Michael Muhney’s Firing from The Young and the Restless Leads To Fan Boycott – Will The Show Survive?

Michael Muhney's Firing from The Young and the Restless Leads To Fan Boycott - Will The Show Survive?

I have to wonder, if the top brass at The Young and the Restless would have handled the firing of Michael Muhney differently, if they had a crystal ball. Hindsight as foresight sure would have come in handy in this situation. Just to recap, in case you’ve somehow managed to miss the drama that seems to create a rift that gets a bit deeper with each passing day, Muhney was fired last month and shortly thereafter allegations of him harassing a fellow actor, Hunter King, were leaked to the press. Supposedly the head of CBS Daytime is married to someone at TMZ and well, the whole world found out after that in no time at all.

What has ultimately followed is an epic battle between fans of the show and those actively working for CBS or Y&R in some capacity. Some supporters of the show have held to the notion that if Muhney did indeed grope an actress then he needed to go, plain and simple and I think most of us would agree. If my co-worker makes a grab at me I’ll expect action because it’s necessary in this day and age to make it clear that the behavior cannot be tolerated. I don’t pretend to know what Muhney did or did not do but I am very clear on the fact that this issue is really no longer just about his firing.

Why are Y&R fans dropping off by the day and in a very public way? Because this incident follows several smaller, but equally painful firings that have left the most diehard of viewers not connecting to any of the characters onscreen. Hell, they themselves admit that they are fast-forwarding through many scenes to get to the good stuff. They have watched solid, beloved actors/actresses like Michelle Stafford, Genie Francis and Billy Miller be shoved out the door only to be replaced with characters that they don’t care about.

Jill Farren Phelps is the executive producer in charge of cast changes and she has a recipe that usually ends in disaster, yet she brings it to the table each and every time. By the time she is fired and my guess is that will be pretty soon given the current scandal that has been inappropriately handled, the show is going to be unrecognizable to remaining fans and irreparable for her replacement because they do not share her exact vision to being story lines full circle. Instead they will try to quickly repair what is broken and as we have seen in the past with shows like Another World or Santa Barbara, it doesn’t work.

The fans have turned on the show that used to feed them a nice dose of entertaining comfort five days a week. The fans are disgusted because they’ve watched their beloved characters leave the screen one after another in rapid succession. Many fans have been down this exact road before. I mean, how many of us have only watched one show? I’m a lot like many of you. I remember coming home from preschool and watching Another World with my mom, who herself started watching with her mother. I tuned back in when Anne Heche was there and stayed till the end. I was also keenly aware of other shows too. I get it. The pattern of decline is set and probably was the minute Jill set foot on the CBS lot. She was there to do damage and of course she has, and so this time, everyone is fighting back.

This time, Y&R fans are smarter and realize that it’s a whole lot easier to let go of something when you’re pissed off. Choosing to walk away from Y&R is an empowering move and it means that you’re pulling the plug on the show before you read somewhere online that CBS is doing it for you. Because ultimately, that is exactly what is happening here. A show cannot exist when the fans are hating on the cast and the fans can’t help but feel that if the cast is disloyal to each other – many in the Y&R cast are practically begging Muhney to speak up and save the show – ironic after they turned on him and gloated over his firing, isn’t it?

If the old guard really thought that this would just fade away at first I’m pretty positive that they totally get it now – it won’t. Perhaps they should have realized the strength in a solid fan base and I really hope that other genres are paying close attention to this and learning from it. You don’t disrespect the very people that your job depends on. It really is that simple and you fans have sent the message loud and clear to everyone at CBS.

How much longer will Y&R be on the air given the snowballing situation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Debbie Craig

    I have been a fan from the very first episode. Never missed a show. Firings and cast departures of late are wrong. Bring michael, michelle and billy back or you have lost me 4ever.

  • tifygodess24

    So the show is more important than a actual person …ok I get the logic. I guarantee the network is trying to handle this in house for the fact they know they are partly responsible for knowing what happened to her ( if the allegations are correct ) and they don’t want a lawsuit , there are many technicalities that im sure are not public. I’m just blown away that if this woman was really assaulted the fans are acting like its no biggie they are more concerned their show sucks.

  • JL

    No real loyal fan of the show wants it to be cancelled I think we can all agree on that. The simple solution to our fan outrage is to get rid of JFP. The major characters leaving seem to all be on her shoulders. Every article I read about this says the firings are her choice, and that she has done this in the past. So instead of boycotting and getting the show we love cancelled, how about everyone concentrate on getting her out of the show, along with any writer who has taken part in the nonsense stories recently. I mean, everyone knows Y&R drag out storylines because thats how it has always been. But recently it has gotten ridiculous. Nothing happens episode to episode. No progress is made on storylines. The Delia incident should have been resolved, and im tired of watching everyday and seeing no common sense written into characters. For example, are we supposed to believe that the whole license plate+adam+replaced turn signal clues cant be put together by police? Its just a show, but lets be real…dont shove ignorance in our faces day after day and expect us to enjoy it. Give some characters COMMON SENSE please, and maybe storylines wont drag on so damn long. Bottom line…GET RID OF JFP AND THE WRITERS and MAKE EVERY ATTEMPT TO MEND THE FENCES WITH OUR FAVORITE ACTORS/ACTRESSES THAT HAVE LEFT THE SHOW.

    • Chipsie

      I agree with you. Did yoy notice that over a week ago they had the character of Jill kidnapped and tied up somewhere desperately calling out for help? And then no mention of her or that story for over ten days!

  • David Lynch

    No M & M and I too will be done by 1/30…Fans need to rebel as they’ve written the last 3 substantial players out but Michael was the biggest hurt,Fine actor but now i’m done!! Stitch/Tyler and Dylan are unwatchable bores.Thanks Hunter King for screwing this up.

  • Ethel Chase

    I’m old enough to remember when Eric Braedman first became an actor. He was type cast as a german soldier because of his looks and demeanor. He has played every role the same. i just saw him in The Man Who CameBack. He played the role as if he was VICTOR. Boring!!!!! My opinion is he’s a one-trick pony. Michael Muhney is the ultimate actor and is 100% better at his craft now than Eric B. was then or is now at the height of his own career. Something is fishy about this whole situation. First he was accused of groping an actress, Then they said he did it to other actresses. So why wasn’t he fired the first time? Now they say that he tried to oust the “old lion”. Please!!!! How stupid do they think we are? I always said, we the public hold the reins in all situations, whether it’s with money, votes, etc. I’m sorry if the show goes down the drain and the actors lose their jobs, but did anyone think of that when Miichael or the other actors were fired? Who cared about them? And now, after turning their backs on Michael, they want him to “set the record straight” to save the show. HAH!!! How incredibly self-serving. Well, what goes around comes around and be careful not to spit in the wind. My advice to Michael is to keep his mouth shut the same as they did when it came time to defend him and let the chips fall wherever.

  • Debra Howell

    I am so done with this show after watching it from the beginning, I love Adam’s character and MM is a great actor. They have gutted this show of it’s interesting characters and quality actors. Hope the producers are making all the profits on the cheap replacement actors, and less talented, because their audience is going to be dropping off big time. Why are they messing with a soap opera that has not just survived this long BUT been such a great hit!!!

  • Phyllis Perry

    The recycled and drawn out story lines are borng and monotonous. They need new writers. The fans got Daniel Goddard back so it proves we control the power witb our remote control. I thought Hunter King was going to be recast anyway. I will miss Billy Miller the most. Don’t know why he is going but he is the best Billy ever. And no Phyllis. ..duh. Sharon is a bore and Nick us a fickle wimp. And I would think a woman Nikkis age woukd stop making stupid selfish mistakes. I have no respect for the actors when they don’t speak up for the character and just continue to take the buckets of money they make each episode. And where the hell is Murphy? He was a great character. The whole show is a mess…

  • AbbyLois

    I Already stopped watching.. Michael Muhney is an amazing actor

  • JoAnne M

    I’m done after January 30th. The best actor’s/actress’s being let go or leaving. Lousy acting by new cast. Terrible, long drawn out storylines that are dark and twisted… ugh! The straw that broke the camel’s back was the firing of MM. I think the demise of this show will be of JFP, Sony and CBS. Their fans tried to tell them but they listened with their fingers in their ears. I AM DONE!!!!!!

  • AbbyLois

    I’ started watching DOOL since Michael was fired and I’m all caught up… This show can be stupid at times but not dark like Y&R

  • ImOld Greg

    Y&R needs real story lines, not the garbage they have been putting out for some time now. I too will be leaving Y&R 1/30/14 because all the great actors are either gone or going. I was a true fan, WAS!

  • Gyice50

    The real depth of this fiasco, is something that even Y+R Management Team doesn’t appear to understand with the loss of so many of their top talents and now being supplemented by a cadre of actors that must of spent the better part of a week in acting classes, pretty well defines where this show is headed. Its too bad lots of my friends have made this show a staple of their television viewing and I think despite a (at one time) great fan base Y+R is definitely jumping the shark. Bye, Bye, Y+R it was fun.

  • ImOld Greg

    Sandi, I feel you are on the money! I totally agree!

  • Amy Beaupre

    This program has been my favorite soap since my son was born 39 years ago. It was always a show to bring me back to it to want to know how the characters were going to handle the next crisis in their lives. I too am tired of what has been done to the older cast mates. I have already stopped watching. If MM did do what is said, deal with it and move on. It certainly does not help Hunters career one bit. Adam and Chelsea blended in perfectly with the older cast. Killing certain other members off didn’t help the storyline either. What has happened to this soap since the new writers came in is just a big slap in the face to fine actors and a storyline that has stayed with fans for years and years!

  • Learjet

    It’s seems to me that Michael Muhney would have showed these kinds of characteristics over the years he’s been on the show, so this sure is surprising, but shouldn’t it be proven true before they fire him?

    And if it is true, why kill off the character? That certainly is what the storyline is building up to. It’s a great storyline and the consequences will make for a lot of good stories, too, but in the long run, keeping the character alive and on the show would be far better.

    I also worry about the character of Chelsea. Is she on the way out, too? This whole thing is just a shame.

  • Audrey

    I think it’s time CBS or someone comes clean about what exactly happened or didn’t happened because the show is depending on. You can’t just get rid of a main/popular character and think that it’s not a big deal. I agree with everyone on here, he is the best actor on the show, his role was great. He will be missed and very hard to replace. As much as I like him, I agree he should be fired if he sexual harassed someone. But for CBS or whoever made the decision to fire him and then not tell us a reason and then gag most of the actors so they are not allowed to talk. Leaves fans to make their own assumption of what happened and blame CBS.
    As far as Michael not getting along with other castmates, I don’t think that is a reason to get rid of someone this good. The castmates may not like him but the fans LOVED him and to keep the show on the air you need the fans to be happy. I think there was other ways to try to make peace on the set. As far as Eric, I love him too but maybe the tension between them in real life showed on screen because some of the best scenes are them together. So something was working. Again, if Michael did sexual harass someone then he should be fired as good as he is you can’t let people get away with that. But CBS needs to clarify what exactly happened and what is the future of the show because we are the fans and we deserve that much. If CBS would have spoken out and told the truth from the beginning this wouldn’t have blown up. But CBS should have spoken up with the truth. We shouldn’t have to hear the truth or rumors from TMZ. If they were trying to protect Hunter they could have just put out a statement that he was fired for sexually harassing a castmate. I would have felt better knowing he was fired for a good reason. CBS better fix the problem or this is going to grow and grow until the truth comes out and it will eventually come out but the show may be over at that point.

  • jae430

    …guess we shall just wait and see – they were so ecstatic the other day when news came that they were still #1 – maybe that is b/c we are continuing to tune in for MM – after 1/30 will be a totally different scenario – we have now seen/heard all kinds of stories from other cast members and we sit back and wonder why MM is not speaking out – he is VERY smart as we ALL know and that anything he says could hold him accountable so we as fans should respect his silence – on another note i dream that even the advertisers/sponsors will realize the downfall and will choose not to buy ‘time’ in the airing of their products – LOL

  • keiley

    Y&R has chosen NOT to listen to us fans, so they don’t deserve our loyalty. Michael Muhney is the best actor on the show. if he’s gone, so are we. Fire this useless Jill Phelps. Re-hire ALL our faves. Get rid of Eric Braeden and make EVERYONE happy. again. Till then, I Will NEVER watch Y&R.

  • Darlene

    Wow! Cast members are asking Michael Muhney to speak up and save the soap? I cannot believe that. What nerve and gall when most of the cast has thrown him under the bus, especially Erik Braeden! They should know better; Michael cannot speak out because he has likely been told by legal representation that it is in his best interest to not speak out. Also, if he didn’t do anything to Hunter King, what does he have to say? We do not know what Hunter King is planning; she may have already filed a suit. HK isn’t speaking either. MM has to protect himself, his family and his career. I doubt there is a gag order from CBS/Sony because he doesn’t work for them and is supposedly not under contract. They don’t own him. Gag orders don’t usually come up unless the parties are in court or at the reach of a settlement. Usually, the paying part does not want the public how much it cost them for damages because it provides information for people in future suits.

    This is off track but since Hunter King has been unconscious for a couple days, is she being set up to die/be fired or give her more story line so that she will sue CBS/Sony less money for coverup of her complaints and being outed? Interesting to think about.

    As far as I am concerned, Y&R is done on 1/30 for me. The renewal thing was stupid. Who does CBS/Sony think we are? Stupid idiots. Well, I think not. The marketplace has changed for everything, including TV shows. If I don’t get what I want, I will not accept a substitute. I’ll look for something that I do want or will enjoy. I’ve stopped watching stupid shows like Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, Big Brother. From my personal point of view, they are dribble and terrible. Now speak about NBC’s The Voice and I’m excited. It’s developing people and it’s not just recycling the same old storyline year after year. Now developing the Adam/Chelsea/Connor storyline would have kept fans interested and staying with the show. Seeing Adam as a good person and not a villain all of the time sucked. We all have faults and sometimes our own agendas, but we are not bad all of the time. It’s great to see him happy and smiling; after all he was raised by Hope and a stepfather. Hope was a sweet, gentle person who took care of her own needs and those of her son and she was blind, so painting Adam as an evil/vile person for almost 5 years was not realistic. Victor and Adam should have been separated and remained separated throughout MM’s tenure. Children write off abusive parents all of the time and vice versa. Some families are just too dysfunctional and the Newman family surely leads the list.

    I would estimate Y&R may stay on CBS for another six months tops and I think the actors know it and that’s why some are scrambling for MM to save them. If I was MM I would tell them to take a walk off a short pier!! I give Sharon Case and Melissa Claire Egan a lot of credit for standing behind MM and they both have had a lot of scenes with MM. I think a lot of people are watching now only because of MM and BM. That will end soon.

    The hit and run story line of Delia being accidentally hit by Adam is when people started leaving. Fans do not want to see that. Fans get enough of that on the radio and TV all of the time. That’s enough!! Fans don’t need anything more to be depressed about. Lousy employers and no change in wages are enough. Thank you very much. Also, Billy bears responsibility for leaving a 6 year old with a dog alone in a car at night. It’s irresponsible. I don’t remember if he left the engine running while he was in the store. In today’s show Adam’s acting was great! He showed genuine sadness and grief as Billy left the penthouse. Recall fans, Adam and Chelsea lost an infant before birth because of a traffic accident with Summer Newman. We forget how much this character has been put through and he is a young man with children of his own in real life. He rose to the occasion to do whatever was in script. If I think about it, I would not have stayed past the 17th and let them figure out their own damn show. But MM did the honorable thing and did his final scenes through 12/19. How dedicated! Did you know folks when you work at real businesses/ corporations that you clean out your stuff the same day with no return. But of course we already know that CBS/Sony management cannot manage properly, disclose confidential information and do not investigate accusations immediately for the benefit of both employees. I guess they don’t think the Civil Rights Law applies to them. Is Angelica McDaniel the female version of Edward Snow den? Seems it to me.

    The only thing that would satisfy me is to bring Michael Muhney back as Adam, give him decent scripts, show us the businessman he can be because he’s supposed to be Harvard educated on the show, apologize sincerely, and pay him whatever you have to to get him back. You’re going to be paying millions for MM’s and HK’s lawsuits. Wouldn’t this be a better use of your money and you could keep your fan base. It’s a win-win. CBS/Sony have got the bucks. Corporate profits have been at record highs for a few years; it’s just not passed on to us common folk. This is the only way you are going to save your show; however, I do not know if Michael will return. If it should happen, get someone who can manage him. It’s possible; there are excellent managers out there.

    Why in the blue blazes did you hire Jill Farren Phelps when you already knew that she was a failure. Both she and Angelica McDaniel need to be fired now. I’ve said this over and over and nothing happens. These are 2 incompetent women. Or does the CEO prefer to go because the buck stops with him? That would be very generous of him to leave to save their jobs. I haven’t ever really heard of a CEO who is willing to put his neck in the noose for others. But maybe times have changed.

    Michael Muhney is and was your show. You have lost a lot by your actions and there is no one else responsible except McDaniel, Phelps, and Moonves.

  • Mia Scotia

    I think its great that most of us are dropping the show after January 30th, in support of MM, but what else can we do to GET Y&R CANCELLED AND OFF THE AIR FOR GOOD? Any ideas?

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  • Sammie Jo

    CBS has renewed the show until 2017.

  • Sammie Jo

    Nobody is denying it though, are they? MM had weeks to issue a denial before the gag order, he didn’t.

  • Sammie Jo

    Oh brother, sure, I’m sure that’s what happened. *rolling my eyes*

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  • carolanne

    I too will be giving up a long watched show I so admired and looked forward to watching 5 days a week for 30 years…..I cannot tell CBS how devasted and disappointed I am with their recent decision to let go Adam… they have lost the actor who kept this show alive and exciting! I along with others will watch the last episode of The Young and Restless on Jan.30…

  • Greta Rubenalt

    Jill Ferren Phelps and Angelica McDaniels are in for rude awakening..#YR lost a lot of key characters this past year.Jeannie Cooper who passed away, thank goodness they didn[t recast that because no one can play the “Dutches” like Jeannie. But the farewell episode was cheese. A woman with her years of acting needed a much more “Bang” for her passing away.
    The Michelle Stafford, who left on her own to pursue other projects.. Good Luck on that recast because No one walks like the Boss like Michelle Stafford does as
    (Phyllis Newman)
    The came the the news that Billy Miller was leaving! That left fans really angry considering he would have stayed If JFP,CBS,Sony would have given him a little flexibility to do some out side the #YR projects. So we lost him and I’m still not over it yet’ There is not one person in this world that can be (Billy Abbott) the way Billy Miller has. No one can make that spark and smile and chemistry that he and Amelia Heinle
    (Victoria Newman) have with each other.NONE! Those shoes will never be filled…Never!
    Not long after that down fall JFP,CBS,Sony…Fired Michael Muhney aka (Adam Newman)
    Well CBS can pretty much tell their #YR fans GOOD-BYE..
    Michael Muhney is amazing.. he is the most complex character on the show. He can be so humble and kind and then turn around and be Ruthless! he’s the character that is in the grey area…what an actor he is WOW! That’s all I can say. And #YR CBS Sony has really gone and done it now…MM is the best of the best,and no recast in a 3 to 6 months is going to calm this fan down…I am angry and outraged! JFP has bought so many new characters to #YR that the show is almost unrecognizable…The story lines are boring and don’t make any sense…and drag on for months and months and months at a time..
    Tired of the story line that Sharon messed up Summer’s paternity..WRAP! it up! Nick is a good guy and doesn’t deserve this and neither does Jack,
    The Carmine Story Line, How long has it been dragging 1 year 2 years?
    The Hilary blogger mess! stupid and boring…made no sense what so ever…
    Pick up your phone and kiss who ever’s ass you got to kiss to get MM back to the show ASAP….January 30th is coming fast and viewers are shutting down their TV’s
    As for myself? I shut mine down the minute i heard what a dirty trick you pulled on Billy Miller. He just want to do other projects too. that’s all!
    DAMN you people are stupid!

  • Robin Stowe

    I have been watching Y and R since it began, but I will be gone when Michael Muhney is

  • Greta Rubenalt

    You best better believe I’m angry about what has happened on Y&R for the past year..All the core characters are gone, New people that we don’t recognize and stories that are just plain stupid!
    Man they could have worked with Billy Miller, the only thing he wanted was a little slack to do other projects on the side and they wouldn’t do…Makes me sick. Billy Miller is (Billy Abbott) and Michelle Stafford leaving…and now to fire Michael Muhney has been the last straw to brake the camels back…He was the best of the best and you cant fill the shoes of these actors.
    Can you imagine anyone but Michelle Stafford being Phyllis or anyone else being Billy Abbot except Billy Miller, and heck no no one can fill the shoes of Michael Muhney as Adam Newman…..I’m done soooooo done!
    Have fun JFP, CBS, Sony< Angelica McDaniel and all the others behind this… You better get on the phone start making some calls and take your pencils and erase some of these lazy story lines and write stuff that makes since… Bloggers, Blogger, Stalkers, Stalkers dumb ass stuff..
    I'm done with Y&R I'm not waiting till January 30th I was done the minute I heard the news of MM 's firing and how they let billy Miller slip threw their fingers….What a Mess you have made CBS! What A Mess!

  • Muhney Fan

    I am gone after MM and BM leave. Dull, dull and more dull with the current story lines. It’s not that the other actors aren’t talented, but they don’t bring the cheekiness to their roles like Michael/Adam or Billy/Billy. I hope that we will see both Michael and Billy in something that will offset their wonderful talent.

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  • Jan

    I don’t understand why Michael isn’t trying like hell to clear his name if he is innocent. If Hunter isn’t telling the truth, this is very damaging to Michael’s reputation, and not to mention his marrage. Hunter should get fired if she is lying about this. I wouldn’t miss her, I ff through all her scenes. I miss the first Summer, I was heart broken when they replaced her with this Summer.

    Michael clear your name!!!!!!

  • mummsie

    I find this so amazing the reaction from people. It’s just a show. I am not a fan of half the characters on this show. But I still watch it because it’s entertaining. To me the show is not the same since Jeanne Cooper passed away. She was the only original on the show. The rest came on later. I have watched since almost the beginning of it. When they got rid of the Brooks family and the Foster family it just wasn’t the same for me. I can’t understand how you all think one character is so wonderful. It’s a character. They come by the dozens. I have never liked the new Adam or liked the new Billy. Not sure what you people find is so great about them. I will continue to watch because I find it entertaining and that’s what it is suppose to be.

  • chadam

    Loved your article and I totally concur with you! Frankly, I primarily watched this show because of Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. Now that he is gone, I have little if any interest left in this show. Michelle Stafford and Billy Miller are also gone so this show has become unrecognizable for sure! I am team Muhney all the way!

  • Debbie Mays

    I disagree, we are innocent until proven guilty!!! Yet other fellow actors/actresses are sticking up for Hunter!! Sorry do not like her as a actress or Ashley!! I have watched Y&R for years!! Bring back the regulars!! There are a lot of beautiful women on Y&R, so what makes her so special for him to grope? I mean really people!! I hope a lot of people stop watching!!!!!!!

  • Debbie Mays

    The funny thing is no complaints ever about him then all the sudden one who cries wolf then he is fired, no investigation, no other complaints!! What is our world coming to!! I’m sad that Melody Scott is siding for Hunter too. Think people innocent until proven guilty!!! HELLLOOO