Nashville RECAP 3/5/14: Season 2 Episode 16 “Guilty Street”

Nashville RECAP 3/5/14: Season 2 Episode 16 “Guilty Street”

NASHVILLE continues on ABC tonight with a whole new episode.  Tonight’s episode is called, “Guilty Street,” and on  tonight’s season 2 episode 16 Juliette weighs her options while Rayna’s label needs a financial infusion.  Did you watch the last episode before the break?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s episode Juliette’s new song, “Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet,”caught the ear of a high-powered, hit-making producer, Howie V (Michael Chernus,“Orange is the New Black”). He wanted to make her a superstar and brought her to Los Angeles to record, but marginalized Glenn in the process. Meanwhile, Rayna took charge with stoicism in the aftermath of recent events, and Scarlett felt lost and alone but found Liam to be a receptive confidante.

On tonight’s episode after performing her manifesto song at her Opry induction, major pop labels are vying to sign Juliette, overwhelming Avery, who can barely afford to take her to dinner. Rayna has major money troubles of her own, since Tandy’s been bouncing checks around town for Highway 65, affecting Rayna’s ability to sign new artists. Deacon finds that life on the road is filled with temptation when he runs into an old friend, Ruth Bennett (Charlotte Ross) at an AA meeting, and Scarlett becomes more enmeshed with Liam.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Nashville, so far?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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At Rayna’s, Luke is making breakfast for his honey. He asks how she’s doing with her grief and she says she’s honestly relieved. He feels bad for not being there for her and she says missing the family drama was okay. She says she’s fine. Buckie shows up and interrupts a back rub and tells them that Scarlett’s studio check bounced. Luke says she should fire her bookkeeper, but it’s Tandy.

Juliette is being courted by several pop labels – one even sent diamonds. But no Nashville label will touch her. She doesn’t want a pop deal. Warner, Sony and Universal are all vying for her.

Deacon tries to get Megan to come on the road with him but she pleads work. She asks if he’s going to give into temptation on the road and he tells her that’s all history because he has her now.

Zoe, Avery and Gunnar meet to rehearse and they need to come up with a band name. Gunnar tells them he booked them at the Mercy Lounge. Avery tells Gunnar to ask before he books them next time.

Rayna comes to Tandy and tells her there are a ton of checks bouncing. Tandy says the video was over budget and a royalty check didn’t come in. Tandy makes excuses about being sad over Lamar’s death but Rayna tells her to get it together.

Layla comes home to a crowded party and turns the music off and then the radio on so everyone can hear Will on the radio. The party crowd cheers when it’s announced it was the most requested song. Someone asks if he’s going to celebrate with his girl and he pauses then throws them all out. We all know Layla is not who (or what) Will wants.

At the Blue Bird, the bartender gives Deacon a drink on the house but he tells him he breaks out in handcuffs when he drinks. He asks for ice instead for his aching hand.

Layla and Will lay in bed and she complains that it was fast. She tells him LA sucked and that they just had her wave from the audience. She didn’t even get to perform her single. He cuddles up to her and tries to comfort her. She tells him that Jeff won’t even return her calls.

Avery finds a package on J’s doorstep and she opens it – it’s from Edgehill. She hopes if Jeff wants her back that Nashville is turning around. He offers to stand up Gunnar and Zoe for practice to take her out. Gunnar gets the call and complains to Zoe and blames Juliette for keeping him on a leash. Zoe says the two of them can just rehearse without him.

Scarlett and Liam are in the studio. She’s singing and is all up close on him. He plays the keyboard and kisses her neck while he plays. He sings with her. He tells her he thinks they’re ready to record it and he kisses her.

Teddy is packing up Peggy’s stuff and finds a prescription bottle in one of her purses. He looks at it strangely.

Rayna brings the studio a replacement check. Luke and Rayna go back to check out the recording session but find a make-out session. Rayna is shocked to see them tangled up in each others arms.

Rayna sits Scarlett down and tells her it’s her job to protect her from anything that will impact her work. She asks Scarlett if she’s falling for him and she says they work well together and that Liam helps her see herself.

Layla calls Edgehill and is annoyed because Jeff is still avoiding her. She says ever since Brent left, she doesn’t exist. She says she’s going to call Brent for advice but Will tries to get her to forget it. He offers to help her since he’s got a top song.

Zoe runs into Avery at the Blue Bird and she reminds him about the gig but he’s pushing back and says Gunnar is being too controlling.

After his show, Deacon tries to find a place to hang out that’s not a temptation. He calls Megan and says he blew his wrist out playing guitar. She’s half listening and apologizes and says she’s still at work. He says he just wanted to bitch and moan and tells her he loves her. They agree to talk later. He gets some ice for his arm.

Rayna tells Luke she doesn’t know why she went into business with Tandy. She asks about Liam and Luke says you can’t put the fox in the hen house. Rayna tells him that Scarlett is her only hen. He reminds her the label still has her but she says she doesn’t want it to be a vanity label. She’s worried about money and Luke offers her some. She turns down the offer politely and he makes it again.

Avery and J are out to dinner and she orders a bunch of expensive food and then tells him she’s got the check when he looks panicky. He tells her they have to have an equal relationship. Someone sends over a pricey bottle of champagne – it’s from Jeff. Avery tries to send it back but she accepts it. She takes it over to Jeff and asks what it costs. He says 10 grand and she slams it on the table and pops it open, spilling it all over his table and lap and tells him to enjoy every penny.

Teddy looks at his wedding ring and the bottle of Peggy’s pills. Megan comes into his office. He called and asked her to come and he tells her it’s amazing what you find out after someone dies. He tells her she lied to him about her pregnancy. He tells Megan that he found out that she had miscarried before they married then faked one after that. He tells her that he would have married her anyway if she had been honest but he doesn’t love the women he found out she was. He’s drunk and Megan tells him they need to get out of there. He drops his wedding ring in his whiskey glass.

Deacon is at an AA meeting talking about restarting his life after getting clean again. He runs into a woman outside the meeting – Ruth. He asks why she’s in Virginia and she says she moved there when her career flopped and she owns a bakery now.

Jeff comes to Juliette’s and he says he made a mistake when he dropped her. He tells her she needs a label to mend fences in Nashville and offers her an imprint and a contract for Avery. Jeff says Avery will have a huge advantage. He promises to let everyone in town know that he made a mistake when he dropped her and it’s all his fault.

Will is at a radio show singing live. One of the callers asks if he’s free Friday night and he says he has a girlfriend and tells them it’s Layla. He tells them to check out Layla’s new single.

Deacon has coffee with Ruth and they catch up. He tells her he found out he has a teenage daughter and that she sings and plays guitar. She tells him she regrets never having any kids and he says it’s not too late. She asks if that’s an invitation and he laughs and says his hands are full.

Megan and Teddy are parked staring down at the lights of Nashville and she talks to him about when her brother died and how many regrets she has and how much she’s tortured herself. She tells him he needs to find a place where he can get some peace. They touch hands.

Juliette is looking through her mail when Avery comes in and she tells him about Jeff’s offer. He tells her that Jeff doesn’t respect her and she tells him that he would get a $250,000 producing deal with it. He says he doesn’t want to be on her coattails and she says they made the offer because he’s good. He tells her that he doesn’t like her spending money on him or getting deals. He tells her no and walks out.

Rayna comes to talk to Liam. He tells her he wasn’t trying to make her jealous and says he is just working really close with Scarlett and she’s a really cool chick. She tells him that Scarlett is a kid who is fragile. He says he didn’t plan it and he says she’s falling in love with him. He laughs and asks how she can blame her. Rayna tells him to break her heart now before they get in any deeper. She fires him and he reminds her she already paid him but she doesn’t care. She just wants him gone.

Will gets a call from Jeff and Layla asks him to put him on speaker. He does and Jeff complains that he was pimping for Layla. He says that Layla’s 15 minutes are up and Will pulls the call off speaker. She asks if he’s dropping her and Jeff says he’s not sure yet. Will asks for another chance for her and Jeff says she’s done and hangs up. Layla cries and Will tells her she’s great and that he believes in her. She says she doesn’t know what will happen but that he means everything to her. He hugs her.

Glenn is thrilled that they closed the Edgehill deal so fast. She gets ready to sign the contract but then asks if he’s sure all the stuff with Avery has been red-lined out. She’s worried that it will cause more relationship problems. She hesitates and Glenn says if she’s not sure she shouldn’t sign. She says it is and inks it.

Liam is packing to go when Scarlett shows up. She asks why he’s not taking her calls and when he’ll be back. He tells her it was just fun and that things like this happen. He tells her she’s young and these things happen. He says that’s how life goes and she says that’s not how she wants to live her life. He tells her to live it like she wants and that he’ll see her when he sees her and takes off.

Tandy comes to find Rayna and tells her she balanced the books for now but they need a cash infusion. Cadillac Three decided not to sign with Route 65 and Bucky tells her it was partly because of the bounced checks. Tandy begs her to just move past but Rayna says they’re done. Tandy says things can change between them. Rayna isn’t hearing it.

Avery shows up for the show and Gunnar is pissy then Avery hits back at him. Gunnar tells him not everyone has a rich girlfriend to pay their way and Avery goes after him. Zoe stops them and asks if they can have just one gig before they have a big fight and break up. They cool off and go to do the show.

Ruth drops Deacon back off at the hotel and he invites her to the show. She says she can’t come because it’s at a bar. She asks what he’s doing after and invites him to stay with her. She tells him she really likes him and touches his hand. He tells her he has a serious relationship back home and she tells him to call if things don’t work out. He tells her it was great seeing her and goes. Deacon calls Megan who is in the backseat of her car getting busy with Teddy!

Zoe, Gunnar and Avery sing and the crowd is loving it. Avery isn’t too smiley though… They are really rocking the house! The crowd goes wild when they’re done.

Megan drops Teddy off and there’s tons of awkward silence. Teddy gets out and Megan looks a little teary.

Rayna hops into bed with Luke and he asks about her the big portraits of her daughters on the wall. Then he asks if she fired Liam because they used to be an item and she says yes, but that’s not why she fired him – she said it was a trust issue. He tells her she can tell him anything good, bad or otherwise. She thanks him and he asks how bad things are at her label. She tells him she fired her producer, may not have a CFO and only has one artist.

In bed, Layla apologizes to Will and apparently the sex was problematic. She tells him that she didn’t really have any experience before him – she was a virgin. She asks if he can teach her and asks what he likes. I imagine he doesn’t want to tell her what he really likes since she doesn’t have that equipment…

Scarlett tells Rayna that she was an idiot about Liam and thought they actually had a relationship. Rayna says that Liam was good at making people feel like that. Rayna tells her that all the things that Liam brought out in her as an artist was stuff that was already in her. Rayna tells her that her album is going to be amazing.

J comes to the Blue Bird and tells him that she has Edgehill drop him out of her contract and then the more she thought about it, she decided he was right about Jeff not respecting her. She tells him she doesn’t think he would respect her if she took the offer. She says he’s what matters to her so she tore up the contract. She asks him to ask her out to dinner so they can try again.

Deacon comes home and finds Megan there. He gives her a trucker hat he brought as a souvenir. She apologizes for being distracted when he called and he tells her it’s okay and carries her off to bed.

Buckie and Rayna discuss who they need to bring to her label and she finds J waiting for her. She asks to talk to Rayna and asks if she respects her. Rayna asks in what aspect and she says as someone who has something to say. Rayna says yes and Juliette tells her she respects her. She says that Rayna told her she was brave for doing what she did at the Opry and asks her to help her rebuild her Nashville bridges. She asks Rayna if she can come to Route 65 and let her be who she is. Rayna says she thinks she can help her with that.