The Young and the Restless’ Michael Muhney Fired after Allegedly Groping Hunter King’s Breasts Twice

The Young and the Restless' Michael Muhney Fired after Allegedly Groping Hunter Kings Breasts Twice

Fans of The Young and the Restless have been in uproar since the week before Christmas when super popular Michael Muhney spilled the beans that he had been fired from the show. The fans have gone absolutely crazy, threatening to boycott the show after losing Adam Newman because this latest firing comes on the heels of several others. Key characters have been all but executed by executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps and it’s to the point now that we have to think she was brought in to doom the shop. If you’ve looked at Jill’s track record, she comes on board, fires pivotal actors and by the time she’s replaced the show is dead and ultimately ends up canceled within a year. Jill is the Kevorkian of soaps and watching her level Y&R has been particularly painful for longtime fans.

As far as Munhey goes, according to TMZ, his costar, Hunter King complained that he had sexually harassed her. King went to Y&R brass alleging that Munhey had fondled her breasts on two occasions and that kind of suspected behavior simply can’t be tolerated in this day and age so he was fired. Here’s the thing, we’re just not totally buying this scenario at all. I’m usually quick to back a harassed woman but this just isn’t adding up so roll with me for a minute here.

A perv is a perv, right? Muhney had been working on Y&R for 4 years and there was never any other allegations of sexual harassment before now. He has rolled around, half naked with various costars and they have praised him and are saddened to see him leave the show. Wouldn’t he have been inappropriate with someone else, like years ago? And if he had been he would have been axed then because this kind of suspected behavior cannot exist at work.

Then there’s the timing. Muhney was at the homestretch of his 4 year contract, in fact he was fired about 2 weeks before it ended. That makes me think that Jill and her crew was hesitant to believe the allegations and waited until it was more convenient to fire Muhney, making it seem like they just weren’t interested in re-signing him. Now they are using this unsubstantiated allegation to justify getting rid of the fan favorite. I’m not saying that Hunter King did or didn’t go to the powers that be to complain, but they took certainly their time addressing it if she did complain – which is equally wrong, right?

Muhney has said that he is devastated to be leaving and that hardly sounds like the sentiment of someone that knew that their alleged bad behavior could ultimately cost them their job – sounds more like a man that is utterly stunned by the chain of events leading to his dismissal. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

The Young and the Restless' Michael Muhney Fired after Allegedly Groping Hunter Kings Breasts Twice

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  • Jack MeOff

    If I ever get a chance I will beat and r@pe to death Hunter King. seriously

    • disqus_5Po1ppxkO9

      That comment should be removed ASAP!

      • celebdirtylaundry

        I removed it, sorry it slipped by.

    • Daisiemae

      Unacceptable. This comment should be removed immediately.

      • celebdirtylaundry


  • Jack MeOff

    she needs to be killed ASAP

  • Shel

    I don’t buy the story either. The other actors should be sticking up for Michael because if we stop watching, they lose their jobs!

    • Janie Gibson

      I don’t believe one word of this! This gal is a pathetic actress.and why she’s on the show I have no clue! They probably got her because she can’t act!

  • Leigh Cutler

    I Don’t believe it, I love Adam’s story line. If he leaves, so will I!

  • Krickett

    I have been watching t;his show since it began and this rampage of firing good actors is certainly unnecessary. It does appear that this Jill Ferren Phelps has either lost her mind or has let a little power go to her head. I say off with her and bring everyone back. I will discontinue to watch the show. Not just because of the changes but on principle. You just don’t treat people that way. It is not professional nor is it nice.

  • Fan

    I think allegations like this should be taken seriously, but if they are not true, he should sue. They hardly have any scenes together, and if they are unfounded, then fire the one who can’t act.

  • Daisiemae

    Don’t know if it is true or not. If it is true, maybe he should get a job with TSA.

    Or maybe he has a job lined up playing the role of a TSA screener and he was doing some research for the role.

    • Karen

      I, too, have been watching Y&R since its beginning and IMO Michael Muhney is one of the show’s better talents. Keeping Hunter King is a bad choice; she is a mediocre actress at best and frankly she isn’t THAT pretty, certainly not of model ranks. I agree with others who say they don’t believe Michael could do this, not after being on the show 4 yrs & incident free. This story just doesn’t sound true. Come on Y&R. Keep good talent & get rid of the bad!

  • tushkin

    Jill Phelps was not brought in to put Y&R on the trash heap.She herself was canned from GH with no notice.A network is NoT going to tolerate a sexual harrasement lawsuit and bad publicity. Just because you love a character doesn’t mean the actor isn’t a douche. My hubby has worked over 20 years on a soap I won’t mention and it’s all about money…… If your fave actor is getting axed, that means the network is trying to save mo ey to keep the soaps running.

    • jody

      i appreciate your comment but disagree with your premise that all networks support all soaps and want to keep them all running if they are profitable. we have presented abundant evidence to the contrary on CDL with many examples of network behavior that make sense only if the network were trying to kill the soap in question. soaps are considered by many execs in the major networks to be ‘unfashionable.’ these execs are not always primarily concerned with maximizing profits – their concern is maximizing their own income, reputation and power – they think that dumping old-fashioned soaps and introducing ‘hot’ leading edge replacement shows will achieve those ends.

      • tushkin

        You are right to a point Jody, however if any of these soaps were not making the ‘ratings’ grade they would ALL be gone. As it is, the few remaining soaps have maybe 3-5 years left. Don’t believe everything you read. It is always about the bottom line. This I do know.Ask anyone who works on any show for ABC,CBS orNBC.

  • Lynn C

    I don’t buy it either – as I read the story, I knew it couldn’t be true. Never a hint of any like behavior in his past, and coming close to the end of his contract? No way. Hang in there, Michael. You’ll be fine. What goes around, comes around. You have a of fans supporting you, no matter what.,

  • Pamela

    That sounds awful, hope it’s not true.

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  • Scott

    It’s disappointing Adam Newman has become my favorite character to watch on Y&R him evolving into a good guy and his friendship with Jack Abbott were some of my favorite scenes to watch.

  • Aliliz

    Get rid of king instead. She’s pathetic!! And certainlty can’t ACT!

  • Ang

    Two sides to every story. If she’s lying then it’s real bad for true victims

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  • marym

    I have been watching Y&R for more years than I can count…..from when Victor had his first wife Julia in a cage!!! Firing Michael Munhey is ridiculous! Get rid of King, who is not quite believable anyway. They have no scenes together, and as an actor who has shared “sheet” time with other female actors, none of them Ms King, and have not a bad word to say about him, this appears to be an outright lie. This is disgusting, using BS to fire a wonderful actor! He has made Adam come alive, the bad, and now the reformed man.Firing him at the height of his acting career, this is just caustic to him as well as the show. The newest writers have their heads where they sit.
    Think it’s time for the writers to leave

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  • Renee

    i fully agree with that. I don’t believe Michael ever touched her and if he did she should have reported it the first time. There were no witnesses and who’s to say what happened other than her and Michael. I think she is a talentless little brat that thinks she needs to get her way!!! I love Michael’s character (Adam) and he can take you from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, you just love to hate him. Talent like that is rare, so little Hunter King (Summer) maybe you should go into a coma for a few years. Seems to me if you were so upset you would have kept your distance. Go ahead admit it, you made a pass at him and he dismissed you. Wow!! Michael get a lawyer and sue!!!

  • abi

    Oh well ,this clever girl Hunter King confirmed her job at Y&R till show is running, If you don’t quit this soap I promise you will have the pleasure of watching her daily!

  • tickedoff

    I am appalled at the dismissal of Billy and Adam. I have watched this soap for yrs. Since Jill did Katherine’nails. I love the 2 let go and an sick of the dragging out. I have lost a child and the story was good and sad ,but enough is enough. I am sick of faces changing. Sure doesn’t help that Katherine died. Get rid of the Jill that is dragging the show down before we all lose out ! Sitting on the edge waiting to decide.

  • TomCom

    Why did Y&R hire Jill?!! She’s fired two of the best actors on Y&R and Adam would have been perfect to be the next Victor as he plays a great villain while still making you like him! Adam was the most interesting character on the show!! Jill is killing our favorite soap!! FIRE HER!!!! And miraculously bring Adam back!!!

  • Brigitte Grant

    Wow Talk about injustice equally disturbing is the using of another alleged injustice to perfume a stinking tto high heavens ludicrous firing

  • Kelly Dixon Stefanow Clark

    you fired 2 of your best actors, billy miller and Michael muhny. your show has gone downhill ever since Jeanne cooper passed. after 27 years I think I’m going to stop watching the show. its apparent to me that the casting director could care less about fans opinions and makes this all about her/him and their feelings. sad story

  • Kelly Dixon Stefanow Clark

    I feel the same way. I think they should fire their casting director

  • Kelly Dixon Stefanow Clark

    your new billy has nothing on billy miller he can’t even act

  • mom chez

    Since this article was printed, not much new, same ole same old trash. Look where we are at now. Thanks to MM’s tweet to set the record straight. Have not watched, am not coming back. MM and family will decide what’s best for them.

  • dee

    She and her boob job was rejected and you know what the next step is, yell rape but she didn’t. So why did the network cover the crime up? Why weren’t the police notified and charges filed? Is Michael a scape goat covering the real reason he was fired? Is one of the cast members other than Hunter the reason? Is Michael a victum of someone’s inflated ego, maybe the old man that play Victor? Whats his name?