The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney Breast Groping Allegations and Firing: Did CBS Producers Really Believe Hunter King?

The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney Breast Groping Allegations and Firing: Did CBS Producers Really Believe Hunter King?

I know that we kind of stepped away from the scandal surrounding Michael Muhney’s firing from The Young and the Restless, partly because we really weren’t aiming to keep repeating vicious rumors, but there is some serious stuff that seems to have been swept under the carpet in all of the chaos. First of all, when Muhney announced that he would be leaving the show he was set to film his final scenes just a few days later. There wasn’t much of an advance warning for the actor but then we later learned from a former Y&R producer that Hunter King had accused Muhney of groping her breasts on two occasions , quite awhile before he was fired.

Let that fact sink in. CBS, executive producer Jill Farren Phelps and whomever else was aware of the accusations chose not to take action immediately. Instead the figured out how to ruin Muhney’s character until they hoped that fans wouldn’t mind his dismissal so much. If they actually believed King shouldn’t they have taken action immediately to protect her rather than force her to continue working with the actor that she spoke up about?

Also, this has repeatedly been referred to as sexual harassment by the network, Muhney’s costars, etc but if we are to believe that he actually put a hand on this young girl then it actually no longer is just harassment, but it turns into sexual assault. No one is actually calling it that though in spite of the allegations. I really have to wonder if the network fully believed King because if so they took no steps to protect her!

It looks more like they weren’t totally buying it so Muhney stayed on with the show for months after the vicious allegations were made. When his contract was winding down CBS opted not to renew because it was risky and in firing him they could blame it on the accusations made by a coworker.

I’m not going to even pretend to know what has happened but from the facts that we have been handed this whole situation has been completely mishandled from the jump and absolutely no one involved is emerging from it completely unscathed. It could have been very different, don’t you think? Did CBS believe that Muhney was guilty or were they just handed a strong enough excuse to usher him out the door? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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28 responses to “The Young and the Restless Michael Muhney Breast Groping Allegations and Firing: Did CBS Producers Really Believe Hunter King?”

  1. Sharae Myers says:

    I personally read between the lines from the first story ever posted about the entire situation as a tactic to deflect and defame MM personal and professional character before reporting of the ego battles going on behind the scenes. To me it is obvious MM bruised a lot of egos from cast lashing out at fans on social media. I am sure the fan backlash is like a Louisville slugger to show producers/cast. Even if true MM ego is big, he brought it to his role equally. Fans don’t care if your most liked behind the scenes it’s how well you do your job. He is a stellar actor. Many veterans of the show are complacency in their craft delivering poorly written story lines. There is the saying everyone is replaceable I’m sure producers were approaching MM exit in this mindset because he was obviously outspoken in expecting better from everyone to deliver to the shows audience. Who should have been replaced was JFP/AM. I can’t imagine any worth to HK allegations will ever be confirmed HK and her future career became a pawn in JFP/AM evil sick twisted plot to get rid of MM. Epic fail and shameful for true victims of sexual harassment/assault these women victimized too many people. A true professional that believed this young woman’s allegations would have done everything to protect her. Since that did not happen it can only mean in the court of public opinion it was nothing other then MM pissed off the wrong ladies and they are vicious enough to throw anyone under the bus to get back at him.

    • Rosalea Moore says:

      Very well said.

    • Pattie Estep says:

      I totally agree.It just seems like a set up tp me.I think the ones career thawillbe hurt is hers.If true she handle this poorly and now other male actrs will be leay of her.What if she gets a crush on me?

  2. Lois says:

    This entire scandal is a big joke! Anybody who would deliberately start this is as evil as the devil himself. I pray that the tables are turned on these people so they really feel the pain of Someone trying to destroy someone’s life. Despicable and revolting behavior to defame a actor. Real classy don’t you think?!?!

  3. Linda T. says:

    I have watched Y & R since I was in High School, which I am now 53. I am about ready to call it quits because of the awful writing lately! The fact that you would fire one of the best actors the show has, shows the kind of people that are now running the show over there. If in fact that really did happen, you would have fired him right away. He isn’t even in any scenes with her! I use to love the fact that story lines were very well thought out and were not drug out forever. That was why I quit watching General Hospital with this writer, then you bring her here! I had watched that show for even longer but the stories were awful!! Why would you do this to what use to be the number 1 soap opera?? As far as I am concerned you can cancel it. No story line ever ends and the stories are a joke. It never use to be like this. I would say that the writer should be fired, not your best actor! Jason should go back to General Hospital because I don’t like him here either. He played that part much better!!

    • Stan hamilton says:

      Great point everyone! In fact, MM was the only reason I watched the show….great actor who made the poor lines given him worth while by ad-libbing and also body language. There is not any actor worth his or her weight in this craft that does not have some ego. That’s what makes them better. I feel EB felt threatened by a great actor as he did with PB and realized he is not the reason fans watch the show. Gonna miss my Adam! Stan

  4. Bebe says:

    There is no way I believe such nonsense. I have been a fan of Young & Restless for many long years. I would no longer be looking at Young& The restless anymore. Its a shame what they did.
    I hate Victor. He should be kicked off the show. I know he plays a part.
    But I hate him on the show.
    Young and the Restless should be ashamed of their behavior
    I never believe their accusation. Never. .

  5. Suzanne Waller says:

    I used to think that the actors and the cast of the show were all a big happy coworker family who enjoyed their jobs, but now that we have heard about all the big egos, back stabbings, cliques, and jealousies, watching Y& R is not the same positive experience anymore. The image has been tarnished and I feel no loyalty to the show anymore. It was actually kind of liberating the other day when I was channel surfing at 12:30 pm and had no need to watch Y&R. Good luck Michael Muhney, Can’t wait to follow your career and all your future endeavors and hello freedom at 12:30 PM.

  6. RedRiver38 says:

    This was orchestrated by Jill Phelps who wanted her boy-toy Steve Burton to take center-stage from Muhney and Eric Braeden who hated Muhney for standing up to his bullying tactics. The smear was from CBS. I’d like to know why Braeden is still employed. If I had slugged two co-workers at my job, I’d be fired. He’s hit both Peter Bergman and Michael Muhney. Why is this man on the payroll?

  7. Debra White says:

    After 40 years of Y&R, My last day watching will be January 30, 2014. No MM means no Y&R for me. Everyone knows what the real deal is with that rumor.

  8. B. Mosely says:

    just one lie after another… the only reason these lies & alligation surface is because the fan acted so strongely to MM being fired, these rumors was started to hurt MM fans, so we would go away silently… we are going away, away ftom Y&R!!!

  9. April Lewis-Askren says:

    Your a joke, I’m sorry I just think your trying to get comments (and you are), If you knew anything you would know that Michael had just re signed with the show a few months back. I don’t believe for one second that he did anything to anyone.

  10. bohomoth says:

    Sorry folks but more often than not there’s no smoke without fire.

  11. omg says:

    It certainly took you, (Celebdirtylaundry) long enough to put two and two together. That’s what the fans have been saying all along. Also remember… we haven’t heard one word from anyone who was actually involved… IF there was anything to be involved in, that is.

  12. Nancy says:

    This whole thing is a tragedy and should be a lesson for all involved on behavior. Hey Actors, listen up! You “had” a great job but let your egos and insecurities get in the way. So many people got hurt by this, but the fans are innocent. Anything we say to you is a wake up call! Our comments and thoughts are brought on by pure frustration at this whole thing. You may not want to hear it and it’s probably too late anyway. The show is a sinking ship. But try to remember what you did in your next job – if you get one as steady as this has been for you.

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  14. Me says:

    That Gregg Rikaat is very disrespectful. He will see about the 6 fans who will stop watching.

  15. Melissa Carter says:

    I been watching y&r for 25 years…. I love adams character and I pray he is not takin off the show……if he is prob will be my last days of watching……adam is innocent

  16. Aida says:

    It’s not going to be the same w/o MM he is one of the reasons I keep watching y&r. Do I think the allegation is true….why isn’t he facing charges, if that’s the truth HK should have demanded some action. Hard to know the real story in Hollywood but I still stand behind MM and how the situation revolves and he is allowed to stay or return.

  17. Karen says:

    Also don’t forget that Eric Braeden seems to rule over at the CBS soap. He has been pissed at Michael ever seen he posted his twitter message supporting Sharon Case when she didn’t like the Sharon/Victor storyline and didn’t want to kiss some old geezer. I agree with Sharae below….no one cares about whether he is arrogant or not (Peter Bergman doesn’t like Braeden either). Michael gave 100% to his role as Adam and is a stellar actor. Shame on CBS and shame on Y&R for firing this man without giving fans the “real story”. Goodbye Y&R and hello GH if you hire Muhney!

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  19. Cindy Jensen says:

    They have a stipulation about 13 weeks or so after the contract to continue to renew. Stipulatations in everything

  20. Gloria says:

    I’m done no Adam no fan and you need to fire summer I won’t be the only one love you Adam glo

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  23. Darlene McCormick says:

    I think it’s a huge mistake to get rid of Adam, he is one of the best. characters on the Y&R. His story line is largely why I watch. So please make sure the accusation is true before you hurt the show by firing him.
    Former Avid Watcher

  24. Donna Massey says:

    I strongly agree that if what was supposed to have happen really did, then y/r is just as guilty for letting it go unpunished until Micheal’s contract ran out. Personally, I don’t believe the different stories, and they only hurt themselves by letting him go. You can do better anyway; how about another Godfather movie, he’s perfect.