My Five Wives RECAP 3/16/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Turkeys and Ticking Tocks”

My Five Wives RECAP 3/16/14: Season 1 Episode 2 "Turkeys and Ticking Tocks"

My Five Wives returns to TLC tonight at 10PM EST for an episode called “Turkeys and Ticking Clocks.”  In it preparations for Thanksgiving give Brady and the wives all the work they can handle. Meanwhile, Rhonda floats the idea of adoption, which makes Nonie think about having another baby; and Brady tries to find time to be at his son’s karate test. Did you miss the series premiere? If so we have a detailed recap available right here so that you can get caught up.

My Five Wives made its’ debut on TLC last week and it follows Brady Williams, his five wives, and their combined 24 children, who all live together on their large family property outside Salt Lake City, Utah. We get to watch as he balances the needs, hopes, frustrations, and fears of each wife along with his own. This offers a candid and open look at this controversial lifestyle, and goes behind closed doors to share the intimate details and complicated decisions they have to make as a larger than average family.

On tonight’s episode Brady and his five wives prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. Rhonda explores the possibility of adoption, causing Nonie to want a baby of her own. Meanwhile, Brady struggles to balance his busy schedule and attending his son’s karate test.

My Five Wives has come under fire because many people have issues with polygamy. Tune in tonight and form your own opinion on the lifestyle that the William’s family has chosen. We’ll be live recapping it for you here and in the meantime tell us your initial reaction to Brady having 5 wives in the comments below!

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In this week’s episode of My Five Wives – thanksgiving is coming up, but like any other large family gathering it’s a massive undertaking just to cook for that many people. There are 24 kids already and it’s beginning to look like Rhonda could be handing another child into the mix.

She and Brady have been talking about adoption and so far Brady has been noting but supportive. Hopefully the other wives will be the same though it’s wise to point out how much of a risk the family will be taking if they were to adopt a baby. Currently in the state of Utah there is a cohabitation law. It means its criminal for a man to even act like he’s in a marriage with more than one partner.

So technically, admitting to an adoption service that they’re polygamous is a big deal.  And lest we forget there was also a deal and/or conversation the wives all had with Brady. They all had agreed there wouldn’t be any more babies and yet Brady is now willing to let Rhonda adopt. So of course Nonie is wondering if that door is open for her as well.

To stay off any pregnancies the family went against their families’ practices and started using birth control. And to this day some of the wives refuse to admit they take these measures. Not even Paulie wanted to say anything and her eldest is all grown up and married. So having another child probably wasn’t that high up on her to-do list.

Like Rosemary admitted in her confessional, these women were raised to be mothers and wives. Yet with the extra time they’ve had, Robyn and Rosemary chose to go back to college. They’ve been taking courses and finding their own interests, but now with the baby discussion back on the table; Rosemary is trying to figure out if she wants another baby.

She’s been trying to speak to Brady for the longest about it, but he’s always told her that he had too much on his plate at the moment. So naturally she’s hurting. Rosemary can’t help feeling like it was easier for Brady to say yes to Rhonda and no to her.

Brady can’t give permission to only one of his wives and think the other wives wouldn’t want him to be fair to all of them.

Nonie brought the topic up during her night with Brady.  And what did she get in return? He told her he had to think about it seeing as he’s been busy a lot lately and the fact he has to consider the financial restraints. And then Brady brought up her health and how much he would worry about her if she were to get pregnant again. It really all sounded like excuses, but Nonie doesn’t want to be the only one to want to try for another baby. So she decided to wait until Brady becomes as equally invested as she is.

Although there is one important thing to point out – it was never a guarantee that Rhonda would have been allowed to adopt. You know because of the law. That’s why she at first tried to apply as a single mother. Rhonda really wants another child though she did eventually tell the agency about her polygamous marriage. She did it to assure them that she had help and that her four other children had their father present in their lives, but it was also possible that she shot herself in the foot by not keeping quiet.

Thankfully for her though, her saving grace managed to come several days after her blunder. The Browns Family also known as the stars of Sister Wives had sued the state of Utah over the cohabitation law. And in doing so a court ruled the law was unconstitutional. In other words Rhonda’s adoption just got a better chance of going through. Especially now that her living situation is no longer criminal.

The family had plenty to be thankful for this thanksgiving. They don’t have to live with criminalization hanging over them anymore. Also isn’t funny that this year Rhonda was the one that had to go through the brutal shopping expedition and yet she’s the one that ended up being the most grateful.