‘NCIS: New Orleans’ “Breaking Brigg” Recap: Season 1 Episode 3

'NCIS: New Orleans' “Breaking Brigg” Recap: Season 1 Episode 3

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all new Tuesday October 7, season 1 episode 3 called, “Breaking Brigg.” On tonight’s episode an armored transport bus carrying Naval brig detainees crashes and four prisoners escape, including a black market broker who is one of the country’s biggest national security threats. Pride [Scott Bakula] turns to Gibbs for assistance when a case file needed for the investigation is full of redactions.

On the last episode NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo assisted the New Orleans team when a Navy lieutenant on liberty died of the bubonic plague. The team raced to locate all additional sailors on liberty, control a potential outbreak and determine the source of the highly infectious disease. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the NCIS team investigates the crash of an armored transport bus carrying Naval brig detainees after four prisoners escape, including a black market broker who is one of the country’s biggest national security threats. Meanwhile, Pride turns to Gibbs for assistance when a case file needed for the investigation is full of redactions.

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The crew rolls into the crime scene and Addie introduces herself to Brody. She says an armored bus with detainees crossed the double yellow, rolled once and landed here. They have three dead, three missing and are waiting on names from the prison. The prisoners carjacked these girls after the bus almost ran the women off the road.

Dwayne tells them to get statements and Chris goes to talk to the girls. Loretta tells them how the guards were killed and Dwayne says the escapees are likely armed. Addie hands over the prison manifest. Dwayne says Ted Nash, Lavon Dalton and Matt S O’Feeney are their three guys. Brody asks why he’s so interested in the last name. He says it’s an anagram for enemy of state. He’s on a call with Gibbs and his boss. He’s really Dmitry Babokov, a drug dealer, arms dealer and a ton of other bad stuff.

He was on the USS Birmingham for transport to New Orleans then a bus to Charleston for sentencing. Vance says Babokov has intel they need and Gibbs says the message is to bring him in alive. Dwayne fills in the team including Addie and says Gibbs is coordinating. Addie tells them about Dimitry – concierge to the scum of the earth.

Weapons, drugs, information and people including the country’s biggest enemies. Lavon Dalton was in the brig for striking a CO. Ted Nash was a naval architect in a shipyard but then took liberty, had a bar fight and landed in the brig. Chris wonders why Nash ran since he wasn’t facing a big punishment. Dwayne sends Chris and Brody off to check on the first two and Addie on Nash.

They head to the ship and the warden shows them the cells and says Babokov was in interrogation every day and then sent back to his cell. Brody asks if he could have talked to other prisoners and she says no. He climbs under the guy’s bunk and they find a link to Dalton where they could have talked to plot escape.

Dwayne comes to the morgue and Loretta says the driver and guard were shot point back with the guard’s M11. The other prisoner was strangled. The only one strong enough to do this was Dalton. Sebastian says he’ll know more once he creates the virtual crash representation. Brody talks to Nash’s fiancee and she says they broke it off last month.

She says they took a crazy trip to Europe when they were first dating and shows her some snaps. She says after they got back, things fell apart. She says he had major trust issues and she thinks it came from being an Arm brat. Brody says to call if she hears from him and the woman agrees. Sebastian welcomes the four investigators to show them the crash reconstruction.

He plays the video. It’s driving North, goes into the other lane – he has the girls in the other car in bikinis. Sebastian shows them Dalton strangling the other prisoner to lure the guard in who was ambushed by Babokov. Dwayne gets a call and says they got the convertible on a BOLO in Pearl River. They thank Sebastian and head out.

They pull up to find the convertible on the side of the road. Addie says they killed a trooper and a farm hand heard gunshots. They creep up on a farm house and Dwayne calls out NCIS. They rush in and look around. They see prison garb on the ground. Then they hear a thump. Dwayne heads towards the noise. Chris shines a light and they open a door.

They see a little kid crying in a closet. Dwayne kneels and tells the boy it’s all right and tells the others to stand down. He tells him he’s safe and takes the boy in his arms. The child cries and cries. They sit on the porch with the boy – Remy – and ask how he’s doing. Dwayne says his mom is on the way. Remy says he heard the shots and then voices so he hid. He says he heard voices and one sounded funny. Dwayne asks if he can remember what he heard and says he knows it’s hard to talk about scary stuff. He says once you talk about, you feel better. Remy says they were talking about a grave. He asks if he’s sure and he says they were wondering how long it would take to make it.

Dwayne tells him the men will never hurt him and says what he told him will make sure they can’t hurt anyone else ever again. He slips Remy a Navy medallion and says he’s one of them now. His mom shows up and says she was worried sick. Brody says they can’t find a grave – she wonders if he heard a foreign word. He tells her to check Babokov’s known languages.

Addie says time of death of the trooper puts them about four miles away. Chris says one of the guys is shot and Dwayne says that should slow them. They figure out how to tighten the circle. Dalton’s sister got a text from the trooper’s phone saying he was on his way. They decide the three are headed to Alabama. Sebastian stops by and tells Loretta he’s headed out for a drink with a girl and it has a statistical probability of expanding to a real date.

Loretta says the dead prisoner has large intestine damage but no priors of stomach issues. She says the trooper had the same symptoms. She asks how that can happen. She encourages Sebastian to ditch his maybe date and play hard to get. He stays to help. Chris sticks his head out the window and asks the others if they smell it as they cross the border into Alabama.

Brody says he’s got a Sweet Home Alabama romanticism and Chris says she moves too much to develop an appreciation for anywhere. Dwayne says home is people not a place. They get another text saying Dalton’s sister is headed to a local hospital. We see Dalton looking around as he walks up to the ER. He comes in and looks around then Brody and the others surround him. He tries to run but they have him. Chris tells him welcome home. Dwayne asks where Babokov is and Dalton asks who the hell that is.

Brody has Dalton in interrogation. She says they were in adjoining cells and knows they talked. He says he was just a voice with an accent and says he didn’t plan the escape. He says he was sleeping and woke up when the bus went off the road. He says he knows he’s going away for a long time. He says he has no incentive to tell her about it even if he knows anything.

Abbie finds Chris running language programs trying to figure out what Grave might mean. She’s shoving chips in her mouth and he asks if she worries about cholesterol. She says life is too short and she doesn’t worry about anything. Dwayne says Dalton’s mom is in the hospital with stage four cancer. The facial recognition software picks up Babokov at a train depot.

Abbie points out a symbol the guy has drawn on his arm. She says it’s a Marryat – a signal to anyone that it’s danger or distress. Dwayne says he’s got Nash along as a human shield. Chris comes to interrogation to talk to Dalton. He says he’s Bama born and raised too. He says he knows his mama is real sick.

He asks how long she has and Dalton says the doctors says she was supposed to be gone a month ago. Chris says she would appreciate the peace of mind knowing he’s okay before she goes. Dalton is hooked and asks what they want to know. Chris tells Dwayne that Dalton doesn’t know about the human shield thing but bragged about cutting a deal to get out of jail.

They pull his interrogation notes and see that they are heavily redacted. Dwayne says to text him and says he’s going to find out why they’re being kept in the dark. Dwayne heads out to the Birmingham and Gibbs is there. They embrace and smile at each other. Dwayne says he needs to know what was redacted. Gibbs says he got it declassified and hands him a paper copy. He tells him to read it and burn it then heads out.

Sebastian watches a Kung Fu movie and says this is Dim Mak warfare – pressure points are used to cause damage and can damage the large intestine. It was used for smaller combatants to take down larger opponents. Sebastian says Dim Mak isn’t a skill Babokov has but Brody says Nash could know this skill since he was raised in Asia. They wonder how Nash and Babokov were connected.

Dwayne comes in and says the big secret was a leak that gave Babokov information to sell. Looks like he was going to turn Nash over and Nash got himself into the brig before his cover was blown. Dwayne gets a text that the duo just got off the train in Mississippi. We see them tramping through the woods. Nash asks again if he told them his name. Babokov says he never told them who.

Nash seems satisfied and puts a bullet in his Russian buddy. The dogs sniff out his body a little later. Dwayne checks his pulse and says he’s dead. Now they’re down to just one prisoner. Brody wonders why Nash waited so long to kill Babokov and she thinks he wanted info on him. She also says Nash may know Cantonese and they check the language program for grave.

Then Chris gets an inspired thought and asks where ships go to die. There is a ship graveyard. Vance says they have to get Nash since he’s the only source of info about the leak. He tells Dwayne to capture him alive and bring him in before he can escape to international waters. They speed to the ship graveyard. A uni says they cut off all other paths and this is the only way to get there.

Brody spots him. He takes off and they give chase. They are in an old warehouse. Nash keep scrambling and Chris says it’s on like Donkey Kong. He creeps around and then Nash jumps him and busts out his super karate ninja skills. He knocks him down good then takes off. Chris calls out to the other two. Nash grabs Brody in a choke hold. Dwayne has a gun on him and Nash says he can have her dead before he can get to him.

Dwayne tells him to let her go and Dwayne puts one in his head when the guy refuses to let her go. Brody is in shock but tells her boss she’s all right. Later Vance chews him for not following orders. He says there will be fallout. He says the CIA and SECNAV want an investigation. Dwayne says if it’s a choice between a traitor and one of his own, he’ll take the shot every time.

He tells Vance he can have his badge if he wants it. Abbie is there. Chris asks why they never dated and she says they would have broken up and it would have made work uncomfortable. He says they have something to look forward to. She heads out and they take Dalton to see his dying mother. He sits at her bedside and kisses her head. She wakes and he tells his mama that he’s by her side. She smiles.

He holds her hand and Chris and Brody give them some privacy to reconnect. Outside, Chris tells Brody they should go shoot pool and have a beer. She says she had something else in mind. Dwayne calls Linda and leaves a message asking if she remembers their first house with the leaky fridge. He says he’s willing to go see a therapist if she just names the time and place. He says he doesn’t want any more time to slip by and asks her to call him.

He hears voices and goes down. Brody and Chris are making a boil. He asks what they’re doing and Chris says it’s Brody’s idea. She says she’s making him a shrimp boil for saving his butt today. Chris coaches her on the recipe and she says she got a recipe online. They argue over how to spice it and Dwayne hands out beers and says to call a truce for the evening.