Nashville RECAP 5/14/14: Season 2 Finale “On the Other Hand”

Nashville RECAP 5/14/14: Season 2 Finale “On the Other Hand”

NASHVILLE continues on ABC tonight with a whole new episode. Tonight’s episode is called, “On the Other Hand.” In the second-season finale, Teddy helps Rayna plan a free concert to spotlight her Highway 65 debut. Meanwhile, Deacon’s pals perform at a benefit concert for his favorite charity; and Juliette goes missing when Avery prepares to serenade her.

On last week’s episode Rayna organized a charity concert at Fort Campbell after finding out Luke had been injured in Afghanistan, forcing him to cut his tour short. Deacon and Maddie were brought closer together as they charted a new course for their future. Teddy is beginning to feel like his family is slipping further and further away from him. Juliette was racked with guilt knowing that her back was against the wall after Jeff threatens to go to Avery with the truth. Gunnar was feeling pressured to reveal a secret about Juliette to Avery until Zoey urged him that his professional and private life should be kept separate. And Will and Layla began shooting their new reality series.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as Will Lexington’s album climbs the chart with the help of Jeff Fordham’s deep pockets, Rayna enlists Teddy’s help to plan a huge, free concert at LP Field to draw attention to her Highway 65 debut. She will perform with Luke Wheeler and duet with Juliette before thousands of fans. Zoey, Avery and Gunnar rock out at a benefit for Deacon’s favorite charity, Sober House, and Avery plans to serenade Juliette with a song he wrote for her. But when he attempts to sing it, he doesn’t understand why she is not present. And Scarlett makes a decision about her future in Music City.

Tonight’s finale episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Nashville, so far? Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Deacon brings Maddie home and she tells him and her mom that she has presents for them. Deacon tells Rayna he’s having his best guitar restrung for her. Maddie gives them each a photo of them from the concert. Maddie asks Rayna to sign them all to Highway 65 and huffs off. Luke comes in and tells Deacon he can’t play the benefit for the recovery center but will send some signed guitars over. Luke looks at the photo and says that’s a nice looking family. She tells him that’s not funny.

Juliette comes in and finds Avery playing guitar. He’s writing a song for her and she tells him she loves him so much. He asks her to say it again. Jeff calls Avery and he tells J that he’s stalking him but he’s never going to get in bed with Jeff. J looks stressed.

Will is freaking out and says it’s karma for him not sticking with Rayna after he promised to sign with her. She tells him the show will help and the camera crew is there. Scarlett is planning on going back to Ole Miss and Deacon asks if she’s sure. She looks at the photo Maddie gave him and says it’s hard not to wonder how things might have turned out.

Gunnar shows Zoe the house and says no reality cameras there. They discuss furniture and she says he hopes he has a bed by the time she gets back from the first leg of the tour. She asks if he’s talked to Scarlett and tells him she’s going back to Mississippi.

J calls Jeff and tells him to stop calling Avery. He says the calls won’t stop until she gets herself off Rayna’s label and back onto his. She asks how and he tells her she’s good at getting herself fired. She says she told Avery everything and he understood it. Jeff says she’s lying.

Will tells the cameras that he’s up against Rayna’s album but is feeling good. Jeff is in the laundry room at Will’s waiting on a cameo on the reality show. He comes in and tells Will to pack his bag for New York because he’s guaranteeing him a number one album drop. Will thanks him and Jeff gives him kudos then leaves because his camera time is done.

Bucky comes in and tells Rayna he has bad news. He tells her Rayna got bumped from Good Morning America in favor of Will. Jeff called in favors. Luke isn’t happy to hear this. Rayna thinks it has something to do with Luke who denies all knowledge. Rayna says if Jeff wants a war, he’ll get a war for bumping her for an unknown artist.

Rayna is on a call thanking someone. She tells Tandy it helps to have a powerful ex. She says Teddy got her the LP Field to do an impromptu show to promote her launch. Rayna, Bucky and Tandy have to get a stadium show set up ASAP. J comes in and tells Rayna she needs out of her contract. She says they can shake hands and come out friends.

Rayna asks what happened and J says she’s not big enough to service an artist like me. Rayna says she’s about to see what she’s big enough to do to her and tells J about the stadium show and says she can be part of it. She says if her album flops there will be no Highway 65 label for either of them. She tells her to get out of her face because she’s not fired. J says she doesn’t get this now, but Rayna is seriously ruining her life.

Avery comes to the recovery benefit and asks if they’ve seen J and says she’s supposed to be performing. Zoe and Gunnar act weird but won’t explain. Scarlett is there too and Rayna comes in and hugs her. Scarlett thanks her and says she’s decided to go back to school. Jeff is there and Scarlett makes a face and walks off. Jeff says it’s nice to see her using her connections to get LP Field. He tells her that he’s going to get 200k downloads for Will and take Juliette away from her. He says he knows she had her hands full with J and says he did too.

Teddy asks Daphne if she and Maddie picked a movie but Daphne says she’s in her room and said she didn’t want to watch a stupid movie with them. Teddy says he gets it and tells her to pick what she wants. Daphne asks if she can take music lessons too. She says she likes drums because Luke plays them and they’re cool. Teddy isn’t happy.

Deacon does the intro for the benefit and mentions his daughter Maddie. He introduces Avery, Gunnar and Zoe and they play a new song. He dedicates it to Juliette. Rayna looks thoughtful. Avery sings lead. Juliette comes in drunk and the bodyguard tries to steady her. She tries to stagger onto stage and Deacon grabs her and says she can’t be drunk at a recovery benefit. She rants that he’s going to ruin it. Deacon says she can’t afford another disastrous public appearance. He drags her off and Rayna sees it all.

Will tells the cameras that the clip of George Stephanapoulus trying on his cowboy hit has gone viral. He says goodbye to them and heads into his hotel room. He sighs and flops back on the bed.

Rayna pounds on Juliette’s door and demands to know why she’s on a self-destructive tear and J tells her she slept with Jeff. She runs back in and barfs and Rayna comes in and takes care of her. J says she doesn’t know why she did it and says that he’s gross and mean and Rayna agrees. She tells Rayna that Jeff is blackmailing her to come back to his label. J says Avery won’t forgive her. Rayna says everyone deserves to be forgiven except for Jeff.

Rayna tells her that she’s got to tell Avery before Jeff does and face the consequences like a big girl. She tells her they’re going to perform at LP field and kill it and that will stick it to Jeff. She asks if Rana is going to fire her and she says no. Juliette starts barfing and crying again and Rayna takes care of her.

Layla tells the cameras that it helps that she and Will have the same dream. She asks if they saw him on GMA and the producer says she should call and tells him how good he did. She dials him up. His phone rings and we see him hesitate then smile and take a call on Face Time. Layla says she got voice mail.

The call Will took was from the sexy trainer who tells him he saw him on GMA and can’t wait to see him at their private session in a couple of days. He tells Will he’s excited to be working with him and Will says – me too. He hangs up and looks conflicted. Layla leaves a sweet message for Will but then looks sad. She tells the cameras it’s tough sometimes.

Avery asks Zoe and Gunnar if they ever saw Juliette then asks them to tell him what’s going on. Hey hesitate. Juliette sits tearful when Avery comes in. He asks her to tell him it’s not true. She turns to him with the saddest face and she says he didn’t hear wrong. She says she hates herself for it and it was a mistake. She says it meant nothing and he says that makes it worse. She tells him she loves him and he tells her not to say that.

He says she has no idea what love is and that all she knows of love is screaming fans worshiping Queen Juliette. Avery says when you do you would rather die than hurt them. She cries and apologizes and tells him she loves him and that he loves her. Avery says yes and she has no idea how much he loves her but it’s something he’s going to have to get over. She sobs and says no as he slams out the door.

[11:05:43 PM] Rachel Rowan: Tandy comes and tells her that Jeff got gift cards with Will’s face on them that have a album download on them. Tandy tells Rayna to call Sam Boone and she says she told him to go to hell over pulling J’s album. Tandy tells her to make the phone call and Rayna says she’s channeling their dad.

Maddie comes in and pours coffee. She’s upset and tells Teddy that her mom and Deacon don’t want to let her get signed to Highway 65. She says he’s not musical at all and doesn’t understand that they are all shutting down her dreams.

Scarlett packs and Zoe says it’s incredible that she’s packing for school and she’s the one going off on tour. She asks Scarlett if she’s talked to Gunnar and she says he doesn’t seem to want to hear from her since he hasn’t called. Zoe hands her an envelope and says she needs to listen to what’s on the thumb drive. They head out for lunch.

Layla says she’s been trying but Will needs to meet her halfway and says sometimes she thinks he’s tired of her already. Will says he loves Layla even if he’s not always great at showing it. He says that this is his big shot and everything is riding on this album and he’s under a lot of pressure.

Rayna drops by Deacon’s to pick up the guitar and says she’s having a huge week and that Jeff is trying to screw her over and she has the chance to screw him over but it makes her feel shady. Deacon says he knows they are a long way from the way business was when they started. He tells her to kick Jeff’s ass and that he won’t judge her. She says she wishes it was the way it used to be and they share a moment. She takes the guitar and leaves but it’s an awkward parting.

Will and Layla show the prototype of the gift card to the cameras and say it will be all over Boone’s super stores but then Jeff calls and says Boone went with another artist. Rayna gets flowers from Sam Boone as Juliette comes in. J tells her that she thinks Avery is gone for good. Rayna says she doesn’t have to go on tonight but J says she’s going to go on and they are going to kick Jeff’s ass.

Jeff is there and says he got the tickets. Juliette thanks him for the worst minute and a half of her life and says Avery knows and dumped her so he has nothing on her. She says she doesn’t understand why she did it. Rayna says she doesn’t get it either. Rayna also tells him J is staying at Highway 65. Jeff asks if she saw Will kill it on GMA.

He asks if she told Luke about his blackmail and lies and Rayna tells him that’s a card she’s going to hang on to for later but has a card for him to hang on to now. She pulls out the Boone’s gift card with her photo on it and says they are going into the stores this week. He’s stunned. J says Jeff’s name and then tells him the door is over here.

Deacon has his arm around Maddie at the show and Teddy pulls a face about it. Luke comes in to smooch Rayna and tells her how proud of her he is. Bucky says it’s time to get dressed. Luke asks if she still wants to close with Ball and Chain and she says yes and he says he’ll see her out there. He says he has a surprise for her and then goes. Rayna says a prayer for her children, Luke and the blessings in her life. She heads onto the stage to a crowd chanting Rayna’s name.

Will comes to Gunnar’s in tears and says the Boone deal went South and his album is going to tank. He says he has nothing and Gunnar says he has his talent. Will worries that he’ll lose his record deal and Gunnar says if he does, he’ll get another one. Will says he thought making it would make it all worth it. Gunnar tells him he’s living a lie and that he’s the only one who knows it and it’s not worth it. Will nods yes.

J and Rayna sing a duet to a screaming crowd. Maddie is loving the show.

Avery lies on the couch drinking when Scarlett comes knocking. She tells him she’s leaving town and asks if he’s drunk. He says if he’s not, he wasted a lot of beer. She tells him to tell her what’s going on and he tells her about the break up. She asks what happened and he yells at her and tells her that she’s not a good person. Scarlett says she is a good person and that he’s made mistakes too. He sobers up a little and asks if she said she’s leaving town.

Luke and Rayna duet and Deacon looks a little pained by it but then smiles genuinely. Teddy is with Daphne but is still upset about Maddie and Deacon. Rayna and Luke finish their song and the crowd goes wild. They take a bow. Rayna waves to the crowd and then Luke asks for applause for Rayna. He tells the crowd that sharing the stage with her makes him the luckiest man in the world. He tells the crowd that he really loves her and she says she loves him too. He drops down to one knee and proposes and says he wants her to do him the great honor of becoming his ball and chain. She kisses him and he slides the ring on her finger. The crowd is going nuts and Rayna is thrilled.
[11:17:42 PM] Rachel Rowan: Maddie is crushed. Deacon is rushed. They share a look. Teddy isn’t happy and Daphne isn’t either. At the after party, a guy from People is gushing over Rayna’s 7 carat ring and tells Luke and Rayna that if they don’t give them the exclusive on the wedding he’s going to come after them. Luke tells Rayna that he hates to propose and run but he has to pick his kids up at the airport. Deacon watches sadly as Rayna gets congratulations in droves.

Juliette is also sad sitting on her terrace when Avery shows up. She asks if he came back and he says he’s not back. He says his problem is that he believes her that she loves him and she says she does and loves him so much. He asks why and she says she thought he was going to leave her for someone better. She says she’s been so alone since she was a kid and never understood why no one loved her. She says there were always older men around – friends of her mom’s – that told her she was beautiful.

J says it took years to realize that they didn’t care about her. She says when she thinks someone is going to hurt her she hurts herself first. She says Jeff saw her for what she is – trailer trash in rhinestones. She says she doesn’t deserve Avery and says she will make sure she gets what she deserves – nothing and nobody. She says she knows she needs help and begs Avery not to make her be alone again.

Gunnar wraps rehearsal when Scarlett comes in to the Bluebird. She says Zoe gave her the song and says it’s the only thing she wants to listen to right now. Gunnar tells her he’s sorry for pulling her up onstage and making her right. She asks if he stayed away because he thinks it’s his fault. She says he never made her do anything and even loved her for a little while.

She says she loved him too for a little while. He asks if he can play the song for her. She sits and he plays and sings for her. She harmonizes with him and sings along. They sound so gorgeous together. Layla waits on Will when he comes in and says she was worried. He pulls her into their room away from the cameras. She asks what’s wrong and he tells her he’s gay then breaks down crying. He hugs her while she freezes up looking horrified. This is all caught on the camera hidden in the mantle clock.

J sits there crying as Avery leaves. Gunnar sings the last line of the song and Scarlett is full on crying at what he’s written about her. He says she doesn’t think she should go.

Deacon comes to Rayna’s. He says he came to congratulate her but can’t. He says it’s a lie and says he has to say something. Deacon says they’re not done and he’s sorry for hurting her but says he’s changed and knows how to love her now. He says he can be the man she wanted him to be and he can be the husband and father she needs. He steps closer and she tries to stop him. He touches her face and tells her that it’s supposed to be the two of them. She shakes her head no. He say it should be Maddie, Daphne and him and her. He kisses her. She hesitates then kisses back. He puts her old band in her hand and tells her not to answer him now. He says it’s hers and he should have never taken it back from her.