NeNe Leakes Allegedly Took Cocaine: Was The Housewife of Atlanta High During Fight With Kenya Moore? (VIDEO)


NeNe Leakes‘ fight with Kenya Moore on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta has been pretty well publicized already, but what really caused NeNe’s odd and very volatile behavior? Sure, it’s Real Housewives of Atlanta and all the housewives are already prone to being a little over-the-top, but many who watched the show last night were quick to point out that NeNe’s behavior was unusual, even for her.

A supposed ‘source’ reportedly told MTO, “[The Housewife] looked like she was high last night because she WAS HIGH. A PA [production assistant] witnessed her doing lines of her narcotics before they started shooting.” Allegedly, the cocaine led to NeNe’s odd behavior on the show, in the 20 minutes where she was on-screen.

Keep in mind, this is all allegedly, so there’s no proof that NeNe was taking drugs or high. In fact, she could have been as sober as a kitten and still produced all those dramatics – after all, isn’t that what reality stars are famous for? Drugs or no drugs, they’re able to cause drama at a moment’s notice, and besides, NeNe’s not exactly famous for her calm demeanor. Plus, Media Take Out is notorious for making up reports, and this could just be another notch on their fan fiction board.

What do you guys think? Could NeNe have been doing lines of cocaine before the show? Or was she just being herself, with a little bit ‘extra’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Pamela

    Wow, I am surprised she would do coke

  • Jersey girl

    Nene is above drugs and above the drama.

  • Susan Mayes

    Nene on Cocaine!!!!!!!!! If this is true, she want be “A Rich Bitch” for long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chunlky

    I’m sorry ex-cocaine user but I believe this story and who’s jealous of her?

  • ma

    wendy Williams should be sued by nene leaks if what she said about nene doing is not true

  • ma

    Kenya is the reason I stopped watching AHW and Wendy Williams is the reason I stopped watching Wendys show Wendy you are NOT all that remember Wendy when you sling Sh– it sometimes flies back on you

  • Tee

    She was up on something, couldn’t stay still. You can take the girls out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girls(and boys).

  • cec

    A rich bitch I think not. hwbh those are rich bitches. When you are rich you dont have to say a kandi…thats a very rich bitch!!!

  • SonnySky

    Is Andy Cohen afraid of Nene Leakes–she wins for the episode where someone gets hurt and rumors were flying over the internet that she was on something.

    Maybe Andy is afraid she will have him roughed up if she does not get her way.