Did Charles Saatchi Block Nigella Lawson From Entering The USA For Cocaine Use?

Did Charles Saatchi Block Nigella Lawson From Entering The USA For Cocaine Use?

Nigella Lawson‘s deteriorating relationship with ex-husband Charles Saatchi has been well documented, but would Charles stoop so low as to ban Nigella from entering an entire country?

Last Sunday, Nigella was prevented from boarding a first class flight in London that would take her to Los Angeles. The Embassy in London did confirm that she was denied permission to board the flight, and sources had initially explained that it was because she was carrying drugs. She was invited to re-apply for a Visa, which she would need to travel back to the US after a certain amount of time. Obviously, all these circumstances are definitely fishy, and now, a new report from Page Six claims that it might have been Charles that was behind the whole thing.

Charles obviously has many powerful connections in the US government and state department, but he would have had to have a lot of chutzpah to pull this off. Since he’s friends with the US Ambassador in London, Matthew Barzun, it wouldn’t have been difficult to put Nigella on the no-fly list or even get her accused of carrying drugs. After all, he wouldn’t have to do much – just stop her from getting on the flight, and the rumor mill would do the rest.

Of course, Page Six’s source also adds, “We don’t know that Saatchi was behind this Machiavellian move, but he certainly has the means and the contacts to do it. Nigella’s friends cannot understand why she was specifically targeted, unless somebody, like her ex-husband, had tipped off the US authorities. She believes Saatchi wants to destroy her.”

Nigella has previously stated in her trial last year that she believed that Charles was out to, ‘ruin her in any way‘. She also alleged that he had spread rumors about her cocaine use, attempting to destroy her reputation and public image. However, while she did admit to taking cocaine occasionally, there is still no proof that she was carrying drugs when she was denied access to the flight. Did Charles make it up, or did the authorities really have probable cause to deny her entry?

Saatchi’s spokesperson has yet to say anything on the matter, and so far, anybody official is staying quiet as well. Nigella might just be paranoid, but from first glance, it definitely looks suspicious, no? Think of the celebs who fly in and out of the USA everyday with all kinds of drug convictions. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Did Charles Saatchi Block Nigella Lawson From Entering The USA For Cocaine Use?

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