Nashville Recap Gunnar Is a Dad: Season 3 Episode 5 “Road Happy”

Nashville Recap Gunnar Is a Dad: Season 3 Episode 5 “Road Happy”

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday October 22, season 3 episode 5 called, “Road Happy.” On tonight’s episode, Juliette worries about filming a sex scene while trying to hide her pregnancy. Elsewhere, the extra fame Rayna’s gained as Luke’s fiancée has a negative effect on her kids; Kiley plans to leave town; and a homeless man makes an impact on Scarlett.

On the last episode, Rayna went after Sadie Stone as a new artist to sign to her record label Highway 65. In order to woo her, Rayna invited Sadie out for a girl’s day on the town, which she thought may help to seal the deal. Juliette continued to try her best at hiding her pregnancy but when she started to have stomach pains and mood swings, she had to let down her wall. Later, an assertive and sultry backup singer took a liking to Deacon but his down in the dumps attitude did nothing but shut her out. Then, Zoey witnessed odd behavior between Scarlett and Gunnar and let her inner jealousy get the best of her. She tried to mend things at the Bluebird but they ended up backfiring terribly. Meanwhile, Avery continued to use alcohol to drown his sorrows, which only took him to new lows, and Jeff had ulterior motives as he pursued Teddy and the girls. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Juliette frets over hiding her pregnancy before filming a sex scene with movie star Noah West (Derek Hough). Rayna flies her kids to meet her on tour, but learns that her increased fame now that she’s engaged to Luke is making Daphne feel entitled, while Maddie is simply miserable. Kiley (Alexa PenaVega) tells Gunnar she’s leaving town, Will starts making careless mistakes in his personal life, and Scarlett is inspired by a homeless man (Mykelti Williamson) she meets while songwriting.

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In New Orleans, Juliette is on set complaining to Emily that she’s got to pee and is frustrated. She calls for her dresser and says she needs to go up a size because it’s rubbing her bump. She’s shocked to see Zoey in her dressing room looking through her clothes and asks why she’s there. Zoey says she just saw all the pretty dresses and wanted to look at them. She tells her to forget what she saw and heard if she values her job. She kicks her out.

Emily reminds J that Zoey and Avery are friends. Emily says she needs to tell Avery before Zoey does and Juliette tells her she may fire her too. She tells her that Zoey wants to be on tour with her and not working at the Bluebird so she’ll keep her mouth shut. She says she’ll tell Avery when she feels like it and that may be never.

In Austin, Rayna calls for applause for Sadie on her first arena show and the crew all applauds. Bobby tells Rayna he needs to lock her down for Vegas and she agrees and asks him to put Sadie on the ticket. He hesitates then agrees and Sadie calls her a bad ass and asks how she does it all. Rayna says to talk to her in a year.

In Chicago, Luke toasts the crowd on a great night. Will is enthusiastic and Deacon comes up and tells him he’s already on the tour and doesn’t need to kiss so much ass. Will is embarrassed. Pam tells Deacon he’s forgotten what it’s like to be young and enthusiastic and he tells her to remind him and they head off.

Jeff is there and comes over to give Luke shit about Will having a number one album and him not. He asks who Will is talking to and Luke says it’s his trainer and says he’s been on the road with them and he’s a nice guy. We see he’s talking close with Tony and Jeff does not look happy. On the tour bus, Gunnar and Zoey video chat.

He tells her Kiley is leaving town and says he’s going to see her off and asks if she’s okay with that. She says she is. Zoey complains that some friends came to the show and could barely see her because of where she’s placed on the stage. Gunnar comforts her and says maybe they just have bad seats. They texted her a photo of the stage and she can’t see herself and is miserable over it.

Rayna is working the room when she gets a call from Daphne. She asks her to come home and Rayna says she has to go shoot a TV ad with Luke. Daphne asks if she can come and Rayna promises to try and work something out. They hang up and Rayna calls Luke to chat.

Jeff tells Will they’re getting ready to drop his new single and says he’ll have some more promotional activity to do. Will says he’s happy on tour and Jeff says if his little gym rat is happy that’s fine but hands him a non-disclosure agreement and tells him to have Tony sign it. He makes it clear to Will he knows what’s what and just wants his reputation protected.

Emily brings the call sheet to Juliette and tells her she has to film the love scene. Emily says she doesn’t know how she’s doing all this. Emily asks her again to tell Avery and J reminds her that he called her nothing. She says Avery has the right to know. J says fine and sends a text. Avery is suiting up to clean up a roadside with other offenders when he gets a text from her that says simply – I’m pregnant.

It’s yours. He’s stunned. He starts to type back when the cop comes over and tells him no phones and threatens to take it. Will runs over to Will and says he needs some advice. He says Layla is home in Nashville and asks if he ever made someone sign an NDA. Luke says everyone on his team has to sign one and Will asks if people get offended but Luke says if it’s not love, it’s business.

Scarlett works on a new song when a guy shouts for fresh hot pizza pie. It’s a crazy homeless dude. She starts on the song again and then Jeanne comes in and says she’s impressed that she’s cranked out 10 songs in three weeks and says Miranda is interested in a couple of them. Scarlett says her well is running dry and says she should snap them up. She’s struggling with one but turns it down. She restarts but the lunatic keeps yelling. She closes the window.

Luke’s kids are being brats on the private plane. He says he thought it would be good for the kids to hang out together. He asks Daphne and Maddie if they’re okay and they say they are but Daphne is being a bit of a diva. Teddy and Jeff meet and Teddy mentions that the girls are off on a private plane with America’s hottest couple. Jeff tells him he doesn’t have to let Rayna be the fun parent. He insists Teddy come with him to a happening party tomorrow night and won’t take no for an answer.

At the diner, Kiley brings Gunnar a plate of fries just like he likes them. He asks if she’s sure she wants to leave Nashville already. She says she’s been dating a guy online who works on an oil rig in Tulsa and is going there to see how it goes with him. Then her son comes in – Mikah – and he’s shocked and had no idea she had a kid. She sends her son to wash his hands and tells Gunnar that’s why she dates online.

J tells Noah she’s nervous about the sex scene and she asks for tips. He says he does push ups before the cameras roll. Avery calls just then but she declines the call. He leaves her a voice mail asking if she’s serious. The cop sees him on the call and takes his phone away. Daphne tells Rayna about all the stuff going on in her life. They snap a family photo of them with all the kids.

Rayna and Luke are shooting a commercial and Daphne says they should let all the kids be in the ad since it’s a family car. Rayna says she brought her here to spend time together but now they’re not. Daphne tells her this sucks and she sucks and stomps off. Rayna goes to chase her down but then they want her on the set.

Luke and Rayna shoot their ad and it’s going well. She says she has to go talk to Daphne and tells him she’s in shock and is worried. Luke says she’ll get used to it and stop acting out but Rayna says she doesn’t want her to get used to it.

Gunnar and Micah eat food and he asks how old the boy is. He’s startled but Kiley says before he asks – he’s not yours. Deacon tells Pam she should watch his Western since he watched her teenage vampire movie. She’s on Twitter and sees a photo and snatches it. It’s a post Luke made of he and Rayna with the kids. Deacon is pissed of that he finally has a day off and Luke is spending it with his daughter. He stomps off to take a walk and tells Pam he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Layla is in the studio recording a song. Jeff notices her smiling at a particular guy and sends the others out. He asks the producer if he’s flirting with her and he says a little but that’s natural since her husband is on the road. He says it’s going okay but is taking a while to get her there.

Will and Tony come back from working out and Will kisses him. Tony asks to have dinner later and Will says maybe then hands him the NDA and says he needs him to sign it. He says it’s a standard thing for celebrities. Tony asks if he has all his boyfriends sign them and Will says this is not a relationship. Tony was under the impression it was but Will says this is just physical and nothing to do with the rest of his life.

Tony says it’s easier to have an occasional hook up then recognize that he could be falling in love with a man. The trainer throws the NDA in the trash and storms out. Will goes to chase after him but sees Deacon in the hall and tries to cover. He yells after Tony to not even think about putting him down for a reference. Deacon looks at him strangely but Will goes back in his room.

Daphne tells her mom she’s sorry for being a brat. Rayna tells her it’s been hard to be apart from them and says she brought her there because she needed to see her face. Daphne says – me too. Rayna tells her she never loves her any less no matter when they’re apart. She asks if they can go do something normal like a real family.

Avery finishes his work crew duty and asks for his phone. He sees no calls or messages. Avery comes to the set but J refuses to see him. He starts yelling at her about her pregnancy and Noah overhears. He shouts out that she’s a liar. Glenn comes out and tells him to shut up and says he’s about two seconds from going to jail again.

 Glenn drags him away and he asks if it’s true. Glenn says it is but no one on set knows. Avery asks if it’s his or Jeff’s. Glenn doesn’t know about the Jeff thing but tells him J was very clear that it’s his child. He tells Avery he used to think he was a good influence on her but now he’s a mess and is drinking all the time. He tells him he won’t let Juliette’s child be raised in chaos like she was. Glenn tells him to go away.

Jeff comes to see Layla and tells her she can’t flirt with the producer on camera. She says she knows Will is screwing around with his trainer and calls it a double standard. Jeff tells her to record the songs he gave her as fast and cheaply as possible but Layla reminds him the deal was she gets a gold record and says she can’t sing what she doesn’t believe in. He tells her he doesn’t believe in love either and tells her to fake it. She asks if she can write something more heartfelt and he says that requires she has feelings.

Rayna, Luke and the kids are at a bowling alley and are overrun with fans. Rayna tells everyone they are just there as a family and asks for privacy. On set, the sex scene is about to film. Juliette asks which camera angles and Noah covers for her and suggests showing her back. She straddles him and is nervous. He tells her not to worry and says her secret is safe with him.

He tells her that she’s barely showing. They take her robe and she’s topless on him but a little more reassured. Rayna and them bowl but Maddie says she doesn’t want to. She says she doesn’t want any more lame photos of her in a magazine and shows her mom a tabloid with a photo of her in her school uniform calling her plain Jane. Maddie says it’s true but Rayna says she’s beautiful.

Rayna says she’ll try to protect her but says she also needs to learn to ignore it. Rayna says she knows what it’s like to be this age. She tells her to be the best version of herself and not let the tabloids decide what that is. Will is in a hook up park and a guy approaches him. Will looks nervous then steps up to the guy. The guy punches him and another grabs him and they beat him severely. They steal his wallet and tell him that’s what he gets and call him the fa–ot word.

Pam and Deacon walk and eat hot dogs. He thanks her for turning his day around and then she gets a call from her sister. She says she needs to take the call. He sees Will limping out of a cab and into the hotel. He asks the driver what happened. He says he was walking alone in Jackson Park and probably got mugged, bashed or both.

Deacon knocks on his door and Will asks what he wants and he says he just wants to check on him. Will opens the door and tells him it was a bar fight because he flirted with the wrong girl. Deacon says he needs to see a doctor. He tells Will that he needs to stay away from the parks. He says he has some friends that got into real trouble there. Will closes the door and is distraught.

Teddy meets them at the airport and Daphne fills him in on her trip. They tell him it was the best day ever but he says he bets they can top that today and tells them they can do anything they want – the sky’s the limit. They are thrilled.

Scarlett is working on her song and the crazy guy is at it again. She stops and starts again. He yells some more about pizza and coffee. She finally goes outside to talk to him and offers him some food. She says she heard him talking about pizza and he tells her it’s a sandwich. She sets it down and he asks her name. He tells her his name is Terry. He says he was screaming to remind the universe that he’s there.

He thanks her for the sandwich and says he’ll eat it but has to do something for her in return since he’s not a beggar. He asks if she’s the singer then sings her song back to her. He has a nice voice. He finishes the line she’s been struggling with and tells her he hopes it helps.

Zoey hears J cursing and she says her boobs are out of control. Zoey says she looks great and says it must be hard doing it alone. She says Avery is not doing great. Noah shows up and Zoey is star struck. J sends her out and she tells him she’s a big fan, then goes. J asks why he’s there and he says she’s fun and he says he knows she’s in a super-complicated thing with her ex. He asks her to show him around the stage.

Avery shows up to Gunnar’s and he tries to slam the door in his face for ruining Zoey’s going away party. Avery begs his forgiveness and then tells him he really needs to talk to him. Layla works on her song but is frustrated. She looks at a photo of Will and then goes to look for pills in her medicine cabinet. She stops, slams the cabinet and breaks the mirror. She sees blood on her fingers and cries.

Gunnar tells Avery that her texting him the news is terrible but Avery asks why she told him. Gunnar says it’s his kid and he should have a relationship. Avery says he thought when he had kids he would have a wife, home and a grill. He tells him he has a sad dad apartment and that he and J can’t be together without it turning to crap. He says that may be best for the baby and him both.

Rayna face times with Daphne and asks how her day was. She shows her mom that she got her ears pierced. She says they went to the spa and went shopping. Maddie got highlights and is thrilled. She asks her mom if she’s mad but Rayna says she’s not and she looks beautiful. They end the call and Rayna is in tears by then.

Teddy is at the party with Jeff. He introduces Briana and Natasha. One compliments his shirt and he babbles that he bought it on his daughters’ advice at their beauty day. Briana offers a fact from British history then explains her degree is in history and what she meant is that wise men take their daughter’s advice. Rayna calls then and he steps away to talk to her.

She asks how he could pierce her ears without her. She tells him he has to talk to her first. She says she needs to be there for these milestones. He tells her since she chooses to be gone that she’s going to miss out. He tells her he’s doing something and can’t talk and hangs up on her. Deacon comes offstage to Pam who tells him he did a good job.

Luke tells Will he can’t go onstage looking so bad. Deacon suggests he let him put on some makeup and Luke tells Pam she’s keeping nice company. Deacon follows Will and asks if he saw a doctor. Will starts to ask him to keep this private but Deacon says it’s not his business but he’s there if he needs to talk. Will says he probably won’t but he thanks him anyway.

Teddy walks Briana to her car and she’s upset that she has a parking ticket. He offers to make it go away and she says then she’d owe him one. She kisses him lightly and then she leaves. Sadie comes into Rayna’s dressing room and says the crowd is warmed up. She asks Rayna how it went with the girls and Rayna says it’s hard and she never imagined missing so much with her girls and says it sucks.

They call for Rayna to go onstage and Sadie asks if she needs a minute but she says she’s okay and soldiers on. Gunnar goes to confront Kylie and says he needs to know if the boy is his since he has no other family. He says she disappeared then had a kid a few months later. She finally admits the boy is his son. He’s stunned.

J is on stage performing. Noah watches offstage. She starts to get woozy and clutches for her heart. Zoey notices something is off and Noah runs around backstage to check on her. Zoey steps up to finish the song as J is completely offstage by now. She tells Noah she can’t breathe but looks back onstage in shock at Zoey killing it with her song but then she passes out in Noah’s arms. He calls for help.