Nashville RECAP 4/30/14: Season 2 Episode 20 “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad”

Nashville RECAP 4/30/14: Season 2 Episode 20 “Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad”

NASHVILLE continues on ABC tonight with a whole new episode. Tonight’s episode is called, “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad.” Juliette seeks comfort from Avery after she’s blamed for Scarlett’s breakdown, but he’s too busy helping Scarlett, so Juliette turns to her nemesis. Elsewhere, Layla makes plans to star in a reality show, and she wants Will to costar with her.

On last week’s episode Maddie’s news went viral and stirs a media frenzy including being a “Hot Topic” on “The View,” and the real-life co-hosts of “The View”— Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy guest-starred as themselves. Rayna tried to manage the fallout by going on “Good Morning America” and real-life anchor Robin Roberts guest starred as herself. When Juliette faced more empty seats on her tour, she reached out to Charlie Wentworth (Charlie Bewley) for a favor, and Scarlett’s mother, Beverly (Dana Wheeler-Nicolson), surprised her daughter in San Francisco, but things do not go well.  Did you watch the last episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Scarlett’s breakdown is driving everyone to point fingers at who might be responsible for her condition. Deacon is blaming Rayna for pushing her too fast, Rayna is blaming Juliette and for forcing her on stage and Beverly thinks Rayna is only interested in seeing her label succeed. It always feels like everyone has an axe to grind with Juliette so she turns to Avery, only to find him preoccupied with Scarlett. During her moment of weakness, she is driven right into the hands of her nemesis. Meanwhile, Layla tries to convince Will to join her in a reality show.

Guest starring Oliver Hudson as Jeff Fordham, Aubrey Peeples as Layla, Ed Amatrudo as Glenn Goodman, David Alford as Bucky Dawes, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Beverly O’Connor, Kourtney Hansen as Emily, Daniel Thomas May as Dr. Wilson, Briana Venskus as Gina Romano, Jason Pullman as Rock Shepard, Scott Takeda as Dr. Lau, Chuck David Willis as Stagehand.

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After her breakdown and Avery carrying her offstage, Scarlett is shunted into an ambulance. Her mom is there freaking out. Later, they sedate her and load her up for the flight home. At the airport, Rayna waits when Deacon shows up. Rayna says it wasn’t a good idea to send her on tour with Juliette and Deacon says it’s not J’s fault. He reminds Rayna that he told her this would crush his niece. So she’s blaming him.

Gunnar brings Zoe to a house and tells her he bought it because she told him to spend his money on something he wants. He says he always wanted a house but tells her she doesn’t need to feel pressured. He tells her he loves her. Zoe gets a call from Avery and he tells her that Scarlett lost it on stage last night and that he had to carry her off. He says she’s sedated for the flight home. Glenn tells Juliette that Rayna is waiting on the tarmac for them and Juliette tells him – the hits just keep on coming.

Will is rehearsing. Layla comes in and waves and smiles. She has another girl with her. Will stops the band and tells them to take it from the top. Layla introduces him to Gina who she says wants to do a reality show about them. Gina says she knows people are hesitant about reality TV but if he’ll give her five minutes she can explain why it would be great for his career. He agrees to give her five.

Bucky says may things can cause a breakdown like this – mental, drugs, alcohol. Rayna says she doesn’t want to talk about that now. Deacon loads her into a wheelchair and his sister tries to take over. Rayna tells her mom they are taking her to a private clinic. Juliette tells her she’s had her private physician with her the whole time, but Rayna is dismissive of her.

Avery picks Scarlett up and loads her into the SUV. Juliette says she’ll ride with them but Rayna tells her she’s done enough and they’ve got it from here. J pulls a sour face at her attitude.

Layla and Gina talk to Will about the show but he says he’s got a lot going on. Gina agrees that reality TV can be intrusive unless you have the right producer. She says she’s not looking for exploitative and drama, but the hard work that it takes in this music business. Will says he needs to think and she says not too long or she’ll move on to someone else.

Dr. Lao introduces himself to Beverly who tells him there is family history and she thinks it’s a psychotic break. She tells him she and her mother both had breaks. Bucky tells Rayna about her schedule he’s moving around. Lao comes over to talk to Rayna and tells her she’s stable and they’re waiting for the sedatives to wear off so they can evaluate her.

Bucky says she’s going to be asked about Scarlett but she says she’s not going to make a statement about it. Beverly comes up and gets sassy with her and Rayna asks if she has something to say. Beverly says she doesn’t need to play mom to her daughter when she doesn’t have her own family under control. She reminds her that Rayna’s daughter is now her niece. Rayna tells her not to blow off her steam at her and to find someone else to tangle with.

Juliette rants to Glenn about being pushed off after she took care of Scarlett. She’s furious at Rayna. Her assistant tries to get her on track but Glenn says Rayna is just panicked about Scarlett and J says she’s panicked about Scarlett. Avery comes in and says she’s checked in but still out of it. He goes to take a shower. J says she’s the one who should be talking to Scarlett because she’s the expert on crazy moms.

Scarlett starts to wake up and Beverly tells her she had a breakdown like the one she had. Scarlett is alarmed to see she’s strapped down to her bed and screams at her mother asking what she’s done to her. Nurses rush in to try and calm her down.

Deacon sits and Rayna asks if he’s seen Scarlett taking pills or drinking. He takes offense and thinks she’s saying something about him. Rayna says she just wants to figure out what’s going on. Deacon tells her that Scarlett has been off ever since Rayna put her with Liam and says he warned her not to do that. Rayna gets impatient and says she’s just going to let them handle it but then they see Scarlett run out the door in her hospital gown with her mother chasing after.

They go running to and Beverly is screaming at her daughter. Deacon tells her to shut up. Scarlett tells her mother to get away. Deacon drags her off and Rayna comes after her. Scarlett cries and says she’s not crazy. Rayna calms her down and says she had a lot of alcohol and prescription drugs in her system. Scarlett tells her that they are a pick me up and that Liam gave them to her.

Scarlett says she just had a bad reaction but wants to get back to work. Rayna puts her arm around her and says she just needs to let the doctors check her out. Rayna tells her if she will give it 24 hours, they’ll do whatever she wants. She leads her back in. Beverly tries to approach her but Scarlett doesn’t want her.

Will tells Layla he doesn’t want strangers following him around with cameras. Zoe and Gunnar come in and tell them about Scarlett’s meltdown. Layla asks what you do for someone when that happens and they say they’re trying to figure it out.

Deacon sits with Scarlett and tells her that he knows her mom is a handful. He asks her about the pills and booze. Scarlett says she wouldn’t have run out like that if they hadn’t tie her down. Scarlett insists there is nothing wrong with her and tells him to keep her mother away.

Zoe tells Gunnar she hates this and feels bad because she hasn’t been there for Scarlett. She asks him what is she kicks her out. She asks Gunnar to go with but he says he has a meeting with Jeff. She asks why he’s being cold and he says Scarlett made it clear she doesn’t want her in her life.

Juliette comes to see Scarlett and asks her how she is. She tells J that everyone wants her to say she’s crazy but she’s not. J says she gets it and understands complicated mom relationships. She asks J why she’s there and she says she’s worried about her. She tells Juliette it’s her fault she’s there. She tells her she was the one that forced her on stage, drugged her and shoved her on stage. Scarlett is completely oblivious to what she did on stage.
[10:58:15 PM] Rachel Rowan: Dr Lao approaches Rayna and tells her that things are looking good but then she sees J and asks why she’s there. J says she collapsed on her stage and Rayna asks if she made Scarlett go on stage when she didn’t want to and Juliette blows up and walks out.

Deacon tells Beverly to calm down and accuses him of restraining her from talking to her daughter. He says she was yelling not talking. She gets really pissy with him and says horrible things to her. He asks if she really wants to do this and he tells her that she married the jackass back in the day instead of coming with him to Nashville.

She says he could have stayed for him and he left her with their awful parents. She says – you left. Deacon says if he hadn’t left there would have been no way to pay for Scarlett to go to college or her to get the help she needs. Deacon screams at her and says her life isn’t his fault and she tells him he’s a pathetic drunk just like his Daddy. He is furious and walks out.

Gunnar meets Jeff at the driving range. He says he wants him at Edgehill and Gunnar asks for what. He says he’s starting a publishing branch and wants him to be the first of his stable of writers. He offers him a really sweet deal and Gunanr asks him if he’s on the ropes. Jeff says that Ball and Chain is only one song and that he has a stable of artists that he can write for. He tells him he blew the opportunity with Kelly Clarkson then says no, it was your loonie partner.

Gunnar gets seriously pissed and says she’s got more talent than all of them and that he owes her everything. He tells Jeff to take his deal and shove it. He throws down his club and walks off.

Rayna tells Bucky that the doctor says Scarlett is not an addict. Bucky says the best thing is for her to get back to work but she’s not sure. Bucky tells her the interviewer, Jason, will push her hard on this issue and she says she knows how to deal with him.

Deacon comes back home and tells Bev he’s sorry she blames him for her life but says they need to focus on Scarlett now and give her what they never had – unconditional love and support. He tells her it’s going to be okay.

Scarlett watches the video of her on-stage breakdown. Zoe is there and Scarlett says she can’t believe she came and Zoe says she can’t believe she thought she wouldn’t. Scarlett reminds her of all the nights she would come to Zoe’s house scared of her mom and worried she’d turn out like her. Zoe holds her as she cries.

J tells Avery that she told Scarlett she had to go onstage because that’s how the business works. Avery tells J that Scarlett is scared and vulnerable and J accuses him of taking her side. He tells her he just needs some sleep. She apologizes and pushes him onto the bed. He tells her to stop and says he can’t have sex. She gets mad and says he didn’t care that Charlie kissed her and now won’t sleep with her.
Avery asks if she was intentionally making him jealous with Charlie and says she acts crazy about Scarlett. He goes to sleep elsewhere.

Jason asks Rayna about her daughter and Deacon. Then he asks about Scarlett’s meltdown. Rayna says tours are exhausting especially when it’s your first time. He asks if this is a one time thing or will be a recurring problem. Rayna says she’s a great artist and can do whatever the hell she wants. Jason plays a song and then off air tells Rayna she can get a lot of free publicity from Scarlett’s situation. She says she’s not interested.

Scarlett tells Zoe that she doesn’t remember much about what happened on stage and seeing the video didn’t bring it back. She says she’s losing it but Zoe says she’s just overwhelmed. Beverly comes in and Zoe asks what she wants to do. Scarlett says she can handle it. Her mom comes over and kisses her and tells her she loves her. She tells her she’s been through this herself and they can get her all the help she needs. Bev tells her this runs in the family like a curse and it’s not her fault. She holds her and hugs her and tells her it’s going to be okay.

Will greets fans and Jeff tells him they’ll have more events like this soon. Jeff tells him he got a call from Gina and asks if he thinks a reality show is a good idea. Jeff tells him they both know why this is a terrible idea for him. Will asks why and Jeff asks if he really wants him to say it. He tells Will to give it some serious thought before he puts himself at risk that way.
[11:13:13 PM] Rachel Rowan: J comes to Avery’s apartment to apologize to him but he’s not there. Gunnar watches the video of Scarlett freaking out on stage. He’s clearly upset. He turns it off and then picks up a notepad and starts to write. Deacon comes up to Rayna at the hospital. He says Claibornes are good at blaming others. He says Bev blamed him and he blamed Rayna. He tells her none of this was her fault.

Rayna says she was trying to protect her from all the pain the business can bring. She says she remembers how Deacon was when Scarlett was first born. She says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do, but Scarlett is family.

Gunnar plays a song he wrote for Scarlett. It’s sweet and all about her being special and that it’s not hers to throw away the gifts she’s been given. He sings about how diamonds come rolling out of her mouth. Zoe comes in and he apologizes if he woke her. She says it’s beautiful and asks if it’s about Scarlett. He says maybe. She comes to sit and he asks if she thinks Scarlett will be okay. Zoe says she doesn’t know.

Juliette wakes up on Avery’s couch and sees he’s still not home. She grabs her keys and leaves. Scarlett wakes up and sees Avery sleeping in a chair in her room. He wakes too. He tells her the last few days have been rough and she says that’s an understatement. She says she’s not sure how she’s feeling. She asks why he’s there and he says she wouldn’t let go of his hand when it happened.

He says he knows what she thinks about her mother and wanted to be a friendly face for her. She takes his hand and thanks him. She tells him he was her first love and that she may never love anyone more than him. He tells her she has a permanent piece of his heart and always will. Juliette listens to this outside Scarlett’s door near tears.

Rayna comes in to see her and Scarlett asks when she can go back out since the doctors said she wasn’t a drug addict. Rayna tells her to think about what will make her happy. She asks Scarlett if she wants this. Scarlett says she doesn’t. She says she doesn’t know what she wants, but it’s not this. She tells Rayna she’s sorry for wasting her time and Rayna tells her it’s okay that she has a great future ahead of her and that she’s going to release her from her contract.

Juliette gets dressed up hot as her assistant comes in. She tells her she can dress up and go out whenever she wants. The assistant asks where Avery is and she says he’s more interested in his ex than his current GF.

Scarlett asks Deacon to drive her mom. He asks her no more pills and she says – what do you reckon. Beverly comes up and Scarlett says she’s signing herself out. Scarlett tells Bev that she’s leaving and that’s it. Bev blows up at Deacon and Scarlett tells her mother she blames everyone else for everything. She says it’s ridiculous. Scarlett says she was the one that made bad choices.

Bev tells her she’s sick and that she’s going to move there and take care of her. Scarlett says she loves her but that she needs to go on home. She walks off.

Gunnar tells Will and Layla about his new house at the party. J sits drinking heavily alone. Layla says now they have the house to themselves, it will be perfect for their TV show. Rayna sings on stage a song about facing your demons and how sometimes it all goes wrong for the right reasons.

Deacon asks Scarlett if she’s stepping away from performing completely and she says she doesn’t want to do it anymore. She says she knows what happened was something she did to herself. Deacon tells her that’s major for her to realize that.

Jeff drinks as Layla asks Will about the TV show. He sees Jeff looking at him and then tells Layla he’ll do the show. Gunnar walks past Jeff who tries to smile at him, but he ignores him.

Jeff comes up beside J and orders a double. He says sometimes he hates this town and she says sometimes she hates everything. Avery comes to her house and calls for her but she’s not there. We see Jeff and Juliette in a passionate embrace.

Rayna finishes her soundcheck as Bucky comes in and asks her about letting Scarlett out of her contract. She says it was the right thing to do. She tells him Highway 65 will live or die on her album instead. Gunnar sees Jeff come back in adjusting his clothes and sees he and Juliette have been together.