.”

If I had to venture a guess I’d say that after all of the inevitable firings happen and the scandal settles down viewers won’t have to worry about Adam being recast. I suspect Y&R will be very happy to put him on ice indefinitely, don’t you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • d

    Has anyone noticed that Hunter hasn’t made any statements? Also if the allegations are true we all seem to agree: 1.) why was MM allowed to continue after the 1st occurance,2.) why haven’t charges been pressed, 3.) is this a rejected young woman seeking to punish MM for not responding to her, 4.) and lastly that Hunter should be terminated if the allegations aren’t proven.

  • Tina

    Innocent until proven guilty. Why would he fondle her breasts? Makes no sense. He has love scences with two beautiful women. Chelsea and Sharon. So why would he want to touch ugly ass Summers?

    • Darlene

      And they both shared that Michael Muhney was always a gentleman…nothing inappropriate. You’re right, they are beautiful women…but MM has a beautiful wife at home and 3 sweet children. The actor who was his love interest in The Portal also defended MM, said he did nothing inappropriate with her. So there you go!
      I feel it was purposely leaked by Sony to destroy MM’s career. Jealousy on the set must be horrendous. Why be jealous of someone who can do better, why not be happy for them?

  • nanna

    No just bring Michael back!

  • Mika

    Removing one of the best actors Michael Muhney is wrong on many levels. Michael Muhney is what make the show worth watching. I’ve been watching this show for 20years and from all the good actors let go it’s sad i will no longer watch after this week…

  • lookinthemirror7

    Adam is better than any if the stiffs on the show. Including Victor.

  • Angel

    Firing MM was a mistake.. I am done with Y&R. How do we go about getting the show cancelled? Maybe CBS can use the time slot for a show with real writers.

  • Nessa

    They should bring the other Billy back. The original billy is NO WHERE NEAR looks like the other Billy.

  • Darlene

    I saw a tweet from a YR insider who said that Hunter King was paid an additional $100K per additional $1.2M each year on top of regular salary. And she was given a new contract. So I’d say that Sony & JFP really wanted MM gone if they were willing to put out that amount of money to Hunter King to report false accusations.
    That was dirty and underhanded to release that information to TMZ after MM fired. TMZ confirmed that Angelica McDaniel leaked it to TMZ through her husband Brian McDaniel who works at TMZ. I hope that the State of California comes a calling since Sony & Y&R execs leaked confidential personnel information. Maybe even the Federal government. Sony & JFP would deserve it!

  • Darlene

    I understand that you like Y&R and want to continue watching. I hate to say this to you; I feel that the only way that Sony will take any action to return MM is that MM followers need to not watch in order to continue getting the viewer #’s down. Right now, I’ve seen information that shows 400K followers have stopped watching Y&R. We have a goal of 1 million lost viewers. It would only b temporary once MM fans get Sony to rehire MM and fire JFP. It’s too many actors let go…4 last year alone…Michele Stafford (Phyllis), young actor who played Kyle (Jack’s son), Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) and Michael Muhney (Adam). I read a tweet from a Y&R insider that Hunter King also demanded that actor in role of Kyle be fired. Don’t know why.

    Now this year 2014, Cynthia Watros (Kelly) was let go and already replaced. I read that Cynthia wanted to stay at Y&R because she could do both and the pilot was an unsure thing. Nope, can’t stay according to JFP.

  • Darlene

    I don’t feel it’s mostly about money because YR insider revealed that Hunter King is to be paid $100K additional per month (that’s $1.2 million per year) and given a new contract for her role in leak. I’ve heard that Summer is acting much more on soap than before.

  • marilyn brown

    good bye, y&r – Have better things to do, than watch a 2 bit actress become more important that Michael Muhney. Tired of seeing all the great actors and actresses go. Too bad, he is a great actor, and is a big loss. However, never too late – BRING HIM BACK – he is missed by all

  • Lee Harmony

    I;ve been watching Y&R for 40 years!! When Michael Muhney joined the show it changed the whole dynamics. I can’t understand how great talent isn’t recognized and appreciated! No one will be able to replace this great actor, please bring MM back as Adam Newman. Who is Hunter King? Please don’t allow her to ruin this young actors life. I really don’t know who she is!!